Google, Kiss Me, Don’t Slap Me: The 4 “C’s” To Have In A Successful Blog

The Realization of the Blog

If you have a website and want to learn how to make money with that website, then there is a realization that you must come to terms with. Google owns you. Yeah, I know, I know…there are other search engines out there, but let’s face it, Google has cornered the market in the internet industry and, in my opinion, it will only be a matter of time before they shoot Bing & Yahoo in the head and take us all prisoner.

Have you ever seen the chicken dance? It’s so funny to watch someone do that, all the while making a fool out of themselves waving their arms and flapping the legs around in an attempt to stay on time to the beat. Well, you and I do a dance similar to that one. It’s chicken dancecalled the Google dance. Some may say that it doesn’t require that you flap your limbs uncontrollably, but, on occasion, I have seen the results of some Google updates, that required me to jump around and flail my arms and legs at the computer screen while attempting to untie my brain at the same time. This usually just ends with me doing my impression of a limp dishrag on the floor, while my wife calmly steps over me, “Dinner’s ready honey.” She’s seen this dance before.

Google controls us. If you are wanting to succeed monetarily on the internet, it can control you too! You are constantly worrying about building links, boosting your social media traffic, optimizing your on-site SEO, & optimizing your off-site seo. Do you have too many outbound links? Not enough? What is the happy medium of outbound links? Do I have enough inbound links, how can I get more and not get slapped by that stupid penguin?

….lay on the floor like a limp dishrag….

The Solution for the Blog

  • Consistencey- Google likes consistency.  Keep your blog updated regularly.  Now I know what the pro’s tell you to do, and that is blog about something every day.  This is impossible!  There is no way that you can come up with a great post full of helpful, original content daily.  Set a certain time, say 2 times a week, that you can update your blog.  One great thing that I have figured out is to keep a pen and paper handy with you at all times.  For me, ideas seem to come to me at irregular times and this works for me.
  • Creative- Thinking outside of the box with your blog is great as well.  In one of the posts I did earlier in the week I described how catchy titles were great to encourage potential readers to come to your site.  I have heard that posting things like “5 ways to make money blogging” were also good because people like lists, but I have never had any luck with this.  No one can tell you HOW to write.  If you try a writing style that works for someone else, then there is a good chance that it will not work for you.  We all have different styles, however, being creative is something that we all can do
  • Commenting- This has always been a big deal to me.  Getting to know other bloggers in your niche is important! I have made aGoogle ideas lot of great friends online that have helped me, one friend in particular is The Hanyman of Network Marketing, Galen Morgigno. If you have questions about networking or just general blogging questions, this is the guy to ask!  A great benefit of browsing other people’s blogs is of course the backlink that you receive when you post your comment.  Whether it is a dofollow or a nofollow is irrelevant.  Both are great.  Especially if it coming from a great site like Matt Cutt’s Blog that has high page rank! Commenting can benefit you in a lot of ways. I know that the ever so evasive backlink is what you are wanting, but if you try commenting for the sake of meeting new people it will usually end up in a permenant link on a site!
  • ConsultingThroughout the years, I have learned that people have questions.  Being available, or making yourself easily available to these people will help you in the long run.  It will give you a chance to help someone coming up behind you, you will no doubt make a friend, and more than likely, a faithful visitor to your site.  As a young blogger, I learned early that most people do not want to part with certain information that they worked so hard to get themselves.  Just recently, I had a small question about ad space and thought I would try asking someone for help.  I went to the best possible place that I could think of, the Google Points Forum, only to be harassed and sent on my way.  Be a help to people coming up behind you.  You never know, that person that is asking for help today could be the one who passes you up in the future!

Don’t Get Your Blog Slapped, Get It Kissed!

Since the development of Google’s black and white animals, many people are feeling more slaps than kisses these days.  No one wants to get the slap.  Just last year, a very reputable link building company got slapped so hard that it affected many other sites!  This will tell you that no one is safe when it comes to what is linking to your site.

I know that you were probably expecting a long spill on getting backlinks, and SEO techniques to rank higher. However, if you have your site optimized well enough and if you will continue to do these things, you will get backlinks, you will get visitors, and you will get ranked! Google has ranked posts for only the sheer fact of great content. Stop thinking about where that next backlink is going to come from and focus more on your writing. Your reader is the most important part of your blog, and if you cannot please them, then you are finished.

Google follows people. Give the people what they want and in turn you will get to make out with this giant. If you are just now starting out with your blog, and you have the idea that you are going to make millions of dollars, then that’s ok. Just don’t expect it for a couple of years. This is a time consuming process that is not for the impatient. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. At first, it is very hard to get traffic to come to your site from the search engines. While you are waiting for this to happen, I have found a great way to get tons of traffic free, in a post I call 3 Ways To Get Fast Results From Social Media.  Check that out, and good luck!

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  1. I have various websites myself and I totally agree that it is almost impossible to blog every day. I suppose it could be done, but you would surely be writing useless drivel in the end.

    I have lately though not blogged often enough at times, I do need to get some consistency back into my blogging.

    I do completely agree about writing in your own style, by all means I would learn about writing by reading blogs like this and others like it, but if readers want to read your style, they will come to your blog, not mine to read me trying to copy your style.

    The biggest problem I have found while blogging, is knowing whether or not I am doing the right thing. I’m not sure if I don’t get traffic because of poor content, poor SEO, I’m just not putting myself out there enough – or a combination of all and maybe more.

