Why You Should Forget Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Ok, I’ll admit, the title was simply a scam to get you here.  Your Pinterest marketing strategy is one of the most powerful social media strategies that you could ever have.  As Peg Fitzpatrick said, “Pinterest pins have the longest shelf life of all social media platforms”.  And you can’t beat that with a stick.

Pinterest is still a little puzzling to me.  I get it and everything, lots of images and pictures, but how to portray the right kind of marketing that I need to portray in my strategy for my niche?

I mean, its a whole lot easier if all you’re doing is posting pictures of recipes of food.  That’s pretty straightforward.  But how do you find the right image that will go into your Pinterest marketing strategy the best, and also fit with your blog post as well.

Let’s get into that topic of marketing your images on Pinterest. First of all, hit this button!

Choosing the Right Image For Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Of course, images are playing a huge role in your Pinterest marketing strategy. However, if you’re like me, and have no idea how to make your own images, there are still places that you can go that can help you out.

One place that I really like is Pinstamatic.com. Everything that you would need to do for Pinterest is probably right there. One thing that has always puzzled me about blog images/pins is that if I get the right size for my blog, then it’s always too small for Pinterest. That’s one thing you have to be aware of. Size matters, and if you’re placing a 250×250 image on your blog, and granted, that’s a good size for your blog, it’s not always a good size for the Pinterest platform. It usually ends up being too small and not covering enough area.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

pinterest marketing strategy

See?  That doesn’t look good.  So you have to make sure that your image is large enough so that it compliments your blog AND is a target for people that may be looking for that on Pinterest too with a large image.

How to do that?  Not to fear.  Pinstamatic can really help you with this problem, helping you resize the image that you need for your blog AND giving you an opportunity for people to re-pin your image to their followers by using the embed feature.

Here’s the finished image after Pinstamatic got through with it.

pinterest marketing strategy

Ah, that’s better.  plus I can take that same image and embed it into my post now so other people will be able to pin it. Like so, give it a re-pin if you like!

Images are the life blood of your Pinterest marketing strategy. Don’t skimp on them. People love to pin and like, so give them something worth pinning. Sure photoshop is probably the best way to go, but, if you’re like me, you may not be very good at doing stuff like that, just remember that there are other things that you can do to help yourself.

The Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Is it all about the images? Pretty much that’s it. One thing that you can do that will help you drive more traffic from Pinterest, and this is something that has helped me as well, is to edit the image with the blog title or something relevant to show the reader where they are going or what they should expect when they get there with some text of some sort over the image.

That’s the first thing that people are going to see if they are browsing your Pinterest account. However, there are other Pinterest marketing strategies that you can use to your advantage if you aren’t allotted with tons of followers and that is to make use of the hashtag feature.

Hashtags are universally excepted everywhere pretty much, except on Facebook, lol (which turns out has had no effect on that platform). A hashtag can define your content. A hashtag can brand your work online. One of the most powerful hashtags created on Pinterest was from Peg Fitzpatrick called #PinOfTheDay, where she would take something that she either liked or created herself and put it up for all to see. Now it’s a major hashtag on Pinterest, used and searched by millions of people every week!

Be relevant with your hastags.

I know that there are lots of popular hashtags that trend everyday. #StarWarsTuesday, #HumpDay, #ThrowbackThursday, #FF or #FollowFriday, and #Caturday and there are lots of people that search and use these hashtags on whatever particular day it is.

Why did I explain that? For the simple reason of this: If you use a hastag just because you know there is traffic searching for that particular word, and your image nor content is even related to what the hashtag is on that day, you’re really going to make some people mad. The #Caturday folks that are browsing for their favorite images of felines and stumble across your post about “Getting more followers on Twitter” it’s not going to go well.

Treat the hashtag with respect and give it to your readers, audience, and whoever else might stumble on it a reason to say, Hey, this looks interesting… If you have taken that same post about Twitter and coupled the hashtag of #marketing or #TwitterFollowers, you will get a better response from the people searching.

I know that this is kind of redundant, but it goes without saying. Just because you know there are tons of people searching for #Caturday on Saturday doesn’t give you the right to manipulate that audience.

Create Your Own Brand of Hashtag

Be different! That’s the whole point of being a blogger anyway. This place is too crowded! Break out of your shell with a brand new hashtag that no one has ever heard of or searched for before! Tell your audience what it is too so they can always know that if they search for that particular keyword, you’re articles are going to be seen.

Creating your own brand of hashtag simply takes a little imagination and marketing know-how. Remember that people are going to use this to search for this particular topic. I would recommend picking a day of the week where you cover some blogging topic or whatever that you can use to make a theme out of. For instance, my good buddy Ryan Hanley has just started a branding hashtag on Google Plus called #GooglePlusFriday as seen below:

This is where Ryan takes some information and gives it to the readers in the form of a video. Great idea, different, and it helps the viewer too! I know that this is supposed to be a post about Pinterest marketing strategy, but I am using this as just an example of what you can do on ANY social media site for that matter!

The Final Thought

Even though it may be dominated by women, your Pinterest marketing strategy has never been so important! Also, coupled with Google Plus, it can be a very powerful social media platform to shout from! Don’t discount this social media site before you try it. Before you go, I would like to show you a cool video with my friends Stephan Hovnanian and Peg Fitzpatrick talking about the power of Pinterest along with Google Plus, it’s a great video, and I know you will benefit from watching it!


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  1. Great post. Recently I also started focusing more on Pinterest after I saw what results Michelle MacPhearson are getting from it, around 1000 clicks daily, just mind blowing, all for just posting images of course it takes time, but the potential is huge.

    • Yes as with anything, it will take some time to build up a following large enough to get that many clicks, however, get one right person to share your stuff and the clicks and followers will come without having to wait!

      • Yeah, my luckiest day was to get 95 followers. Not sure did someone shared my pins or I got promoted by Pinterest.

  2. Very inspiring Wade! You just gave me an awesome idea. I’ve played with Pinstamatic before but didn’t really do much with it. Today I noticed I could create screenshots of websites so I created a board featuring top commenters. I did something similar last year with best comments but it was such a pain, I stopped doing it. Pinstamatic makes it so easy I’m going to bring that back to life. Good stuff man, you’re awesome!

  3. Great share Wade i have not used pinterest much which will be shared if any images or post i like while surfing but as based on your post need to concentrate on promoting my stuff in first priority i guess because image generating more traffic really remarkable one