Getting On The First Page Of Google

The First Page Of Google

A lot of different people have wondered the question of, “How can I get my site on page 1 of Google?”  If you have asked yourself this question, then you are not alone.  This is the epitome of search engine optimization, the tiger shark of the ocean, the one that always seems to get away!  If you are like the many people that have accomplished this feat, then you know that it is a big deal to get ranked on Google’s coveted first page!

Getting There

A lot of different people will tell you different things, and their perspectives of how they feel is the best way of getting to the first page of google.  Most people will tell you this:

  • On page Optimization- This is where you make sure your keywords are set up properly on your website. This is everything that has to do with keywords ON the site itself. For example: You would need to make sure your meta tags are set up properly, your meta description, and of course your meta keywords.
    Off Page Optimization- This is basically backlinking. A backlink is your link on someone else’s site. This is simply done by commenting on people’s “DoFollow” blog or site, forum posting, article marketing…the list goes on. If you would like to see more, just research “link building” on Google.

No Need To Wait

The fact of the matter is, everyone tells you that it takes about 45-60 days before Google page one is even in site. This is not true. I have a friend who used to work at Google that tells me of loopholes that have been created for people bright enough to figure them out. Is there backlinking involved? Yes, this is one of the foundations of Google’s hated algorithm, so there should be SOME backlinks. But all in all, he has opened my eyes to getting on the first page of Google faster. This enables you to make money quicker and more effectively!

There’s No Way

I thought you might say that!! Have you ever wondered how a top blogger creates a new blog, and then all of a sudden, you see it dominating the first page of Google within a week? This is how they do it! If you want to boost your site or blog to the next level and get ranked up quicker on Google(This program is for Google only), then you need to check out the Tips To Get To the First Page of Google!

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