Excuse Me, You Cant Write A Great Post In 15 Minutes

I know you’ve seen all these promotions about how to write a great post in under 15 minutes.  There are tons of them out there, and when I seen the last one, I had write a great postto stop and check it out.

The fact of the matter is that these people are writing filler and fluff just because they know that they have to get a blog post out for that day and probably have gotten the ever so common “blogger’s block” so they turn to the old faithfuls.

The fact of the matter is, if you’re taking only 15 minutes to write your post, then you shouldn’t be blogging.

What They Tell You

Ok so as I’m reading this post about how you can write a great blog article in under 15 minutes, one thing really caught my eye. And, for the most part, these topics of discussion on posts like these usually have the same ideas included, which are simply to write these things:

  • Numbered posts
  • How to posts
  • Generic posts about getting Twitter, FB, or Pinterest followers
  • “10 Ways to Write A Great Post”
  • etc

While I can’t knock the fact that these are great topics to write about, and people usually react and interact on different social platforms when you share these types of posts, there are still two things wrong with doing them.

  1. A great post about any of these topics would definitely take you longer to do if you really wanted to create great content.
  2. It’s the same old idea that everyone else is doing.

Let me discuss #1:

As I said before, these are all great topics.  I’ve written about a few of them myself.  But if you take everything that you really need to research to get the great content that your readers will enjoy, it’s going to take you longer than the allotted time.  I was surprised to see that the SocialMediaExaminer.com actually promoted something like this in a post called How To Write A Great Blog Post In 15 Minutes.

Promoting fast writing is one thing, but showing people how to do it efficiently is another. Even if someone cranked out a blog post in 15 minutes (which is totally possible), would it be worth reading? Would you even read this blog if I kept bragging about how fast I was at writing? Probably not.

Their Tactic #3 really got my attention, and it was “Watch The Clock”. When you’re racing against time to get a post out, you’re not going to be giving your best writing and I don’t care if you are Micheal Stelzner. All great writers plan, yes, and they research, but when it comes down to it, the best writing is one that is planned out and carefully monitored making all of the pieces fit together perfectly and clearly for the reader.

Let Me Discuss #2:

When everyone else is writing these posts that the “guru’s” are telling you to write, how are you going to be able to carve yourself out a niche in that industry? You’re just another face in the crowd! I can find 100 posts about “how to get Twitter followers”, but can you find any that show you how to get Twitter followers immediately? If you’re the person that breaks that code, then you have definitely carved out your place here.

In the blogging industry, you’re always reading about how to be different. How can you be different if you’re writing the same stuff as everyone else? You can’t.

There isn’t anyone in the world that can write like you can. I have found with my Social Media Psychology that no one else is doing anything like this because they simply haven’t thought about the effects of psychology inside social media. I have found that people are doing it without realizing it, but they don’t understand the true concept of how it works.

When you find something you’re good at, something that separates you from the rest of the group, write about it. Everyone has something that sets them aside from everyone else. That’s the beauty of being different.

Write Your Post

So if you want to write a great post, make sure you’re taking your time. Don’t rush it. Don’t degrade the quality of your blog by taking on challenges like 30 blog posts in 30 days, no one can guarantee quality every day for a month. I don’t care who you are. Make sure that your reader is the most important person that comes to your blog, not how fast you can write it.

Everything is depending on how well you write, not how fast you write it. Yes, I’m still in agreement with most of the things that SocialMediaExaminer.com has said in the article, but not the part where they want you to hurry through the post in order to learn how to writea great post.

Take you time, research, develop, make the content follow the title that you have in your head, tell stories where applicable, and most of all, make sure your reader can take something home when they get to the end.

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  1. Wade,
    Thanks for writing this. You’re hitting upon one of my pet peeves here–posts and advice that make it sound like writing is easy and effortless. The truth is the writing is hard work.
    In my personal experience (and I’ve written hundreds of posts) the more time I spend on a post, the more likely it is to attract an audience. A really great post can take hours (yes, I said hours and not minutes) to write.
    Besides the research component, which you mention above, writers also need to spend time proofreading the post, formatting the post for the web, and promoting the post through social media. They may also need to find time looking for the best image on stock photo sites. When you add all that time up, it’s a lot more than 15 minutes…
    The trouble with the claim that a really good post can be written in 15 minutes is that clients read those claims and some of them believe them.

