How I Got 1,200 People To Circle Me On Google Plus In 3 Weeks

Ok, I’ll admit, I love Google Plus. It is truly the place to go to get a lot of site traffic, and get it fast, for your blog.

As with any other social media site, the more followers you have, the better off you are with getting your content shared and interacted on and getting website visitors.

Recently, I really paid attention to my Google Plus marketing and in 3 weeks had a lot to show for it, and here’s how I did it.

Pay Attention To Others

Believe it or not, there’s someone out there that knows more than you do about certain things. I know, I couldn’t believe it either, but it’s true. People that are an authority figure on a subject tend to draw crowds. Pay attention to these people. Since a plus 1 is almost as good as a share now on G+ (people see it in your stream), you can really build your integrity with people by doing this.

It’s also a great way to make connections with these popular people. In one video that I can’t seem to find right now, a popular Google Plusser said that when people +1, share, and interact (comment) on his posts more than once, he starts to notice them. If they do it consistently, he starts to realize that they have learned the art of sharing and he would then reciprocate with their posts.

I took his advice and started to find some popular people to share. Not that I wasn’t already, but I really focused on their posts and not mine. Instead of just the +1, I actually found some posts that I thought were interesting, and said so. For a few days, nothing happened, but then, right around the 4th day, I got a reciprocal +1 from this person. That social update that he hit the +1 button on went “What’s Hot on Google” within the hour and I received a ton of site visitors.

Since this person began to share my content, I began to show up in his stream. The effect of this allowed people to want to circle me to their groups.

We now regularly share each others content every day.

Use The Tools Made Available

The next great thing to use to get people to circle you is a Google Plus badge for your site. This badge can either be your personal Google Plus profile or your blog page on G+. I personally use the Google Plus badge. Here’s what it looks like:

You can get one of these by going to Google Developer’s and creating your own badge there yourself. Now, if you already have a Google Plus page of your blog made, then it will automatically build your badge from that page. If you don’t want to use that one, but would rather prefer your personal profile, you can use that one as well. Once created, put this where your readers can see it and give it a +1.

Circle Sharing

Circle sharing is also a big deal in getting a lot of people to circle you in a short amount of time. The bad thing about this is, if you come across a circle share with 500 people in it, you’ve just added 500 people in your circles. Try to find one that is of moderate number, and one that is still going strong so you can still benefit from the followers. If you’re still confused, try #CircleShare on G+.

Be Conscious of Content

Last, but certainly not least, always be conscious of the content you are sharing on Google Plus. Many people still live by the 80/20 rule which is to share 80% of other people’s updates or interactive images (non-promotional) and 20% of promotional updates which would be site links. I have to tell you that I really didn’t follow this rule that much. However, I did notice that when I posted non-promotional things in my updates, there were more people interacting on the posts with me.

Content is always key in anything, and I know you want to drive traffic to your site, we all do, but find that common ground between your updates and the followers time frame and see how many non-promotional items you can quit posting. It’s different for everyone, you may actually have some people that want to see more promotional stuff from you, you’ll just have to test this theory out for yourself. But until then, keep posting, keep it consistent and follow these guidelines and you will get more followers on G+ too.

My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

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  1. Hi Wade your post is highly informative and i have learned a lot going through it, i normally find it hard getting people to my circle but your post has showed me the way, thank you

  2. Thanks Wade for such awesome post. I agree with you that it important you practice the law of unselfishness in order for you to boost your shares on social media space. When you share others post; others are mor likely to share yours. Just want to say that bloggers who are finding it hard to get followers should as much as possible try to focus on one social media network at the start, this is because giving equal time on diverse social media platform can stretch one thin. That has been my social media strategy. And have been seeing success on twitter. Except perhaps you’re a social media geek or you have the finance to outsource

    • I do have the money to do that, but I don’t. I would rather do it myself anyway. That way I know what’s being said in the updates and I really enjoy doing it too.

  3. Thanks for sharing these secrets mate ! I would be trying these suggestions and i hope to achieve some good results . Thanks for sharing the information .


