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What Is EasyRetweet?

Well, for one, I wouldn’t call it a dashboard of any kind. Calling it this would say that this tool has certain limits, which it doesn’t. EasyRetweet.Comcontains a lot of features for the user to have at their fingertips to help them with internet marketing. This is not onlytwitter great for internet marketers, but for anyone who is wanting to boost their Twitter following or anything else to do with Twitter.

EasyRetweet.Com is a tool for Twitter.  It is based on a point system that allows you to gain points by following other people, retweeting other people’s tweets, and a whole lot more popint features.  This in turn, allows you to give points away for other people to do the same things to your tweets or follow your profile. It has basic features that are free to use. Here is a list of things that you can use for free with this company:

  • Retweets- Of course this allows you to do the same feature that bears their name.  When you sign up for free, you are allowed to post tweets on EasyRetweet.com for other people to retweet for you.  What I like about this is you can set this up as a point value for people to retweet your messages.  The higher the point value, the more retweets you are going to get on Twitter!  This can also be edited so that only members of Twitter with a certain number of followers are only allowed to retweet your messages.  This ensures that your tweets are going to be seen by the most number of people possible.
  • Followers- By far, this is where you can get the most followers on Twitter.  Once again, you set up a point value to your profile. The higher the point value, the more chances that you will receive followers.  This, in turn, goes back to you as well, as other people are giving away points for you to follow them too.
  • Website Hits- The same principle applies to your website.  you assign a certain number of points for someone to come and visit your site.  This can help you with the search engine ranking as we all know that if you have traffic coming to your site everyday then you have a better chance of getting a higher ranking on Google.

There is tons of things that you can do for free with this website. Check out How The Website Works for more detail into the retweeting and getting more followers.

How EasyRetweet Is Great For Internet Marketers

Internet marketers are constantly trying to build their client base, build their website, boost their earnings…the list goes on and on! EasyRetweet.com is going to help you in this area becuase of these things:

  1. More Followers- With people constantly following your profile, you will have more people to tweet to on Twitter.  Twitter is a powerful marketing tool.  If you are new to internet marketing, then you NEED to have a large following base on Twitter and EasyRetweet.com is how you are going to be able to do this!
  2. More Website Hits- As you know, more traffic means more money!  With this website, you will be in the position to get more visitors to your site, and therefore be in the chance to make more money online.  This is also good for new websites to get more traffic to their new sites.  With this feature you can also add your blog RSS feed to be submitted in a tweet as well!

There are other things that you need to focus on, as an internet marketer, on EasyRetweet.com.  Being in the IM field, there are certain things that you MUST spend money on to be successful in your business.


The latter things that I have mentioned are all of the free things that you are allowed to do with this website.  However, there are even more powerful things that you are allowed to do to become a paid member of EasyRetweet.com. This is by far the best features that this site can give you. Being an EasyPro Member, you are allowed:

  • Daily Free Credits- Get 100 free credits into your account everyday for as long as you remain easyPro member. That makes 3000 free credits for 30 days.  This will make it easier for you to keep “money” always banked for people to follow, retweet, or use your list, which I will explain later.
  • Tweet Scheduler- Schedule your tweets for future publication on easyretweet tweet queue. Type your message and select date and time. Their script will take care of the rest.  This is a great feature because it keeps you “connected” on Twitter 24/7!
  • Personalized Toolbar Ads- Do you want even more free traffic? This feature enables you to add your text ad to the easyToolBar. Expose your Text ad to unlimited number of Twitter users. To use the Tool Bar, simply shorten your url with their link shortener. The easyToolBar appears with your text ad when your shortened link is clicked.
  • Unlimited Email Lists- Do you want more subscribers to your list? If you don’t even have a list, you can build one and they will help you get subscribers with their list building feature.  Building a list is one of the most important things an internet marketer can do!  With a huge list, you do not have to rely on internet traffic to make money!  Build your list with their feature!

Why is this one of the best tools for Twitter users?  Well, number one, this is just about the cheapest tool that I have ever seen that has this many features.  As I studied this website upon request of the owner, with high hopes of showing my readers what a good system this was for Twitter users.  I got a nice surprise when I really went in-depth in the website and saw some powerful tools for internet marketers!

There are lots of other websites online that do some of the same stuff that EasyRetweet.Com does, but when you look closer, and when you really start weighing the options between EasyRetweet and other competitors, then you will also see the value in the $9.99 per month package deal that Enstine and the folks at EasyRetweet.com offer!  To become an EasyPro Member, just sign in for free under one of these links and use the list builder option.  This will give you a link to become a Pro Member!

I highly recommend this website, I am a EasyRetweet Pro Member and, if you are an internet marketer that wants great product for cheap prices, then you should be too!

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  1. Hi Wade, I’m so impressed with this detailed review. Thanks for the shout out
    One other new feature I recently pushed up is “Recommendation”. This enables members to recommend each other to their followers. This brings even more exposure, followers and traffic.

    Members can also just add their blog’s rss link and our script will pull their articles and queue on the Blog Articles queue.

    Once more, thanks for the helping us grow

  2. They are offering a special now…everyone sign up!

  3. Is there any point in ‘following’ people mindlessly?
    I follow so many people on Twitter. But I hardly ever check out their tweets. I sign in only when I want to tweet about my post. :D :P
    I am sure there are lots of others who do the same…