Google Plus Etiquette For Success

Google Plus is a social platform that has changed the way marketing is done on social media. In any social media site, there are certain rules that you need to follow good manners on google plusin order to be accepted socially by other people. Yes, some social psychology is needed in order to attain the trust and attention of people before they will interact with you.

Google Plus is no different, and if you’re not living by the G+ etiquette code, then you’re missing your opportunity to be influential on this platform.

Google Plus is a little different from the other social sites because it can be used as a micro-blogging platform as well. That’s why I can’t understand why people will share something, and in the description say, “Check this out”, and publish the update for the world to see. You can literally choose to say anything you want in the description of your social update on Google Plus, and when you choose the three words of death, you’re basically committing social suicide.

Etiquette simply means being mannerly and acting a certain way that is accepted. This is what I want to discuss for the Google Plus platform.

Interaction Marketing on G+

This is an important one. When you surf the G+ platform you need to understand the importance of interaction and how it can affect your marketing strategy. In all honesty, this is the way influence comes. It comes in a number of different ways, however, this is one of the ways that people remember who you are.

Interacting with other people is what it’s going to take to build your repertoire on G+. I know that the pressure to get more followers and bring in more visitors to your site is overwhelming, but interaction marketing takes time.

Interaction comes in different forms

When you think about interaction, most people think that it’s simply engaging with someone’s update in the comment section on Google Plus. While this is still true, and you should be doing it, most people miss another important aspect when interacting on someone else’s post. Here’s some of the key features to interaction:

  • Interacting on updates
  • Interacting on communities
  • Interacting on shares

This is just a small list, but I wanted to show you some of the things that you have probably already thought of, and then show you something that you may not have thought of either.  Found someone’s post that you feel is worthy of a share?  Great!  Now interact with both that person, and your followers.

You may be scratching your head on this one, but what I mean is to sell the article or video that you are sharing to your followers. When you share someone else’s post, simply pretend that it is your post you are promoting. In other words, create a call to action update on G+ just as you would for your own post for the person you are sharing for. Remember to tag the people of interest in the post. Here’s an example of a share that I did the other day for some influential people.

See how that works? It’s not much different than you should be doing in your regular posting on Google Plus for yourself. Here’s another post that I did that promoted something of myself.

Interaction marketing is a very important part of the process of social media. Understanding what makes you stand out to someone as a person that is not worried about sending traffic their way can really help you climb the ladder of social marketing. Plus, it’s good manners to share something to the best of your ability for someone on social media.

Being Helpful

Your first priority on Google Plus should always be trying to help someone else. Although the importance of traffic may sound like a good idea at the time, it’s really not top priority here. When you can help someone learn something, meet someone, or direct them to a better understanding of whatever it is they need help with, then you should complete that goal.

Don’t know what to help people with? Do what I did, and do your research and find all of the important articles in your niche that you know can be of help to some people and write it down where all they will have to do is come back to your list and read. If they are really interested in it, they will share it to their stream, proving that you have been of some help. I try to do one helpful list post a week on Google Plus, that keeps all of the important articles of the week on one update for everyone to keep up with. This allows them structure and they don’t have to go searching for it.

Always be of some help. This can be done through communities as well. Google Plus marketing takes a lot of time, and you need to always be searching out people that have questions that perhaps you can answer for them. If you can’t, let them know that, but you may be able to find someone that can help them. Being helpful gets people to rely on your expertise on a certain subject. Always try to lend a helping hand. This is having good etiquette on Google Plus.

Relationship Marketing

Recently, I wrote a post about Relationship Marketing & How To Make It Strong on Google Plus and it basically lines out everything you need to do to build that perfect relationship with someone on the platform.

Relationships are a positive of etiquette

There’s always repercussions when you do something. Even when it’s good, good things come back to you. Having good manners on G+ will cultivate interaction which in turn stirs engagement. Engagement will breed relationships, and relationships lead to opportunities. Relationship marketing is the end result of a well mannered individual on Google Plus. People like to see someone that is well versed in their niche, can understand all the points, and not only that, but they can also see you trying to share their posts, and actually wanting to drive traffic for them. They will see it in communities and in comments. Stay consistent at this and they will start to build relationships with you.

