Don’t Get Caught By The Evil Blog!

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The “Make Money Blogging” Evil Blog Lurks

I know that in order to make money blogging, you are always tempted to do things to bring your blog to the dark side. Evil blog ideas lurk in the shadows and try to sell you bad ideas that could get you de-indexed, slapped, or worse, rule the world in an evil empire.

If you are a fairly new blogger, you probably have the idea that you are going to make money blogging right out of the gate. I have seen this before, you set up your nice, pure-in-heart- blog, and when it doesn’t make you any money in a couple of weeks something happens to it! It starts to have a mind of its own for some reason! Bringing out all of the bad in your blog, drinking and driving on the internet highway!

Ways To Tell If You Have An Evil Blog

the make money blogging evil blogBe careful.  There are things online that you can do to your blog that will change it in a heartbeat.  The first thing I will tell you is before you check to see if your blog is getting possessed with the idea to make money blogging, you need to check the other sites that you are visiting.  The reason for this is because other evil blogs are contagious, and you can pass this infection along to your own blog when you log in.  All of the evil ideas that you have seen online can really contaminate one’s blog, and you have to be really careful what you believe and what you put into your own blog.

But how can I tell if my blog is really evil?

  • (Dr. Evil Finger) One Million Backlinks :  Is your blog getting too many backlinks every day?  Are you seeing other evil blogs online and buying into their garbage of “rank results quick on Google”?  One evil site that you can easily get infected with is Fiverr.  Paying $5 for 1,000 backlinks seems like a great deal!  However, these links are not the kind of links that you want linking to your site.  Be careful about your backlinks.  Google takes these very seriously and you should too!  Article marketing for backlinks is still a great way to get high quality backlinks for your site.  However, with the recent slap of a huge article marketing web company called  Build My Rank I would be careful about which article marketing company that you joined from now on.  It seems as though Google has deemed this “evil” and could result in bad things happening to your site.  One article marketing company that is still producing great results is LinkVana Article Marketing
  • Evil Article Spinners :  There has NEVER been a case where article spinners are a good idea.  I know that it is tedious and sometimes boring to blog about something great every day.  Getting awesome original content on your site can be hard at times and sometimes it may seem necessary to purchase an article spinner for your site.  However, Google looks at content, and we all know that re-distribution of same content is seen as “evil” by Google.  It’s basically the same thing as copying and pasting something on your site and calling it your own.  Article spinners keep your blog from creating original content, and therefore are evil.  Never use article spinners, no matter how hard it is to think of great stuff to blog about.  One of the things I do is keep a pen and paper handy with me at all times.  I realize that its hard to think of great topics and content when you are right in front of the computer.  So to combat this, you should write things down when you think of them.  A lot of blogs say that you should write a blog post every day.  I will be the first to tell you that there is no way that you can think of a great post to blog about every day.  Don’t sacrifice your blog with bad content!  I usually blog every other day or every 3rd day.  The integrity of your site is important!
  • Your Blog Posts Are Stuffed Full Of Keywords:  Keyword stuffing constitutes as “not great content”.  Blog posts thatmake money blogging are full of that persons keywords is confusing and hard to read.  The idea is not only to get the visitor to come to your site, but also to KEEP them coming to your site.  Anyone can get visitors, however, not everyone can get that same visitor to come back just on pure content.
  • Too Many Ads : This is a great way to get de-indexed by Google.  Check the Google rules to see how many ads it takes on your site to keep it indexed.
  • Manipulating Your Traffic : If you are getting your traffic through any other means besides CPC, organic, or social media, then you are probably on the verge of creating an evil blog. New bloggers are always frantically trying to search for different ways to get traffic fast. You would do anything, right? See my post on Boosting Your Social Media Traffic Overnight for WhiteHat techniques to get fast traffic.
  • Invisible Text : A while back some evil bloggers figured out that you could take a blog with a white background and put high ranking keywords there with white text so they wouldn’t show up.  This is just plain stupid, and you will get caught doing this!


Get Rid Of Your Evil Blog & Make Money Blogging

In order to make money blogging there are some simple things that you should do to keep your blog up to speed with the search engines. In all actuality, you don’t have to really worry about the search engines at all! If you are not doing any of these things, and you are keeping your site full of great content, then all you really have to worry about is the most important thing, your reader. Once you realize that the person who is visiting your site right now is the most important part of your blog you will make money blogging!

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  1. Wade, these are some great tips you have lined out here in your Evil Blog post. I agree with you about getting backlinks. Be careful where you get them from. I know of a few peeps that were affected by Google’s recent penguin update and how they were getting backlinks. They got slammed!

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom and keep bringing the value to your readers and followers!

    Galen Morgigno
    Galen Morgigno recently posted..David Oreck Candle Company ReviewMy Profile

    • Thanks Galen, I hate it when people try to promote buying Fiverr backlinks just because they are cheap! I guess its none of my business if someone wants to ruin their site, but I just hate it when they promote it as good links.

  2. Don’t be evil :) Just go natural with your blogging process

  3. What a fresh perspective on this topic! Thanks for the commonsense tips
    Sharon recently posted..The Trouble With BlogsMy Profile

  4. Hi Wade, I was actually smiling while reading this entry..It’s so refreshing.
    I would advice anyone to be careful with fiverr and most of these article directories with respect to link building.
    Building thousands of backlinks overnight seems sweet but i’d rather we go the longer natural route.
    I certainly don’t want to get caught by the evil blog.