The Future of Social Media Marketing and Your Blog

Do you know the future of social media marketing?  Can you understand the importance that social media has on your online business?  These are all questions thatfuture of social media marketing need to be thought about as search and social grow smarter every day.  We need to be able to handle the growth with our own blogs and learn how to stay in sync with everything around us that is constantly changing.

Ironically the future of social media will be in an SEO aspect through searching.  Now, more and more people are finding what they’re looking for by using social search as a way of determining the answers to their questions.

The Evolving of Social Media

Search and social are ever changing and you want to be able to keep up with it for your business. With the new Google Algorithms named the Hummingbird, and their other updating animals-Panda and Penguin, what would happen to you if you lost your rankings within the search engine? Would you be able to cope with the loss? I realize that the new Penguin update killed a lot of traffic for a lot of people…can you evolve with search and social as it grows smarter? I’m really not here to talk about SEO. However, I do understand that it too is an important part of a blogger’s strategy to grow your audience.

Social media platforms that are most popular to people, and the one’s that I see my family using the most are platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The common consumer doesn’t really understand the changes that these platforms make within themselves, they just know that they either like it or hate it.

One change that Facebook made this past year was the fact that in the top of your news feed were people that you most interacted with. So what if you have 10,000 fans and friends, if only 30 is interacting with you, then only 30 people will start to see your posts at the top of their news feed.

Facebook evolved this year with the Graph Search as well and then followed up with integrating hashtags, however, it seems that they weren’t ready for that last evolving moment. That, or either the public just wasn’t ready for it enough to use it. Either way, marketers never saw that much difference in using hashtags inside of their posts. Good job for trying though.

Google Plus evolved this year as well. Back in May of 2013, Google Plus made a bold move to redesign their social platform to make it look a little more like a larger version of Pinterest. Wasn’t too hard to evolve with that one, since this really helped everyone in a marketing sense. More people’s post were being seen per page. This was a great idea.

Twitter and Pinterest also evolved and changed the way they allowed us to market our products and articles to the public as well. Now, with the help of Twitter cards and the Pinterest article cards, we are now able to provide the public with little excerpts of our content, or products that we have available to them.

The evolving social media is just something that you have to roll with every day. In some way, shape, or form, social media slowly transforms itself into a more comprehensible creature to the public, making it up to us to keep up. Social has always been on the forefront of human interaction and that’s the way we need to keep it.

Ok, so thanks for that news update, what’s this got to do with the future of social media marketing? I just explained the past to you, and it was probably something you already knew. I just wanted to give you an idea of what changes had been made over the course of 6 months in social media.

What Does The Future Hold?

Let me grab my crystal ball and dust it off. You know that anything I say in this post cannot be counted as truth. It is simply a professional opinion of what I have perceived the direction of social media to be in and where it is heading and what you can do to prepare for it.

Everywhere you look, on television commercials and billboards, you see big brands flaunting their social media accounts. “Follow us on Twitter here, Go like our Facebook page here” Even TV shows themselves are leaning towards directing people to “follow” them.

Why? Because this is the place they know they can find you besides in front of the TV. Sure television is fun to watch, especially if you’re watching my favorite show “The Office”, but how can big brands entice you when you’re not in front of the boob tube?

With social media. Although big brands have already made a gigantic push in grabbing our attention through social media, I believe that this will be even more so in the future.

What does that mean to us?

If multi-billion dollar companies are leaning towards social media to further their advances on the public, we should too. But there’s a catch. I know that you have noticed that Facebook allows lots and lots of advertisements. Along with Twitter, these platforms cater to their paying customers, allowing them to have top position in their platform. If you’re like me, then you don’t have the revenue that Coca-Cola has to spend on advertising, but you still see the importance of attracting people from social media…what to do?

Google Plus is your future

The ever powerful search engine’s famous platform called Google Plus is your future in social media. From everything to communities where you can discuss different ideas based on your niche, commenting with like-minded people and connecting with them through this type of dialogue, to sharing your posts in your timeline stream, to connecting with people on Google Hangout’s. This is the future of social marketing.

