Why Google Plus Is Better Than Facebook

It’s no secret that Google Plus is better than Facebook. It’s coming to the forefront of social marketing.  They’re not doing it quietly either.  Crashing and bashing around like a bull in a china shop, Google Plus is certainly not sneaking up on Facebook as the number one social media platform.  It’s causing a scene.  Facebook knows it too and I think they’re getting nervous.

Now it’s no secret that I can’t stand Google Plus Comments for your blog. That aside, I will give credit where credit is due and certainly give them their props as being one of google plus is better than facebookmy favorite social media sites.

And I’m not alone.

Millions of people are jumping the bandwagon for a piece of the Google pie, and they’re becoming successful because of it too.

Why Google Plus Is Better Than Facebook

If you can’t think of any other reason than the advertising, isn’t that good enough? Not having to deal with all of the ads every time you scroll through your social profile on Google is actually a breath of fresh air.

Will Google turn to advertising on this social platform? Who knows? But for right now, the only way you can advertise your Google Plus page is when you hit the share button yourself.

That’s the way it should be. Even if you’re angry at their stupid Penguin or Panda, you’ve gotta admit, they got it right with this one.

It’s better because..well, it just is!

The basic principle of any social site, if you own a business, is to get as many social followers as you possibly can. The more followers you have, the better your chances at getting recognized every time you post an update. I have posted some things on this as to the Psychology of Social Media and how you can build updates that create interaction every time, but when in doubt, numbers always provide the best results.

Introducing the new Circle Share

As you already know, Google has something called circles that you can relate to other social media sites as followers and friends. The more people in your circles, the better your chances of keeping those numbers up as we discussed earlier.

For a couple of months now there has been something creeping up on G+ in the form of circle sharing.

What is this? You might ask?

This is basically a way for you to share your groups with other people so that everyone can get the same benefits out of it as you do. People can share circles with you as well you with them. If a circle is shared with you and you want to be part of the process, all you have to do with the circle is add your own name into it as well. Future people that see this circle and want to add it, will automatically add you to their circles!

It’s a great way to build up your following fast on Google Plus, especially if you’re involved in a circle that’s being shared virally. Here’s an example of how to share your circle.

Please remember to add yourself to the circle as well.

I’ve actually just started doing this and in 2 days, over 400 people have added me to their circles. That’s a pretty high number for me because I haven’t been that active on Google+ as of late. If you’re looking for some circles to get involved in, here’s a popular circle I just created for this post that you can start getting more followers from. The general rule is to +1 it, then add your name and create a circle, then share it to your timeline.

Google Plus IS Better Than Facebook

That’s why Google Plus is better than Facebook. No waiting to get slapped on the wrist for trying to get your social numbers up by asking everyone to be your friend. No more weeding through crap advertisements to get to the stuff that’s good..Google Plus is better than Facebook because it is more user friendly, way better interface, it’s easy to connect with people in your niche, and…because they’re Google!

They’re always going to beat the competition!

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  1. Josh Travolta says:

    Your post is really great! I spent many times on thinking why so little of my friends have an account on Google +… Facebook is still the winner.

    • Thanks for coming Josh, you’re entitled to your opinion of course, but do you have any relevant facts as to why Facebook is better?

    • To be honest, the only reason people use Facebook is because their friends are on it. If your friends were on Google+, you’d probably use Google+.

      That’s the thing about social networks – people will join whatever network their friends are on. And since most people don’t use Google+, more people are joining Facebook. It’s almost like a ‘rich get richer’ scenario, you know?

      • I agree with you on that point. Most people are on FB to meet up with their friends, and others that are on G+ are mostly marketers…which is really backwards if you ask me. The ads should be where the marketers are! Maybe that’s why FB is losing money lol!

  2. Truly enjoyed this article.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

  3. if anybody should tell me that Google+ is better then Facebook, I’d argue with such a person even if its going to take us a whole day but your points are flawless. I totally agree with you. though I’m always on Facebook than Google most times, well all the same, Great Post Wade.

  4. Yes Google plus really great when compare with other social networks i just getting decent traffic through Google plus as people adding me in there circle too between you have given nice post

  5. Facebook is great and will be so for a long time. Google+ is only 2 years old and its gaining momentum. 26,000 followers later, I can attest to the fact that the degree of business social engagement is 10 fold what I’ve acquired from FB. The challenge is to create + curate + syndicate content that your social connections want to share with their social connections, what some call “being social” vs doing social.

    • Neil, Facebook does have it’s positive sides, but I think Google Plus will be the number one social media site by next year if not before!

  6. Yes, I agree. I’m usually promote my business on Google plus, not Facebook.
    I think Google Plus is more reliable!

  7. I use FB a lot more than Google + but I agree it is better. I get a lot more traffic on Google + than I do FB.

  8. Now Facebook pay per click is simply one profit for promoting on Facebook and what a profit it’s, however have you ever detected of a factor referred to as social media marketing? in fact you’ve got, social media is twenty first century promoting in action, making relationships, attraction promoting all that great things, well you’ll incorporate social media promoting along with your Facebook pay per click promoting by making a proposal right your Facebook fan page that once more builds relationship and positions you as a pacesetter.

  9. good post for me traffic purpose using fb .. i have lot of fans in fb ..but compare with SEO Google plus is best

  10. I use Facebook more than Google plus, but I think Google Plus has more advantages than Facebook since it connects with other products in Google families. For example, if you use Google Circles, then it’ll display on the search result in Google Search Engine.

  11. I love Google + it is everything a web master could ever want. From search results to finding connections for you. Just everything. Facebook is hard to use. – Scott Craighead

    • Well for me, it’s not like Facebook is hard, you just have to read between all of the advertisements on there…I think it takes away from the platform!