Forget The Search Engines! Get Traffic Through Referrals!

The Traffic Game

I’m pretty sure that you probably already understand how hard it is to actually get search engine traffic. This coveted, organic style, way to have visitors flowing to your site is what we all want! However, this is not as easy as it sounds. Most of the top bloggers have cornered the market on the organic spots on the search engines by having thousands of backlinks, hundreds of pages of great content, and a following as well! So it may be harder for someone to rank high on Google for any keyword with the word “money” in it!

It seems as though we forget about the “human” aspect of this situation, and lean more towards the “electronic” idea. In other words, we feel as though we have to make the search engines happy to receive traffic on our blog or website. This is probably an idea that you can relate to as you struggle to find keywords to rank for, optimizing everything on your site from banners to widgets! But have you ever thought of another method?

Getting The “Humans” To Notice You

ht Forget The Search Engines! Get Traffic Through Referrals!Sometimes we forget that Google follows people. You don’t have to have an “SEO perfect” site when you write a great post about something! Google loves great content, and so does everyone else!

Here is an idea that you may have never thought of before…

Stop trying to get Google to notice you. Google is not going to be the one that clicks the “Buy Now” button on your site. People are! So you need to change your strategy for the purpose of getting the humans to notice your site!

How do we do this?

Sometimes we tend to overthink things. You make it harder on yourself because you know how hard it is to get Google to notice you, so you then transfer that thinking to an idea that is is hard to get people to notice you too.

First of all, you need to have catchy titles! I recently wrote a blog post called How I Got One Of The Internet’s Most Successful Bloggers To Talk To Me, the page view skyrocketed! Why? Because this is an interesting thing to write about! Lowly bloggers like you and I would love to have a blessing of a professional on our site! Someone that actually brings in over 250,000 people a day to say, “Hey, this site is cool, go look at it!”

The catchy title is important!

Once you have written your catchy title, follow it up with great content. After you have made sure that everything is perfect, you need to go visit some blogs. This is very important! Keeping in touch with bloggers that actually have traffic and allow you to comment on their posts will bring their traffic to your site. Especially if you have just written a great post with a catchy title.

I suggest that you search out blogs that have CommentLuv enabled. Why? Because when you actually post your comments to these people’s blogs, your catchy title will show up under your post allowing their visitor to see it, be interested, and come to your site.

Referral Traffic Is Only Half The Battle

Yep, I know that there is a lot of things that you have to do to bring in traffic. Bringing your site up to speed with SEO and keywords is one way, getting traffic through other sites is another way. There are a lot of small ways to bring traffic in, but when you add them together it makes up the whole picture. Referral traffic is only half the battle!

I have written a great post on Boosting Your Social Media Traffic Overnight, where you can use these tips to get a lot of visits through social media sites. The best part of all is it is not hard to do, no internet spam, just pure WhiteHat techniques to get more visitors flowing to your site!

Referral traffic is the best because you are seen on other people’s sites, with your “catchy title” and it gets their attention!  From now on, really think about what you are blogging, make it interesting, make people leave your blog wanting to come back.  Because you definitely don’t want them to forget you!

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  1. Interesting post, a lot of new information (for me). Thanks!

  2. Yeah, I wanted to keep it original. Everyone posts about generic making money tips. This one is great for me! Having your own products makes your blog more original.

  3. Hi Wade,
    That is right. Google is not the only source to get clicks on the buy button. I loved that personally, Social media and guest posts are an excellent way to gain some traffic apart from the search engines.

  4. You’re right! There are other means to get traffic without relying on Google all the time.