Designing Your Brand With Joomla

Joomla has a number of amazing templates and extensions to help you design your brand online. Having the right look and feel for your website is crucial for your long-term monetization strategy. You need to convince your prospects that you are a professional company that understands their needs.

To accomplish this, we can use the amazing tools that come with Joomla.

Branding With Templates

Using quality Joomla templates is a great way to enhance your brand, for those who are not able to code their own site, or want an efficient way to organize your site branding. With thousands of free and premium Joomla templates available, you are bound to find one that will suit your needs.

Gev Balyan from Bang2Joom told us how his Joomla Templates, “were designed for specific users in mind. For example, our Manook template is ideal for non-profit organizations looking to raise funds from donors.”

With sites now, more than ever needing to be responsive, and up to date with clean coding, having a good template will help you achieve this goal.

Branding With Extensions

Once you have the templates set up, the right Joomla extensions can make a difference too. For example, if you want to demonstrate your services or products to prospects, a modern image gallery with samples of your work can make the difference between a sale and a bounced visitor.

Conversely, a slick social sharing plugin will get noticed more often than a set of clunky social buttons.

Templates provide you with a large view of the branding for a site, while the extensions give you the small details that make a difference to your site’s monetization and engagement.

Branding With Components

Finally, make sure all the components of your site work smoothly. A great example is having an efficient menu and navigation. You want to make sure that your site visitors can easily navigate through your site to the right page. A clearly written menu helps your visitors do that correctly.

Additionally, you want to customize articles to make the individual pages as dynamic as the entire site’s look.

Designing Your Brand With Joomla

Putting together the right look and feel for your website requires having all the right pieces at hand. To do this, you need to have solid templates, extensions, and components all working together in tandem. When you do that, you can design a solid brand with Joomla.

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  1. Hi Andy,

    I actually have no idea about Joomla, but I do have knowledge about WordPress as few of my friends are php developers and works on WordPress. They always say that WordPress is an awesome CMS, which can be easily customized through various plugins etc.

    And you’re also saying same thing about Joomla, I guess both Joomla and WordPress are CMS of php is it correct?

  2. Thanks for sharing this all info because when you will try to do something different than others then these kind of things will give better result.