Social media sites will always be evolving. However, Google Plus, is the only social platform that has a monopoly on both our social and search. It never hurts to be involved in as many social platforms as you like, but you definitely need to be involved in Google’s social platform as well. If you’re wanting to make an online presence for yourself, then you need to be on G+.

It’s very important that you know the importance of social media and the impact that it has on your online business, but let me explain why it’s so important to be involved in Google Plus.

The Power of the Plus

Since the future of your online success rides with Google Plus, I thought I would go into some detail that can help you make the most out of this platform in the whole spectrum. Let’s discuss these things:

  • Connections
  • Communications
  • Interactions
  • Social Updating & what it entails
  • Communities
  • Hangouts
  • Platform Blogging


Like all social media platforms, connections are the most important part of your social media strategy on G+.  As a matter of fact, unlike the other social platforms, Google Plus allows your hovercard (like the one’s above) to be displayed in over 18 different locations!  This is a very powerful aspect of the platform because it can help you develop more connections with people.  The more they see your hovercard, the more chances you have of establishing those connections.

I encourage you to click the link inside of this G+ update after you finish reading this post and get familiar with how you can enhance your hovercard for the public.

What entails getting connections?

Every platform you go to, you can always see people telling you how to get followers, or connections. This is the holy grail of social marketing to an online entrepreneur. The more followers you have the better your chances at getting more traffic and making more money in the end. But what exactly do you need to do to establish connections?

More often than not, your connections will be made by the people you are connected to already. You won’t be able to make connections if you aren’t interacting and engaging on someone else’s update on G+. This is where social marketing on G+ is intertwined together. If you will notice, most of the people that have large connections usually are the one’s that are the most engaged. It is intertwined because in order to get the connections, then you need to have interaction and engagement.

Interactions & Communication:

Interaction is a powerful way to establish a couple of things on G+. The first thing that you can establish with someone is the connection obviously. However, if you’re interacting on someone’s post that has a lot of followers, then you have more of a chance establishing a connection with those people. Make a well thought out comment on their update and people will notice. That’s where the hovercard comes in handy. Get someone’s attention with an interaction you have made on your friends update, and they will notice your educated comment. They usually will see your hovercard when they go to scroll over your name. That’s when the connection is made.

Interactions also go the other way. This one comes in the form of YOUR update. Of course the more interactions you have on your G+ update, the more your followers think of you as an authority on a certain subject. Interaction means that these people take your word as truth and they trust your expertise. Trust is a very valuable thing to have on any social platform and it usually brings interaction.

How to get interaction & Communication:

This one is kind of tricky if you haven’t yet established that trust factor and authority complex with your followers yet. However there is different ways that you can use to write the update that will actually pull interaction and engagement out of your followers. One of these ways is to ask questions. Direct questions usually always bring one or two comments to your update. When that happens, other people see the interaction on your update and they usually stop to see what the commotion is all about as well.


I simply love the communities that I’m involved in with Google Plus. There is no better way at building connections and engagement than joining a community that is related to your niche. As you already know, getting involved with like-minded people can lead to success and this is another reason why Google Plus is the future of social media.

Sure, Facebook had groups, but in my opinion, they weren’t as pinpointed as G+. Most of them were full of spam links, and you know what I’m talking about. Now G+ does have communities that are like that…you’re not going to be able to get around that, there will always be spammers out there, but there are tons of communities where the moderation is very good and you can actually learn something and build relationships from. One community that I love and am a moderator at is the “Social Media Community” on G+.

Many are the times when your content can be distributed simply by sharing it to your community one time. Get in a community that shares your values and you will see the benefit of it.

Google Hangouts
Not only can you communicate in real time with your followers through updating, you can also communicate and build your brand through live and recorded video feed known as Google Hangouts. Now granted, I’m not a pro at doing this. I have been involved in a couple of hangouts since it started (maybe a dozen), but I have really enjoyed it and see the value of be able to distribute your content through this medium.

From private conversations with someone you want to get to know better to live video where the public can ask you questions while you introduce them to something new through video, there are tons of things that you can do with the video aspect of this Google Plus platform.

Updating on Google Plus
This is the meat and potatoes, the cu de ta of G+, this is where people can be introduced to you, your blog, and your content, and hopefully where you can establish yourself as an authority on a certain subject. Writing the Google Plus update needs to be thought out well. One thing that I love about writing updates in G+ is that you can bridge it to other social platforms very easily, and that is important!

