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Guest Blogging To Get Noticed

New bloggers have a tough time getting traffic. I sympathize with your plite, because I was once in your shoes. Right after I got hurt in the coal mines, I got the big idea that I could start a blog and make money blogging right away. Boy was I wrong! I just couldn’t grasp the idea of how to get traffic coming to my blog and therefore making me one of those bloggers who make money. I had a pretty good blog set up, but one of the things that I didn’t know how to do was to bring traffic in. I had no idea about SEO or optimization, and I didn’t think that building relationships with other bloggers would get me a blog that would be noticed by people.

Here’s The Secret To how Bloggers Make Money

Make sure you have a blog that gives useful and helpful information. If you just have a blog that promotes affiliate products and nothing else (which is what I had), you won’t get a returning visitor anytime soon. Getting established is the hardest thing to do when you are first starting out with your blog.

Here are some things to do…

Once you have a great useful and helpful and informative blog, you can get good visitors by Guest Posting on someone else’s blog. If you can guest post on a popular blog, then your worries are over! Once you get the position, you are exposed to that blog owners traffic, and therefore his traffic has a good chance of becoming your traffic too! If your post is good enough to raise the brow of the blog owner, then there is a good possiblity that you will get the attention of his visitors as well. However, landing that coveted guest posting spot can be harder than you think! A blog owner isn’t going to just hand over the reigns of his whole operation to someone who doesn’t know how to complete a sentence. Landing that high ranked guest post gig will not be easy. Most of these popular blogs will have certain rules and guidelines for you to follow. Please make sure you follow their instructions to the letter in your submission! There is nothing that will get you kicked out quicker than having a link to your site in the body of your post. Most blog owners do not allow this, and it is imperative that you read the rules before submitting your post to them.

Here is some blogs that allow guest post submissions:

-Right here at Bloggers Make Money! Contact me: [email protected] to submit your guest post on how to make money blogging. Your BIO can have two links in it. No links in post.



-We Build Your Blog

-One Spoon At A Time-These guys will pay you $50 per post.

Bloggers make money with guest posting because it gains them more traffic. Getting more traffic to your website or blog is what you need in order to be one of those bloggers who make money! Remeber to follow the rules and guidelines of the blog owner, and happy hunting!

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  1. True – guest blogging is indeed powerful and can give the guest blogger not only traffic but also backlinks. It’s a win-win for both the blog owner and the guest blogger, especially when done right.

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    Thank you.