Google Plus Comments Plugin for WordPress

If you haven’t heard yet, then you may be surprised that Google Plus Comments plugin is now a real thing for self-hosted WordPress users. As you have probably already seen last week that Google announced that Google Plus Comments were coming to Blogger, Google’s free blog platform.

Immediately plugin creators were scrambling to get their hands on the right coding to bring this valuable option for people with WordPress blogs. And now, WordPress can proudly say that there is a plugin that is worthy to be used on our sites.

You can get this social commenting plugin here.

Is Google Plus Comments Plugin Right For You?

With the ever famed CommentLuv plugin that most bloggers use, all the way to the popular DISQUS comment moderation plugin, there are not that many decent comment google plus comments pluginplugins that you can use besides these two. However, with that said, you can find many articles with these two as the topics telling you why the other one is bad and why you should use the one they’re promoting.

While there is not enough time to tell whether or not the new Google Plus comment plugin will disrupt any users that rely on these two plugins, it has been found that most of the websites that had DISQUS are dropping it for the Google Plus commenting system.

If you are a fan of the Google Plus platform, then you may want to consider adding this form of commenting on your site. It is no secret that you can use Google + to boost your SEO, and with that in mind, you are taking it a step further by implementing this tool into your site through the form of interaction and social networking.

If your site gets a lot of interaction anyway, then placing this plugin will not only help your results on Google, but will also increase your Klout score because of the extra activity that is happening on your posts.

But how do I know which one is right?

There are positive’s to be said about each one of these plugins that you can activate on your blog. The CommentLuv plugin, free and paid editions, both help you to network your site through something that is called CommentLuv Blog Lists. It helps you network your most recent blog posts on other people’s sites and allows more traffic to be directed to you in that way.

The DISQUS commenting plugin is also very positive towards your site as well. It sort of works backwards to the CommentLuv plugin. It keeps the reader active on your site, even though they may not be on your site right then. If another blogger has DISQUS activated and that person has a notification from your site, it will tell them from wherever they are.

Why You Shouldn’t Activate The Google Plus Comments Plugin

There are many positive affects of having this plugin on your site. You already know the social marketing aspects of it. Someone could comment and blast it all over their social network on Google. That’s definitely a positive. However, I want to be able to give you all of the information before you make your decision.

There are many people that feel that you should NOT install this o your site basically because it’s not an official Google Plus plugin, but a knock-off creation of someone else. Also, you have no control or moderation over this plugin. Anyone can comment, which means that anyone can post obtrusive links as they please on your site!

Final Thought:

Stick with what you know until Google comes out with their official plugin for WordPress. I know its a great thought to have your site have the opportunity to be seen by millions, however, the kinks have not been worked out on this plugin yet, and I would go with the good old DISQUS, CommentLuv, and even Jetpack until you can see where this thing will go in the future!

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  1. Hey Wade,
    This is something really to think about. It looks seductive but CommentLuv is still the king. Let’s see how it goes with this new player ;)

    • I hear ya Enstine! I like the IDEA of the Google Commenting plugin, but until they get one that is official, I will stick with CommentLuv myself.

  2. The plugin that has been developed doesn’t work properly. However, most are using the “Blogger” code to install it on WordPress blogs. It’s better than installing the plugin because it removes the default commenting system. If you use the code you can keep both your default commenting system and the Google+ comments.

  3. Good post Wade,

    I’ll install Google+ comments when Google search stops playing games with this (not provided) bull crap.

    If you have G+ comments then you can be sure that these visitors are logged in to Google which would mean whatever they searched to find your blog is (not provided).

    Give them more and get less? Hmmm, isn’t that what Pimps get their “workers” to do?

    • Lol, I hear that Darnell! I agree totally with you. I’m still not on board with the new plugin…and I’m quite surprised that an unnamed fairly popular blogger is jumping into this feet first without checking on it before he does this. Very unwise indeed!

  4. Tell the truth I was not able to add comments yesterday. Maybe something wrong with plugons&

    • Well I’m sure that since its a new thing, there will still be some bugs in it. That’s why I wanted to wait until they got an official plugin from Google for this.

  5. Since google has not come out with official plugin for wordpress blog, it is advisable to wait for it, I won’t also advice anyone to go for unofficial plugin that may put you in trouble with lots of trouble with bugs. Thanks for sharing your view about the google plus commenting system

    • Very good Anthony, I agree with you totally!

    • I added G+ comments to an individual blog post on the topic yesterday to try it out. Management and being able to keep up with the comments is definitely an issue (among others).

      As comments have developed on the post, I’ve definitely discovered a much bigger issue, one that could be very damaging.

      I’ve linked to the post in my contact info above and will update as I flush this all out but as much a I want to embrace G+ comments, I highly recommend against it at this point.

  6. I think i prefare the wordpress commentluv. Its very easy to use, good for seo and for increasing traffic

  7. Hi it’s me, I am also visiting this web site daily, this web site is actually fastidious and the viewers are genuinely sharing nice thoughts.

  8. I have seen a few blogs with the G+ commenting and it looks great. I am very tempted to add it on my blog. But as you say, its best to wait till the official plugin is released.

  9. This plugin is good. but i still like commentluv comment system.

  10. Great insight and fine direction…
    We have always felt when something new comes along, it never hurts to hang back and wait a while…
    Never lost anything or money that way.
    Keep up the good work

  11. Well google plus comments system look cool, never used at my blog as i’m satisfies with commentluv. However i think it would have some importance interms of seo or something as its a google product.


    • That’s the whole deal, just because it has the Google name in it doesn’t mean that it’s from Google. That’s where a lot of people are going to get hammered in the future. Google hasn’t officially gave out a plugin for WordPress yet…I’m satisfied with CommentLuv too.


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    Google Plus Comments Plugin For WordPress…

    If you haven’t heard yet, then you may be surprised that Google Plus Comments plugin is now a real thing for self-hosted WordPress users. As you have probably already seen last week that Google announced that Google Plus Comments were coming to Blogge…

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