The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in a Social Media Marketing Strategy

It’s no secret that having a solid social media marketing strategy needs to be in place to become successful online. I’m getting really tired of reading and hearing about what Isocial media business can do to improve my social marketing online with no definitive answer to the question at hand.

Sadly, there is no “quick fix” to gain a solid fan base and readership for your blog.

There, I said it. If you’re looking for a get rich quick post, then this is not it. I’m sure there’s someone out there that would be more than happy to take your money.

I just want to discuss solid efforts that will go a long way towards building a better social media marketing strategy for your blog.

Care to read it?

The Ugly Social Media Marketing Strategy

What are you doing right now in your marketing for social media? Well, according to “experts”, it’s probably wrong anyway, fulfilling that fear in the pit of your stomach that you’re soon going to be eating from a trash can and holding a sign soon if you don’t get some money rolling in. It seems as though there is always something else that you can be doing to improve your results, right?

Getting caught up in a lot of fad ideas (or bad ideas if you ask me) can eventually overwhelm you to a point of exhaustion. Just the marketing part in social media becomes a hassle in itself, as you scurry to keep deadlines, and meet quota’s in posting to what few following you have right now to where it makes you want to do your impression of a limp dishrag on the living room floor.

Me- doing my impression of a limp dishrag on the living room floor.  Wife- “Hard day at work honey?” (as she steps over my corpse) Me-”Blimpherbgugys”

You get the point.

A bad social media marketing strategies entails chaos and doesn’t have structure.  In the end, it leaves you with your tongue hanging so far out of your head that you could untie your shoes with it.

Don’t get caught up with doing too much at one time.  Set a schedule and stick with it.  Remember, this is not a sprint, but a marathon, and you need to consistently pace yourself.  The person that hammers social media every day for two weeks, then gives up the next three, isn’t being consistent.

You’ve got to stay with it.

The Bad Social Media Marketing

What constitutes bad anyway? Is it something that’s working for you but not for me? How can one recognize what exactly is a bad social marketing strategy until the test it for themselves?

Generally bad marketing in social media usually complies with people who typically only post links to their social accounts. You have a Facebook fan page, and a Twitter account, but are you really trying to engage the fans around you?

I’m an advocate of automated social posting like Hoote Suite and TweetAdder and a lot of people like to call this “Bad” social media marketing…and it can be! However, you’ve got to learn to use it in the way it was designed to be used!

Bad marketing would be to activate these tools and never return again to your social sites. Bad marketing would be to let these things run all day and all night without a single hint of trying to communicate with people on social media. To me, the whole point of having an automated system is to allow me to have more time to engage with my fans. But this could definitely be bad mojo if you let it.

Another bad marketing plan for social media is to get antsy with your following and start buying fans.  I know this can get unnerving as you watch as no change is made in your fan base, but it’s better to wait, stay consistent, and get your following the right way than to buy followers.

The Good Social Media Marketing Plan

A good marketing strategy includes research into your followers needs and wants. It includes you taking the time to get involved with people in your niche in social media and creating relationships. Good marketing doesn’t consist of you sitting at your computer typing frantically away while you let your tools do the work.

In SEO you could get by with that. I can remember the days of article marketing in the link building strategy. All you did was write until your fingers bled, hoping for the first page of Google! In the end, I don’t believe that a lot of us realized that it would be people, not the “bot”, that would eventually be hitting our site.

The end result will be a real person engaging with you, becoming a fan, taking the time to subscribe to your email list. A good social media marketing strategy involves interaction with those people that are connected to you.  A lot of things happens when you build these relationships with people because it usually brings in more friends, shares, and other links to your blog.

Be the change..

You want to see great results in your social media marketing?  Be the change you want to see in your blog!  You want more followers?  Start making a decision to correspond with people in your niche.  You want more results in your updates?  Start doing something to research how to get it!  It’s not going to fall into your lap.  Thomas Edison said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work.”  Get to it.

My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

Let me help you drive targeted traffic through social media strategies that I have researched and use myself!

Let me coach you and see how my strategies in social media can help YOU drive targeted traffic!

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  1. Roads2Riches says:

    This was a good read. Building your social media presence takes time you should always start of by sharing others within your niche. All social media is is building relationships with fellow bloggers, great post on having a good marketing strategy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. There is no such term like Bad Amrketing. It is MARKETING and it is allowed to use any means to reach the main goal) Article is cool! Was nice to read something wise) Thanks!

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    The Good, Bad, & Ugly in a Social Media Marketing Strategy…

    It’s no secret that having a solid social media marketing strategy needs to be in place to become successful online. I’m getting really tired of reading and hearing about what I can do to improve my social marketing online with no definitive answer!…