Google Nose-The Ultimate In Sense of Smell

Ever heard of Google Nose?  This is a great new product from Google that allows you to take your sense of smell to another level!  Get on the beta for Google Nose and see exactly how you can build a great relationships from either your computer or your mobile device with your nose!

My review of Google Nose

I was recently asked to try a beta version of the Google Nose at my home last month in the preconception that I would show my google nosereaders just how great this product actually is, and I have to say that there is nothing lost on this concept.

How Google Nose Can Affect Your Sense of Smell

This goes along with my review, but I want to go ahead and tell each one of you that this is a great product worthy of trying. The cost? Free.

But can you smell anything with your Google Nose? Yes you can.

From smelling great scents as the beach and apple pie, people also sniffed and shared their scents of Christmas trees, public library’s, and the hot springs.

This little device is great when you need a reminder of something where you’re not at.

Why would someone use Google Nose?

I literally have no idea why someone would want to use Google Nose or even believe that something like this was even real! I actually got my nose from Google about 10 years ago and have been working it pretty well since then. Aside from the minor stuffiness that I get when spring arrives, and the occasional runs that comes in the winter, the nose is pretty much indestructible.

Although you CAN try the beta version of Google Nose, it is one of the best April Fool’s pranks I’ve seen from Google in awhile. I applaud them for their believable approach they took to get people to search this out, “sniff” scents, and share them, however, this is something that just isn’t in the works as of right now.

That’s not saying that it can’t be done in the near future!

Your Turn

What do you think about the Google Nose? Pretty good right? This was so good that I thought I would share it with you in case you hadn’t seen it yet!

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  1. It’s funny. I saw it when I opened my Chrome browser. As to how that is going to work, I have no idea. That’s indeed a Big April fool.
    Emmanuel recently posted..Make Money with This!My Profile

  2. Twitter:
    I think , It is a April Fool gift from Google Inc
    Purbita Ditecha recently posted..Zigzag 4 years of a Virtual Assistant on assuming bossesMy Profile

  3. Aha, Happy Fool DAy))) I almost believed
    Evan recently posted..Best Political WordPress Themes 2013My Profile

  4. Twitter:
    It’s a good prank but it’s realness proves just how useless these products are becoming.

    They are making stuff now just to make it like Google glass.

    It’s funny how the things we want developed never get made but crap we never asked for keeps getting released, WINDOWS 8.

    Seriously how long before they come out with GOOGLE BODY. A suit you just put on and walk around wearing all day?
    Darnell Jackson recently posted..Grow your audience for NINE weeks straight.My Profile

  5. I saw this yesterday and it didn’t make sense, but was too checked out to even think about it being a joke, lol.
    Samfrank recently posted..Bluehost Discount Coupon April 2013 promo code linkMy Profile

  6. Google is the most trusted tech Company in the world. Even it is an April fool’s day updation they can really make sense with the news. There is also have a chance to see this service in future as it is tell by Google.
    jithin recently posted..Samsung Galaxy SIV Mini to be launched in this weekMy Profile

  7. It’s a real shame that I really did what all others did. Sticking my nose in my screen! You got me Google! ^_^
    Jenny Carlson recently posted..When to Consider Software Development OutsourcingMy Profile

  8. Twitter:
    this is amazing technology is well developed nowadays these are best example for that.great article
    Rajkumar Jonnala recently posted..Popular Cartoon Games That Provide Educational Edge For ChildrenMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    I feel Great that i did not fall prey. Sometimes being late helps. I was late on it and moment I knew about it, I found out that it was a PRANK. :)
    Koj T. Tajo recently posted..4 Smart Questions On Original Content [ Also Know How to Write]My Profile

  10. LOLz! every year Google release April Fool Products…
    I had been fooled by Google only one time…. :p

  11. hello sir,
    your blog is really helpful for me… just love it…
    thx u for sharing… :)
    TysonChamp recently posted..Battelle: Physical and digital to mergeMy Profile