When you build your G+ update you want to recognize three things:

  1. Image
  2. Title
  3. Text

As you probably already know, images are your most valuable asset in any social platform, so you want to make sure you pick the correct one. The title is always important. Making the decision on whether or not to display your link title or make the choice to use a larger image and place your own title in there makes a lot of difference and I have found that picking the larger image has been working for me better. Finally, the text is also important. No, they don’t stop on your update to read what you have to say, however, they stop because your image caught their eye. The text just so happens to be read after they figure out your image is attractive enough. Making sure that the psychology is right inside the text of your posts to drive traffic.

An extra plus Google has with your blog

One of the other things that I love about the G+ platform is that they make it very easy to embed posts and profiles inside of your blog posts. So, while you’ve been checking these updates and profiles out, it gives you an option to actually interact on these updates while you are on my blog! That’s the beauty of the whole thing, and it’s something that you should start to implement if you haven’t already.

The Final Thought

Google Plus is the future of social media marketing. To everyone that has an online business, this is going to be the place to be for both aspects of search and social. Still like Facebook? That’s ok too, but Facebook isn’t going to be seen in the searches. Your G+ updates will. Stay focused on what you know is evolving, and we all know that Google Plus is evolving faster and better than any other social network that has ever been seen. Hang on, this is going to be a great ride!

My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

Let me help you drive targeted traffic through social media strategies that I have researched and use myself!

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  1. Hi Wade,

    If big money is taking to social we better follow suit. Be smart. As for Google Plus I can see why you would feel it is the wave of the future. Being affiliated with monster Google along with a user friendly platform causes me to think along the same lines.

    Thanks for the share, really in depth, comprehensive post here.

    • Thanks Ryan, yeah I feel that a platform that controls both search and social definitely has a positive result on your social media then we need to look into it! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Well done Wade! I like it when a blogger I follow (that would be you) not only details the moving parts involved in executive a social marketing campaign, but walks their talk by example like you did here.

  3. If big companies seek out social media for reach and exposure, we should too. But yes they’ve got big money too – something that the solopreneurs and small businesses can’t afford. Both Facebook and Google has become more and more commercial. It won’t be too long and it won’t be surprising if we are charged a fee to make an update or to read our friends’ updates.

    But still, a major portion of the crowd (our target audience) hang out there – so yes, we gotta hang out there too! Thanks Wade :)

    • Hey Jane, I can totally see Facebook charging us to interact on our friends posts! As it stands now, you have to pay to send an email, so why wouldn’t they do that! I don’t really see G+ doing that, but who knows?

  4. Hi Wade, so much to digest. But I think the crux of it is G+ is going to be the place to be in the future. I am embracing Twitter and Pinterest more at the moment, but I see the need (just poking it’s head out) for more interaction on Google Plus. The sheet power of Google makes this a must for us all. After all, the fact that you can rank better in search, when someone who is logged in is also a connection in G+! What more do we need to say!
    Nice write up as always

    • Ashley, I too see the need for Twitter and Pinterest. They will always be a medium of content curation for a lot of people. I think that G+ will be the epitome of social before too long. Hey, you better hurry and get over there so you can start capitalizing on the benefits! lol :)

  5. For sure Wade,

    The BIG G+ is taking over the world LOL. You can tell they hate Facebook having more traffic but as you said they have the monopoly with their serach..

    You must remember that Google have had quite a few go’s at building a successful social media platform, but like all great things you have to fail a few times first before you succeed..

    Thanks for the share Wade.

    • Well, I’m glad they finally figured it out because I know I’m loving it. It’s really a great place to go to market your business and professional career. I’ve met more influential people and befriended them on G+ than any other social network! I think it’s more inviting to have a discussion there than any other place.

      • Yes i know what you mean.

        Someone once said that Google Plus is more business orientated and Facebook is more like meet friends. I think your right, it’s more business like.

  6. Hi Wade,
    Now search engines are started to use social media approach,recently bing updated their search refereeing to social media and Google also refer Google plus for authority and business.