There is nothing more important than a relationship on any social network. You will never go anywhere by yourself. It’s the people around you that lift you up and encourage you that make you influential and popular on this network. There are leaders and there are followers, and every leader can always name a bunch of friends that have helped them out along the way.

The Final Thought

This is your livelihood, your business. Don’t just throw caution to the wind because you will reap the whirlwind. Remember, every action that you take has a consequence, whether good or bad. So let’s all make the right decision and remember our manners just like mom taught us. Google Plus is not your personal playground and we don’t follow your rules. It’s a social setting governed by the influential people that make it what it is…because after all, Google Plus is nothing without them.

My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

Let me help you drive targeted traffic through social media strategies that I have researched and use myself!

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  1. Thanks Wade for pointing out the 3 words of death – I’ve used them and will think a little more before sharing something on Google+ after reading this. I really love your examples Wade, it makes it much easier to understand. It is similiar to Twitter as well. We have to give people good reasons to “check something out” not just because we said so.

  2. Hey Wade I love this post of yours and your previous Google+ call to action post. I personally click on those updates that have something meaningfully written on them apart from just the link + click here or check this out.

    I’m using a plugin to make my Google+ shares interactive and I make sure that I enter a meaningful description on every update.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jodee Weiland says:

    Working on all of this…good informaion! Thanks.

  4. Hi Wade

    You mentioned tagging people in your posts…

    My G+ knowledge is thin at best but isn’t this the same annoying thing people started doing on Facebook?

    • Well Mark, it may be on Facebook, but remember, this isn’t Facebook. People actually appreciate it when you mention something that they’ve done or written or even just told them thanks. I’ve found it a great way to communicate on G+

  5. Something I got to know today that we can embed Google plus updates in our posts, and this made me feel awesome.

    Wade, these days I am putting efforts to get more people on my Google plus page so going to try your awesome tips.

  6. Hi Wade,

    Pretty useful post about technique to use Google+, You know I’ve started spending some time on Google+ for building relationships and I started it by joining some relevant communities. I must say that response is amazing from these communities. I mean there are all genuine users out there, you hardly spam any community. So it’s better to up your level and seriously consider sharing useful info, that’s what going to help you out.

  7. Ashley Faulkes says:

    Hey Wade
    Some nice demonstrations of your points there.
    It took me a while to get the idea, but now I see what you are saying.(although do not always have time to do)
    At first I also sprayed communities with my posts, as some other clueless people encouraged me to do. Then I saw the light.
    Just have to make a little more time to get on G+
    thanks man

  8. Speak my Mind! Hmm well I admit to making the mistake you mentioned at the start of this post and just post ‘check this out’ especially with just my own posts, Others posts I just shared on there with nothing being said about them! Something I now like to call ‘Drive by shooting on G+’ shooting links that is!
    My excuse well to be honest I don’t have any, But I feel that people new to G+ need to be educated on how to use it which is why I think this blog of yours is a great resource. Like you say it’s a SOCIAL network and we all need to be social on it and foster relationships!
    Thanks again for an epic post Wade.
    Will be back for more.
    - Phillip dews


    Never really thought about this much but your points are well taken. Some nice strategies and being helpful is at the source of what many professionals do for clients. Thanks for the insights and reminders.

    • Thanks Steven, you would be surprised at how many people miss the simple things of marketing social media. All it takes is something as simple as being helpful.

  10. Carol Pilkington says:

    Hi Wade,

    Please forgive my ignorance. But, what is wrong with saying Check it out? In what context are you meaning it? Do you mean when people say check it out and then send you to a link that leads somewhere else instead of putting the whole content right there? Could you please elaborate?

    I understand and love the rest of your post but just not that particular point you made. I love sharing things that I find valuable from other people, so I have in the past said “check this out” and why and by whom. How is that wrong?



    • Sure Carol, sorry about that, I should have made myself more clear. When you merely say “Check This Out” on social media, you’re not giving the reader enough information to want to come to your site. You’ve got to attract them with the image, and then grab them with interest in your update. Just saying check this out means you’re not invested enough to even write a decent description. Does that help?

      • Carol Pilkington says:

        Yes Wade, thank you very much. At least I know now I haven’t been doing it wrong. It’s just a matter of using common sense versus manipulation.

        Thanks again,



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