    It’s like the old saying of practise making perfect, except if you are practising the wrong things. I can always work harder, but am I doing the wrong things in the first place? If I am, then what’s the point in doing more of the wrong things. This is where I get disheartened, because I never know.

    Whereas if I knew I was on the right track, I would work harder.

    I suppose a start would be perhaps communicating more, and maybe getting feed back on my blogs.

    Enjoyed the post, will read through more of your blog over the next few days now I have discovered it.

    Regards, Dean.

  2. Hey thanks for coming to the blog. When you said, “The biggest problem I have found while blogging, is knowing whether or not I am doing the right thing. I’m not sure if I don’t get traffic because of poor content, poor SEO, I’m just not putting myself out there enough – or a combination of all and maybe more. It’s like the old saying of practise making perfect, except if you are practising the wrong things. I can always work harder, but am I doing the wrong things in the first place? If I am, then what’s the point in doing more of the wrong things. This is where I get disheartened, because I never know. Whereas if I knew I was on the right track, I would work harder….”

    One thing I will say to this is, definitely start to communicate with other bloggers. In your niche, outside of your niche, it really doesn’t matter. I for one am willing to have relationships with other bloggers if they are willing to have one with me!

    The second thing I will say is this: If you are doing your on site optimization, having keywords in your blog posts, going to other blogs and commenting like you have done here, then you are on the right track. The internet doesn’t pay off right away, but when it does, it is a big one.

    When I first started blogging, I didn’t make jack until around the start of the first year! Sure, I had $5 here, and $20 there, but nothing consistent. There is an invisible line in the search engines. No one can tell you where that line is, but once you cross it, you’re there! I went from making $1-2 per day with Google Adsense to over $240 in less than 2 weeks!

    Stay the course! It’s a hard row to hoe, and most people don’t understand this and give up. They think they are doing something wrong because they aren’t making any money. Time & patience are a requirement for bloggers.

  3. Another great post here Wade! Good points and suggestions for the fellow blogger.

    Consistency, Quality, Relevance and Commenting are all part of being a blogger. If your not writing your not ranking. If your not providing quality relevant content to your followers then risk the slap from Google and a loss of traffic. Commenting is necessary for exposure and some backlinking.

    As a note, one should be blogging with a purpose. If your writing about how to make honey and your website is telecommunication products then you are wasting your time.

    Here are a few suggestions:
    Pick something relevant to your niche to blog about or sell.
    Who is your best target market for that content.
    Use keyword research for that content, what words is your market searching for.
    Write that content to solve that problem
    Now go promote that content to rank.

    Hope this helps and I agree patience and time are a requirement for bloggers!
    Good Luck!!
    Thanks Wade

    Galen Morgigno

  4. Thanks for the helpful insightful response to my reply guys (sorry Wade, I feel like I’m intruding on your blog).

    Wade, when you say about leaving comments on others webites/blogs, would you recommend spending time leaving constructive comments? As opposed to the standard ‘great post, it really helped me,’ obvious link builder reply? I’ve always wondered is it likely that the blog owner might possibly delete the comment for spamming. Personally I always try and leave a constructive comment.

    I suppose google doesn’t judge the quality of a comment, but the webmaster might. It would be great to get your views on this.

    With regard to site optimization, it sounds like you think I’m on the right track with leaving comments etc. I do intend to tidy up my websites and try and put more relevant keywords throughout my sites. All my sites could do with improving on this to be honest.

    I think another one of my problems could be having too many things going on at once. I get frustrated when I don’t see results, and I switch from one site to another. Basically I don’t spend enough time consistently on one site to see results, and then I think I am doing things wrong and that’s why I don’t see results.

    I get most of the points you have both raised and suspected a lot of them already, I think I needed someone who has already done well in this arena to confirm these theories to me.

    One thing I have found about blogging, as opposed to most other things in life, is that you can’t go down the pub and ask someone for advice. It can be a lonely world if you don’t communicate with fellow bloggers. I generally thought I needed to stay within my niche market though, I now know that is obviously not the case, as how would you extend your reach?

    Many thanks to you both for your great help.

    Regards, Dean

    • Well Dean, in response to your question about leaving constructive comments on people’s sites, I must admit that I have been one of those people that has left the “great post!” comment before. We all do it I guess. You bring up a good point that other people could learn from when you say that Google perhaps may not see the comment as spam(and it usually doesn’t) but the webmaster could, so you should always leave respectable comments.

      In regards to having too many things going on at once, I get that! Welcome to the world of a blogger bro! That’s just the way it is! And when you start to learn and understand more about the blogging industry, then you will find that there are not enough hours in the day with the things that you could be doing to promote your blog. The only thing I could say about that is for you to prioritize yourself. One of the ways that I do this is with the social media half of my strategy. Read my post on Another Twitter Post which talks about using social media dashboards integrated into your schedule. This will free up a lot of your time and keep you worrying less about one aspect of your strategy.

      Another thing that I would do if I were you is this: Get a self-hosted WordPress site. Google loves WordPress and it is very easy to set up and start. I could even help you if you would like. Blogger is great for a beginner, but if you truly want to make money blogging, then I would switch to WordPress. Email me at [email protected] and let’s talk about it some more!

  5. Thanks Wade, I’ll drop a mail over the next day or so.

    Speak soon and again, many thanks.


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