Should The New Facebook Graph Search Scare You?

Everyone is talking about the new upcoming Facebook Graph Search and how it is going to affect the online business owner. And it will. As of now, if you are using Facebook to simply post updates in the hopes that people will see and share, that dream could vanish when Facebook Graph Search comes out soon.

If you are one of the lucky people that has been able to test out the beta version of Facebook Graph Search then you already know how important this beast is going to be to the social media blogger.

What is Facebook Graph Search?

First of all, this is a refined search engine within the confines of the Facebook platform. In a sense, it works kinda like Google works. Itfacebook graph search picks up keywords and content when the user searches particular things and brings it back to them on a silver platter. It also uses the determination of the connection of a person in this social media network.

Three things that Graph Search looks for is keywords, content and connection. I wanted to repeat that just in case you missed it.

Now, are you ready for Graph Search?

Making your content searchable is important when this comes active. The things that you can do right now is to edit your Facebook Fan Page to include some of the keywords that you are hoping to reach people with.

In my case it is “social media marketing”. So I frantically had to edit the About Section on my fan page and make sure that I had the necessary changes made. Turns out, for the most part, I lucked up and already had it in there. Also make sure your page is identified in the right category as well.

What Does Facebook Graph Search Mean For The Blogger?

You already know how hard it is to get on the first page of Google. Building links and writing great content is a necessary must to even attempt to make this happen. However, as I’m looking more into Graph Search, I’m finding out that it is going to be almost identical to the Google search engine in terms of searching for things.

What’s a blogger to do? If you’re already having problems getting to the first page of Google, and then Facebook rolls out yet another wall for you to break through, is it a means to give up?

Certainly not.

Who cares about the Facebook Graph Search anyway? Do your best to make all of the necessary changes that will help you in the searches, but when it comes to actually worrying about it, don’t. As long as you’re doing your part in reaching out to people, creating great content, and doing what is humanly possible to show up in this ridiculous thing, then I wouldn’t get my underwear in a twist over it.

Remember, Facebook is rolling this new search engine out because it helps the user. That is what is always important. The user/reader.

Should it Scare Me?

Although Facebook Graph Search may seem daunting and scary at first, you’re going to end up figuring it all out anyway. As long as you remember to engage the user, bring value to the table so they are compelled to share, and always provide the best content possible.

This new search result will allow you to find more people that is related to your niche and what you’re talking about.  It will be a way for people to connect with each other on a more narrower and targeted scale.  Should it scare you?  No, embrace it, just like you have always done.  Learn it and move on!  It’s not the first change made to social media and it won’t be the last!

Your Turn

What are some of your ideas about Facebook Graph Search? Do you have any suggestions on the subject? I would love to hear them!

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  1. Another great post Wade… You nailed it again… I really love reading your work…

  2. Facebook Graph Search is something new for me. I don’t have any idea about it. I know it from you Wade. Thank you for sharing this valueable information. Actually I seldom use my facebook account. I am not active in facebook either for updating my status or make use of it to optimize my blog. I like reading other blogs and get plenty information from other bloggers.

  3. I’m afraid the biggest cons of FB Graph search is that’s limited to searches for people, photos, places and shared interests; users can’t search general information contained in Facebook postings. Much shared information is shallow and of limited value. Could compromise the privacy of many Facebook users.

  4. hey this is great way i have listen first time i will also work on this thanks for sharing..

  5. I don’t know exactly what facebook graph search is like. I just wait and see. But whatever it is I must adapt to be able to make use of it in order to survive. This is another big challenge for me and life must go on. There must be something I can learn from it.

  6. Great post Wade, I’m excited about it and am trying the new beta version. It’s pretty cool and if you are using good SEO practice you’ll be just fine!

  7. I haven’t seen that Facebook Graph Search is a kind of threat for online business owners. I only hope that this will be another occasion for us to be more creative and effective in earn money online. We need a new challenge so life will not be monotonous. Human beings are very unique and smart creature. They can conquer the world with their brain and cleverness. God creates human being as the most perfect of all the creatures.

  8. Thanks for this very informative post. I didn’t realize that this Facebook Graph Search could really make a big impact on how online business works. But then again, just like with the Google updates, this Facebook update will surely benefit everyone who are serious with online business.

  9. Hi
    This sounds really interesting I am I the process of setting up a Facebook page hopefully to kick start my social media strategy and I will have to look at the search graph closely so I can just get it right in advance so I won’t have to change to much later.

    Thanks lee

  10. Right, sooner or later we will get used to this facebook graph search and as usual we will know what to do.

  11. Facebook is always changing, as soon as you think you got it figured out again it will change!

  12. Althea Young says:

    I still get confused about Facebook Graph Search! I think, I need to more time to get to know about it.
    Looks exciting to me though and not scary

  13. Thank you for the detailed explanation of the Facebook Graph Search.

    Seems that those who have a Facebook Fanpage will need to make sure that their content is ketword optimized but at the same time make sure that they are providing good content for the readers.

    It will be interesting to know how Facebook will rank their searches and I can see it pay off to be educated to get it rank so that the Fanpage get more exposure.

    Thanks for sharing

  14. Facebook is a kind of company and it must develop itself by making new innovations to get profit from it and to be not left behind by its rival. Competetion in business is normal. Every company wants to serve the best for its customer. And we as the customers only make use of it as good as possible. Every company or firm do research and development to enlarge its power and to attract attention from its customers. Whatever it serves us with new stuff we will try to get used to it and take it easy.

  15. I think Facebook Graph Search will change the statistics of using facebook, because the majority are using facebook just for fun , fo sharing ideas and photos, and for knowing new people from different places in the world.So , it will be good for people who are searchinf for new information , for new topics.People who are interested in knowledege.People who use Google more than facebook.


  1. says:

    Does Facebook Graph Search Scare You?…

    Everyone is talking about the new upcoming Facebook Graph Search and how it is going to affect the online business owner. And it will. As of now, if you are using Facebook to simply post updates in the hopes that people will see and share, that dream c…