  4. I think Google + is very important to a webmaster right now. I like it alot more than say facebook or twitter. But one thing is missing that’s a chat that works well and a way to share across all communities. – Scott Craighead

  5. I totally recognize the benefits of using G+ as an effective online marketing strategy, and I also have wanted to give it a try, but I’ve got some unexpected issue while managing my account(s). Because I own a personal G+ profile and I used to have a youtube channel as well which has turned into a G+ page a couple of weeks ago. Don’T misunderstand me, it’s such a cool thing, but I only can share content on my personal page and don’t have any control over my other page (my former youtube channel) any suggestion for that? did somebody else have the same experiences?

  6. I totally recognize all of your points, but let me ask one more question: what about the passion? I mean, I know it’s all about some SEO stuff and link building and traffic generation etc. but I still believe in the content-is-the-king theory and I am glad that Google tries to push the things in this way as well with the latest updates of their search algorithm. You have to be passionate about the topic you are writing about. Every blogger should build up the trust with their audience in a short way, but if you lost that trust, it is really hard to get it back…

    • No, I get it. You hit the nail on the head. Content is important. But people are followers. When you can mimic someone who has a big following to get them to start sharing your content too, their followers will add you. Yes, it’s always about the content, however, this post was about getting followers on G+. If you’re content isn’t great, then these people will know it and you’ll lose them.

  7. THese are Great Tips I find from time to time I always need reminding of these things to steer me back in the right direction ..

  8. Hi Wade,

    Thanks for sharing this. I found this to be very useful especially the badge thing. I also noticed you had a great background which is marvelous!

    The right image will actually create confidence in you … and thus, creating more followers. Thanks for sharing mate!

  9. These are all good tips that I’m going to consider moving forward. I still struggle with ways to best utilize G+ despite the fact that I’ve been active on it for over a year.

  10. Hi Wade,

    I’m awestruck to see your results. WOW, 1,200 people following you in just 3 weeks, Now that’s what i call awesome. I shall try out these tips and post the results.

    Thanks again.

  11. Getting facebook like was easy but Google+ follow has been a very difficult task for me. I think this will help me out.

  12. Wade that was a very helpful post. I am going to have to start implementing those techniques more. Sometimes I find it hard to interact though because people just post their blog urls and I don’t see any real conversations going on. I guess I am just going to have to look harder. I started a google community but I haven’t really been promoting it yet but I am going to start doing that. Thanks for sharing this awesome information with us!

    • My suggestion is to start with the really famous people like Scott Buehler, Mark Traphagen, and people like that that already get a lot of interaction, and then start down the line with the people that follow them.

  13. Thank you Wade for your suggestion! I really appreciate it! I am going to do that!

  14. Nice article Wade! Truthfully I haven’t really given Google much thought, but because of your article I’m definitely going to be interacting with it a lot more! Thanks!

    -Eric Out-

  15. Google Plus is simply amazing, it lets us to connect with new peoples and gain and share. And really plays a vital role in driving traffic to a blog and thanks big bro for throwing more light on this topic with your personal experience

  16. I pretty much agree with all this except the circle sharing. Since you really don’t know who is in a circle prior to adding it, then you can’t really keep your follower list focused. It will help you add people faster, but personally I want to keep my followers and the people I follow on topic.

    I use Google + as a learning/networking tool and if I get a lot of people in my stream who post on topics that are no interest then its not as useful.

    • I see what you’re saying and agree with you Bruce…I should have been more clear on that. Most of the circle sharing that I do involves some groups that I already know.

  17. Great advice Wade! Of course you know I am one of the followers you have added on G Plus. I am in love with the platform as much as you are:)

  18. Hi Wade,

    I’ve been reading lots of your posts but haven’t commented earlier. Just wanted to thank you for all the top content you are sharing with us, including this post. I have learned a lot and have started using Google+ actively (and finding Facebook even less interesting than before).

    Wishing you a great weekend!