How Can I Get More Twitter Followers?

While speaking at the Blogging Convention in Louisville, a man came up to me and asked, “How can I get more Twitter followers?” To this day I still remember that guy. Of course there were questions fired at me from all sides on the panel that I sat on, but this came after panel, while I was making my way to the hotdog stand.

He then explained how he was giving up. He wasn’t making any money until he saw this blog. He said that there were some things that Ihow can i get more twitter followers was leaving out in my social media strategy when I tried to explain it to people. The free ebook that I offer on my site called Boost Your Social Media Traffic Overnight, showed him exactly how to drive a relatively good amount of traffic from social media sites like Facebook, where he already had a lot of friends, however, his Twitter account suffered greatly. There was no traffic coming from this platform, and he then began to tell me that he needed help in acquiring more Twitter followers.

How Can I Get More Twitter Followers?

Can a person throw aside search engine optimization and rely totally on social media traffic and how can I get more twitter followers? Sure, I believe that one could do that. I don’t know why you would want to try it, but it can be done. This is not a post that recommends doing that, however, I understand the time it takes to really sit down and pull a great SEO, plus social media, strategy out of thin air and apply it to your already busy schedule. When you don’t have enough time to do both, you should concentrate on strategizing on how can I get more Twitter followers one of these more efficiently.

So the question is, how can I get more Twitter followers? You know, the kind where you don’t have to go to Fiverr and buy them from a 35 year old hunchback that lives in his mom’s basement! Lol! This is not a great way for me to learn how I can get more Twitter followers!

Getting more Twitter followers

Of course, this is the key to any social media strategy. Get more followers, and you will eventually start to see more traffic from that particular platform. Facebook is easy, so are most of them. You send an invite to the person in question, and if they want to be your friend, they will. With Twitter, there is no request button, no simple way to get more people to follow you. That’s the only problem with this platform.

However, there is one way that you can get followers without having to follow a bunch of people or buying them from the guy in the basement, and that is…

  • Retweeting- Pick some people out that is in your niche and start catching their tweets on a daily basis.  Retweeting is a good way to get the attention of anyone because when you retweet or(RT) someone, it sends them a message telling them what you have done.  Do this enough, and this person is certain to follow you.

Some retweeting tools that you may be interested in is a post I did on Twitter tools that can really bring in a lot of traffic plus can help you find people that you want following you and retweeting those people. Read this post, it will show you how I get most of my traffic from Twitter very easily!

  • Following-  Most people don’t like following a bunch of people on Twitter.  However, this is probably the quickest way that you can achieve a massive audience.  If you follow someone, more than likely, they will follow you back.
  • Using Hashtags- This is possibly one of the easiest ways to get Twitter traffic.  I have massive results on my traffic stats every day from Twitter by using this method:

More about hashtags:

how can i get more twitter followersThis is really a whole different aspect of locating people who would be interested in following you on Twitter. With this strategy, you don’t have to have a bunch of followers to get traffic. When you use hashtags in your tweets, you are opening up a whole new audience than just the followers that you have. Even though this is a great method for getting fast results, nothing takes the place of a follower who will have the opportunity to visit your site every time you tweet, plus it can help you answer the question of how can I get more Twitter followers too. The fact that you gave a perfect stranger a helpful link will more likely result in a new follower.

Anyway, let me break it down for you. There are literally millions of people every day that use the search bar in Twitter, and not just their own timeline. But you can’t just use a hashtag on anything, well, you can, but don’t expect it to work. You have to research what people are searching.

Trendrr is a great research tool and a new favorite among analysts looking to keep track of trends and compare information. It tracks statistics on multiple social media platforms, but for Twitter, its Twitter Search graphs are invaluable – they provide graphing of keyword mentions on an hourly basis. There’s also Twitter user stats available, and all of this information can be compared to things like blog mentions. Also check out TweetStats Trends.

When you use these trending tools it will show you what people are searching and it will help you in your hashtag strategy in your tweets.  Now, granted, if you are in the internet marketing niche, you wouldn’t be tweeting about “car products” as a hashtags.  Keep it relevant and you will get more targeted traffic to your site.

The science to tweeting:

If you just post your recent blog on Twitter and wonder why you aren’t getting any RT’s or followers, then you may want to reconsider the way you are tweeting them.  For instance, just the simple title of “Read[My Blog Post Title]” and tweeting it isn’t going to work.  People need to have a reason to click your link on Twitter.  So give it to them!  With my post on Twitter tools I show you how you can totally rearrange your tweets by using this tool that posts for you. You can actually edit your tweets to go out every 15 minutes or so. So if “Read [My Blog Title]” isn’t working for you, then maybe something more catchy will! You just have to use your imagination and play around with it a little more.

But How Can I Get More Twitter Followers?

A lot of these tips will almost always guarantee more traffic, however they will not guarantee that these people will follow you. You justhow can i get more twitter followers have to keep plugging away at it!

I know a lot of this stuff is hit and miss. There is no certain strategy to get more Twitter followers. You just have to be persistent with it. The above links will be helpful to you in finding more ways to get noticed on Twitter. When you can become visible, and more people start to recognize you, then they will follow you!

If you are a blogger, then you need to step out and join a Blogging Community. This will open your blog AND your social media accounts up for more followers and friends. Don’t be shy! Ask people to follow you in your posts. If you continue to write great content and follow up with a “follow me” button, you will find that more and more people will want to follow you.

Ask yourself, how can I get more Twitter followers? It’s by being consistent and keeping yourself readily available on Twitter and by helping people with informed posts. That’s when they will follow!

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  1. Annamalai Nagappan says:

    Yes, retweeting is the best way to gain followers. I have an idea, create contesnt and submit i to slideshare, scribd like sites with a genuine link to follow you. This could work out i think.

  2. Twitter:
    Wade, this is by far the most helpful post I have seen on Twitter in a very long time. I was able to pull a couple of great ideas and resources on out of it that I didn’t know about. Thank you very much! #awesome
    Clint Butler recently posted..Zombie Apocalypse Stikes FacebookMy Profile

  3. As a Blogger, I enjoy to discover new blogs and I am thankful that I did find your blog today,Anyway its great post, Nagappan is right retweeting is the best way to gain followers.As usual I appreciate your points.Thanks wade

  4. Wade,

    Every time I participate in a tweet chat I gain followers. One hour and I learn, meet new people and gain some followers. Maybe 5-30 or so. And they are great followers because they came from a tweet chat that was in my niche. I know they are more likely to stay followers of mine when we have that in common.


  5. Great ideas for gaining more twitter followers. Lots of useful tools and links for me to check out too.

  6. Great information I’ve recently started using Twitter for marketing. I’ve followed the Link Liberation course for audience building which is very useful.

  7. Hey,
    Excellent post. I have good followers in twitter and i guess the only way to get good followers is to talk with big account, RT big account tweets and tweet to them. In this way there followers can see you as well. From Big accounts, I mean those accounts which have large number of followers.
    Thank you

  8. Hi Richard,
    I opened my twitter account primarily on the compulsion of my friends. Initially, I used twitter to follow the people I like and learn from their tweets and links.
    I was not concentrating on building my followers. But, now I believe I should be more intentional and consistent in building my follower ship.
    Thanks Michael for your professional advice.

  9. Twitter:
    Just stay consistent with it and they will come!
    Wade Harman recently posted..Dismantling the Social Media Giants: Twitter RevealedMy Profile