Your Blog is Too Fat

Today as I was riding down the road I got to thinking about fat people. Being one of the billions on this planet that needs to lose weight, I had finally reached the decision to lose those 20 extra pounds I gained when my wife was pregnant with my youngest son. Don’t ask me how I gained the weight!!. It just happened. So I was driving down the road, through Nashville actually, when I came across a pretty good thought.

Your Blog is Fat

There are literally millions, nay, billions of obese people in the United States. How does one become fat? It’s because that people are simply not taking care of their bodies by putting an enormous amount of calories that are not followed up with exercise.

Anyway, the idea or thought that I had was that maybe a blog could get “fat”. If too much junk food and bad snacks are devoured into your mouth, then the consequences is fat build-up, congestive heart failure, most of the major organs shut down, and eventually death.

Is your blog going to die?

Of course not, you say! But if you really look into the heart of your blog, you know, the stuff that comes out the other end. What type of results are you getting? You have heard the old saying, you get out what you put in. This is true for a lot of things including blogging.

Reasons Why Your Blog Could Be Fat

Basically after the birth of my first son Eli, I gained a lot of weight!(Yes, I did it twice!) Thinking back, one of the main reasons that I gained so much weight was because I lost interest. I was too pre-occupied with doing other things, like taking care of my wife.

Reason #1- You are too pre-occupied

Just as I was, I was bouncing from one thing to the next making sure to get all of it done. Your blog could be getting fat because of this too. You are too pre-occupied with other things. Some examples would be:

  • You’re Too Busy Building Links
  • Too Busy Commenting
  • Too Busy On Forums
  • Too Busy On Social Media Sites

The list can go on and on.  Even though you mean well, you are not taking care of the primary reason why you are online in the first place.  Your blog.  Pay attention to it.  All of the things in the above list are important!  Keep doing them, however, in order to make your blog great a set schedule is necessary to ensure that ALL of these things are getting done!  Don’t forget about the most important thing!

Reason #2- You take in the wrong things

The most obvious reason that I gained 60 pounds with our first son was that I was taking in too many of the wrong kinds of foods.  I was eating whatever I wanted.  This, as you know, will end up having negative results on your body in terms of weight gain.

Your blog could be getting fat if you are allowing just anything on it.  I’m not just talking about blog posts.  I’m also talking about everything from blog posts all the way to the banner advertisements to the text links.

I realize that when you first get started into the blogging industry you want to make a huge impact on the internet and have your name in lights one day.  You get excited about all of the money you think you are going to eventually be making so therefore you go to any and every affiliate program online and paste their junk adverts all over your site.

Now there is nothing wrong with posting advertisements on your blog, however, make sure that the products you are promoting are legitimate and forthcoming to your would be reader and potential buyer.  Why should you care about this?  Because all of the most prominent bloggers online first and foremost have an integral blog.  They have integrity, respect, and eventually money.  Now granted, it takes time to develop that online respect from other people.  But if you start early at protecting the integrity of your site now, it will be easier to do so in the future.

Think about your reader.  Would you buy this certain advertisement that you are promoting?  If so, then promote it.  This goes for your blog posts as well.  Think of your reader in terms of helping them and giving them the most information possible in your posts.

Whatever you take in, you will get out.  Your blog is the face of you to your reader.  Treat them with respect, and in return, it will come around to you.

In Conclusion:

If your blog seems to be getting too fat these days, take some time to exercise or exorcise(whichever one fits) the bad things out.  Right now is the chance that you have to make a great impression on your reader.  Whether you have 20 readers per day or 20K, the same ideas apply.  Don’t try to make money off of everyone that comes to your site.  Build your reputation and eventually the money will come!

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  1. Staying fit is so important for those who sit behind a computer. Keeps your mind sharp!

  2. Enstine Muki says:

    Hey man,
    From the title, I was wondering how could this happen? Fat blog! So maybe there is going to be weight loss stuff for our blogs lol

    But seriously, I get the point – consistency (is like the regular daily exercise to stay fit) and we must not eat anything, just like not pumping any kind of ads on our blogs.

    I’m waiting for another such post ;)

    • This post was done by the guidelines of a post I wrote recently called The Perfect Post. The idea is to get the readers attention with catchy titles.

      You wouldn’t believe how many people visit this blog just on the catchy title idea!

  3. Vineet Saxena says:

    Hi Wade,
    It is true that we must not try to make money off everyone who comes to visit our site. I will go back and take a look if my blog has gained some pounds… :-D …Thanks a lot for this awesome article.

  4. Kamran ul hassan says:


    Great work Wade, you tell me good and most important thing to save my blog, it really help me to run my blog on save side. keep it up and share more.