Everybody I’ve Met, Seems To Be A (Page) Rank Stranger

Google Page Rank

Page rank is important. I see people all over the internet talking about Google’s page rank, and how they are frantically trying to do everything they can do climb the Google ladder.

Google has cornered the market on page rank. This is definitely a hierarchy.  Every 3 months or so, we come groveling to Google, hoping for a page rank handout. If we have been good in those past 3 months, then we get a cookie, and our site gets rewarded.

Some people would call this corporate piracy. Google actually controls how our sites come up in the search engine. If we do what they say, then everything is ok.

I don’t know why I’m even talking about this, it gives me a headache…

Everybody I’ve met, seems to be a rank stranger.  They really have no clue on what’s going on with Google and the page rank updates.  All they know is what other people tell them.  And what THEY know is really just laced with their own opinions.

Google Page Rank Mistakes

page rankI think one of the most common mistakes people make in trying to rank their site is the fact of focusing on backlinks. Now, don’t get me wrong, backlinks are important in getting your site ranked. Google sees your URL on a high ranking site and gives you props for it…I get it, and am not trying to take anything away from backlinking, however, don’t make the mistake of just pinpointing backlinks.

Another mistake people make is not doing the Google research for themselves.  Like I said before, people have their own opinions on how the Google page rank works, and then they go and post it online for newbie’s to see and take as the gospel truth!  Why not do your own research on the Google Page Rank?  Don’t trust anyone, because nobody really knows what Google is looking for when it comes to the updates.  There are some clues here and there, however, as far as getting the whole truth, it is definitely lost to most of us!

What Google Looks For

First of all, if you really want to know how your site ranks, then you can use the Page Rank Checker to see how you rank in the Google search engine. To really see how this affects your site, here is some research on Google Page Rank.

Google looks for high quality content on your site, how your site interacts with Social Media, inbound links coming to your site, and the website that is linking to you(whether or not it is a spammy site or a great site).

These are the things that everyone knows and understands what Google looks for when they are updating your page rank.

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  1. Galen Morgigno says:

    Wade, thanks for taking the time to break this down. With the recent Google Panda and Penguin updates it’s important to know what Google is looking for in order to get ranked. It’s better to play by the Google Rules then get slapped by them.

    From one fellow blogger to another Thanks,
    Galen Morgigno

    • Wade Harman says:

      Hey, you’re very welcome. Thanks for visiting the blog. I really enjoyed yours too!