  2. LOL I read people who say they can write a post in 15 minutes and genuinely laugh. Maybe if it is under 300 words, no images, and its a BS top 10 post sure I can see it. When I write posts they can take anywhere from an hour to days to make sure I get everything right!

    The issue I have is that you have so much going on than JUST writing. You have to find the images that work with the post, make sure you proofread your post a few times, make sure the post looks good after you initially put it together, re-write your title a few times, make sure your meta description works, and re-work the post over and over again before finally pushing that publish button!

    And that is just to get started. None of these “gurus” tell you the whole 80-20 rule. 80% promoting and 20% actually writing!

    The reality is that writing takes a lot of time and effort to have something that is share worthy!

    • Yeah that’s right Jason. There’s a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes before a button is pushed on the keyboard. I’m the same way, it usually takes me around a day to write anything worth reading.

  3. wow what a great post i actually take out my time to read this article carefully and i must say that you are right , writing article in 15 minutes is not the idea when it comes writing quality articles. it requires time and lots of research

    • I hear you Collins. What I can’t believe is that a very popular website like SocialMediaExaminer.com was actually promoting this practice! That just goes to show that over time anyone can have influence online if they stick with it long enough.

  4. It could become challenging job in starting but when you will have experience in that then you can do many things in favor of you and done this all which you mentioned in your post.

  5. When it comes to writing a post, heck I don’t believe that you can write a great one in 15 minutes. 30 minutes could also be impossible UNLESS you really know about the product.

    Again, if you want to check on those links, SEO keywords etc in your blog, it could easily take hours. Not forget, searching the right images for your blog post.

    Well said my friend … have a great week ahead!

  6. Hi…..
    Why can’t one write a great post in 15 minutes? If you say PUBLISH from nothing, I totally agree it cannot be done. But one can write a great 500 word or so article in 15 minutes if they know a great deal about the subject. Granted they will need to get a nice picture or maybe a couple of links to back up their assertions, but the actual writing shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes unless you are writing an in depth article of 1,000 words or more. Hell.. I’ve written an entire 2 to 3 thousand page essay in an hour tops, after I had done the actual research. Writing IS easy. It’s the rest that is hard (visual elements, links, crediting sources, editing, formatting, proofreading.. etc)

    • I guess if you’re writing the same old stuff that everyone is writing about then someone could do it. Something that you do every day is easy for you, but when you’re trying to build a niche for yourself in an already crowded industry, I think that it takes a little more thought processes into the topic that you’re writing. Heck, I can write a blog post in 15 minutes too. It can be done!

      However, if you’re wanting to break out a place for yourself here, you need content that can WOW your audience, and I have never seen anyone that can do that in 15 minutes. The next time you know you have written the post in 15 minutes, come back and give me the link and let me see if it wow’s me. Would it make me think you were an authority on that subject? Would it make me want to make YOU the go-to person for this topic? When you look at it through this aspect, then I think 15 minutes isn’t enough time.

      We all want to make a name for ourselves. You can write a 15 minute post, that I agree with, but if you’re wanting to consistently write great content that creates you as an authority on a subject, then it’s just not possible to do.

      Thanks for coming!

  7. Hi, Wade
    I am completely agree with you. No one can write article in 15 minutes. Article writing is an art which comes with experience and analysis of topic. Every complete and effective article demands time. So for a good article you should spend some time.
    All of we know that “Rome was not built in a day”
    So give time and get good article.
    Thanks for great info.

  8. Thank you for this insight, being new to blogging and social media, I have looked into this matter a lot. I want to write posts in a regular rhythm, but find to really show my heart and feeling involved with the subject matter, for me, it is a several hour process, sometimes an entire day or two, as I find thoughts I may want to add later or some that were after closer inspection not relevant or better saved for another post. And this post was spot on! Thank you

  9. You said it right no one can write guest post in 15 minutes and if they write in that much time then it will not be an Quality Guest Post.I have seen many hurrying but they end with nothing.