Dear Facebook, Why Do You Hate Me?

Facebook, for right now, is the top social media site online.  Staying involved with your Facebook social marketing campaigns seems like a smart thing to do, right?  But are you one of the millions of people that it just seems like Facebook hates you for some reason, and nothing you do seems to work?

There are some problems with your marketing strategies on Facebook if you’re starting to feel that way.  As a matter of fact, if any of these things are happening to you, facebook marketingyou’re doing it wrong.

  • No one is “liking” your updates
  • No one is interacting or engaging with your updates
  • You’re not getting a steady following to your fan page daily
  • Your wife, or special other person, get’s more likes on their personal account than you do on your business account

It’s easy to get mad at Facebook for this problem.  They’ve changed everything now, their search graph is abounding, and I can see where you would want to blame this social platform for your problems.

However, the fault doesn’t lie on Facebook’s shoulders.  This is your fault.  You’re missing something and you don’t even know what it is!

What You’re Missing On Facebook

Forget about fan count. It’s nice to have a steady following coming in every day, liking your fan page, but if they’re not interacting with you, then they are useless to you. You want people that will engage with your updates, go to that link you placed, and generally turn them into a buyer at one point or another.

In my new ebook, I show you really how to turn engagements into a regular thing on any type of social account that you’re on, not just Facebook.

Engagement is what you’re missing.

Interaction is nice, but engagements are what you’re looking for. You can have an interaction with someone, but not fully understand what that persons goals are. An engagement with someone means devotion to that person. That’s what you want to build on social media with people. People that are committed to you, no matter what you say.

Is this possible to create a following like this? It sounds more like a cult!

The answer to that is yes. I’m reminded of a blogger that has a social following like this. This person could post on Facebook that the world was flat and get tons of people agreeing with them!

That’s devotion.

How Can I Get Devoted Followers?

There’s no magic pill that you can give these people. Neither is there a magical formula that you can use to derive devotion out of people. When I coach and consult with people that are having the same problems you’re having right now, the first thing I tell them is build trust.

Trust is the main ingredient to starting a devoted following.

You can use your own sense on this one. Simply throwing links all day and all night is not going to go very far to help you build trust with people. It looks more like you’re wanting people to go to your site and buy something. People can sense that stuff, and if you come on too strong, you’ll send them running for the hills never to be seen or heard from again!

Facebook Doesn’t Hate You

Facebook doesn’t hate you. You’re not giving the respect to your followers that they deserve, therefore you’re not creating trust with them. Give respect and you will get respect. Get respect from them and, after a while, they will become devoted to you.

Create trust by recommending products or services that you know will help people. Don’t sign up for an affiliate of a Clickbank product that you know nothing about and promote it to your readers. That’s the best way to cause them to put up a wall for you. Trust comes from a trustworthy person, and you have to gain their trust by being a person of integrity at all times!

What are you doing to create trust?

Besides sending links to your Facebook fan page all day, what are you doing to create trust with your fan base? Are you really respecting them when you spam links all day? Do you respect their opinions? If not, maybe that’s why they don’t give them in the comment section! Facebook doesn’t hate you, it can’t. But you can get to a point to where you begin to hate your very own social marketing on this platform. People easily get into a rut every day, and it can be easy to fall into. Jerk yourself out of the rut and start doing something different with your Facebook marketing today!

My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

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  1. A lot of things to learn there because these are the factors which can either make your FB profile attractive or make it dump. So it’s good to learn how and what all things you should do to get best result.

  2. I\в like to go back to the world where old-fashioned values exist; where we can talk again without the use of our fast phones and slow down a little to watch a movie with our kids without having to check our Faceook constantly. When we slow down to savor life, we can really appreciate it-really value it. We don’t have to be on top of everything to be happy-eventually those people will call you or they won’t. It’s up to us!

  3. Eliza Cahall says:

    I don’t think that facebook would hate a dedicated user if only he’s abiding by the rules. Or simply avoiding spamming and making fictitious post and profiles.

  4. Twitter:
    I just really dislike facebook and I mean I really dislike it. It’s my highest place that I get traffic from but get this. I don’t get it from my fan page nope. I get it from sharing in relevant facebook groups. Yeah, isn’t that something! Facebook pages are meant to take your money no what if I play by their rules or not. It brings me nothing. However, I have noticed it does work for some people somehow. I just don’t have time to play in Facebook and run the whole site. I just can’t deal with it. – Scott Craighead
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