Designing For Conversions

No one likes a pretty, useless website. The type of site with a suave, impractical look does not help a business achieves their goals and objectives.

Instead, design websites for conversions.

By agreeing to the following rules for any website, you place on the internet.

Three Design Rules To Increase Conversions

1. The site must have a call-to-action. If you do not direct your visitors to take action on your site, it is rare to find prospects who take the initiative. Your call-to-action can be as simple If you are a restaurant, that call-to-action could be as simple as, “Call 312-555-1234 to reserve your seat now.”

Maybe you could opt for email sign ups. Perhaps you want Facebook fans. Possibly, you are looking to set up an appointment with new visitors to connect with them. Whatever the case, every good website must ask a prospective client to do something on the first page.

Design Tip: Make sure the call to action fits the site, and stand out from the graphics. A Finance site should not have a neon, flashing click here button. Instead, choose a color that would stand out from the background.

2. That brings up the power of colors on your site! A black background with a bit of wonky yellow and snot-nose green is not pretty. Your site should entice visitors, not scare them. This means you need to know what they want in terms of colors to fit your site.

Look at the top six websites on the internet today; Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Microsoft Live, and Wikipedia.

Every one of these sites has a White Background. If the top six sites on the interne then why would your pink site will do better. The sites that generate almost half of the daily internet traffic on the planet use a white background, what makes you think black, brown, or maroon will do better.

Design Tip: Less is more. This is not street art this is your business. Unless, of course, you sell street art. Use what works after thousands of hours of testing and countless experiments. You can spruce up your logo, the graphics, and the header. Just keep the background out of your re-design.

3. People cannot read your itsy-bitsy type font. Baby Boomers are lamenting over the fact that the internet is too hard to read.

Business owners cram too much information, and reduce the size of the font to fit everything. Business owners need their prospects to read what they wrote. In order to do this the font must be readable.

This means a script is out. Instead, focus on the basics like Georgia, Verdana, and Times New Roman. Then make all your text 14 points or larger.

Design Tip: Text should be readable. Black is great for the vast majority of your text. However, have headlines and sub-headlines in a different color. They will stand out, and skimmers can read your story by the headlines.

Design Your Site For Conversions, Not Cute

Your website is a portal to show how your business provides a service that benefits clients. It is a flyer, sales page, portfolio, and community builder all in one. Designing your site for conversions will only help this process.

Andy Nathan is a social media consultant who helps you with your lead generation online. Discover more about developing your lead generation with our free eMarketing training series at: Or if you just have no desire to write the content by yourself, I can write it for you. Click here to learn how: I Want Quality Articles

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  1. Very good points. Thanks for sharing. Indeed , some bloggers are surprisingly inspired to write 2000 word sposts which they try to fit on one page with 9 size font.. not good.. at all..

  2. Hi Andy

    Whats the best way to design a sales funnel for selling an ebook?

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  4. Twitter:
    Hey Andy, well said about fonts. More and more websites are becoming totally unreadable because of the type and size of the font used. Using standard, web-safe fonts is the best thing to do to our readers. Fancy fonts may be fancy but mostly they’re useless. They can be used for highlighting – say in headings etc. but using fancy fonts throughout the page content will make the readers run away!
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  5. Websites have to be both good-looking and well-functioning these days. Having a mobile-friendly site is also extremely important these days.