Do Press Releases Really Work?

Press Releases to Get Exposure

I have had people come to me whether in an email or in a forum and raise the question Do Press Releases Really Work? I have always had success with press releases. Sure, there have been some companies out there that just want your money, but for the most part, those are gone today. All that remains are pure bonefide releases. With the recent shut down and deindexation of Build My Rank, lots of webmaster’s and SEO companies are weeping, wailing, and gnashing their teeth trying to find another outlet to get their backlinks in for themselves or their customers. There are still some major link-building companies out there like LinkVana to make money blogging, but given the recent scare, I’m not sure as to how many people will be flooding the gates of LinkVana. This company is stil going strong, and the owners have assured me that Google has not contacted them in any way, but I still cringe while waiting for the inevitable.

Let the World Know About Your Company with eReleases – The Most Effective Press Release Service! I have found that e-Releases are the most effective and fast press releases on the internet today. They are cost effective for a pro blogger and a beginner and you don’t have to know how to place code to do them. After Google cleans house of all the link-building companies, press releases will probably be the only thing standing between you and the first page on the search engines.

Making Money Blogging has become harder and harder to do these days. Google has made a lot of different hoops for each one of us to jump through before we can be awarded that coveted spot in their first page. As of yet, Google hasn’t had a bad word to say about e-Releases. Here is a FREE 150-Page eBook! Beginner’s Guide to Writing Powerful Press Releases – Get Yours Now! In the not so distant future, I think that press releases is all that we will have to acquire our backlinks with. Don’t get left behind!

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