How I Got 500 Likes To My Facebook Fan Page In 3 Weeks

Building a strong social media presence is a great way to build your visibility and drive traffic.  Facebook is yet another great way to do this!

Of course you need to have a Facebook fan page in order to do this.  It’s very simple to set up if you haven’t done one yet.  Just look for the Create A Page button.

I would like to share with you how I received these likes in this amount of time.  Granted, this may not be nothing to a “big time” blogger out there that receives thousands of likes every month (I still haven’t found that guy but I know he’s out there).  This is just my rendition of how an ordinary blogger can improve their fan base on Facebook by utilizing all of the skills necessary.

My Bad Idea

Let me first tell you what didn’t work. For a while now, I have been seeing these promoted posts by different people with an image of something or another where they are holding a poster board with their message. Usually it encourages the viewer to come and “Like” their page because they have a plan to do something when their page likes get to a certain number.

Ok now I think this is a great idea. However, I really killed it for myself the last part of February when I rolled out this image:

Get Facebook Likes

If you can’t read that poster board it says, If my Daddy get’s 20K likes to his fan page, he will donate his next month’s income to the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital - Then I go on to instruct the reader to click on my fan page and like.

The general idea of this flawed strategy was good.  It did encourage people to come and like my fan page, but I believe that the number of likes that I was wanting was too extravagant.  At the time, I had only 334 likes on my Facebook page.  Either the reader saw these numbers and realized that the number of likes I was wanting was impossible to get and just bailed, or they hate the Shriner’s Children Hospital…and I know that it wasn’t the latter!

My Recommendations:

If you’re going to do this, don’t try to get a number that’s impossible to get in a short amount of time.  Keep it real and reachable.  I will show you later how I re-did this strategy and had great success with it.

The Start of my Facebook Strategy

After my failure with the picture I had to go back to the drawing board. There was just something missing. One fact is if you’re posting with your fan page then you’re only reaching the people that have liked you. Only when they share your posts with their friends is when you really start to reach more than just your fans.

So this is really a problem. How can you reach more people? That’s what I was trying to figure out. I like to pride myself in the simple and free ways so I can help you beginner’s figure out how to do stuff without spending any money, but alas, it can’t be done quickly.

Sure, if you keep at it and stay consistent with your blog and have your fan page in your sidebar, then you will eventually reach as many people as you are wanting to reach. But as far as getting out there quickly, then you’re going to have to spend some money.

And that’s what I considered, so I went to the Facebook advertising options.

Now you will really start to understand how I really benefited from building on my Facebook likes in such a short amount of time.  Now I like to take pride in showing you the cheapest ways to bring your blog or assets to the readers eyes, but this is one strategy that does require you to spend some money.

Don’t get me wrong, you can totally build your fan page likes without spending money, it’s just going to take you longer to do so.  But as I explained in my Facebook fan page advertising post you can really build your likes in a short amount of time when you do spend a little money for it.

The Rules of Facebook Advertising

There is actually three ways that you can bring your fan page into visibility:

  1. Regular Facebook Advertising- This is where you can use the conventional means of Facebook advertising to get more likes to your fan page
  2. Promoted Posts- After you update a post you can use “promoted posts” to reach your friends and their friends in your social updates.
  3. Facebook Offers- This is where you can take an offer, whether online or offline, and promote something with it.

I have had great success with all three of these on my own, but it wasn’t until I using Facebook marketing until I really started to see a boost in the performance of my ads.

What I normally did was to take the least amount that I could spend on Facebook advertising, which is $30 for the life of the ad, and just hope for the best. I did see some results in the ad on my own, but nothing like I did when I started this program.

Keywords and Attractability

Every ad and promoted post has to have some functionality to it. It has to have something that the reader wants to see or is looking for or interested in. You have to keep that in mind when you are paying for this process. When you are using the Facebook ad service, they actually give you the option to pick your keywords and the audience that you want to reach on Facebook.

Promoted posts are a little different. Still, I believe, keywords and catchy titles are an important part of bringing the likes to your updates.

My Re-do of The Image

Ok, I told you that I actually done better the second time around to get more likes to my page. Here’s how I did it. I simply picked an image from the internet that supported what I was trying to do-which was get more fan page likes-and uploaded the image which is below.

Facebook fan page likes

So I thought that the image above suited the results that I wanted.  With the compilation of Facebook ads, I started around 337 likes when I started this.  As the ads were running, I posted this image and put this text on the update:

Help me get 1,500 likes to my fan page before the end of March!  I will randomly pick one “Liker” on April 1st and give that person $100!  Share this update and like my page to enter the contest!

As it stands now, my Facebook fan page now hosts 837 likes by doing these things!

Your turn:

What have you been doing to get more Facebook fan page likes?  Are you like me and hate spending money on advertising?  What are some of the things and strategies that you have used to become successful on Facebook?

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  1. Hi Wade, Very well written post on getting likes. I am thinking about to use promote post option, because everyday i see many posts on my wall with “Sponsor” bottom text. So i think it’ll work for me as well.

    • It can work for you, but really think about how you use it. Remember, promoted posts only reach your friends and their friends(if they like it). Use it to promote certain posts that you can benefit from the traffic.

  2. Nice catch Wade,

    But I wonder would these FB likers stay with your page after April 1. I mean lot of these people liked your page because of mentioned prize. Once the date expired, I feel lot of these people would run away from your FB page.

  3. Thanks for letting us know how that first tactic worked becuase I was just about to try it now I know better.Now I know what to do make it better

  4. Anil Bhogia says:

    i see in your facefook page .i lot of time take the page and also seen the most people the like your page .so i am happy see in page.

  5. This post if full of the necessary information to really grow your fan page, though I have not tried it before but I’m more than convince here and now that it will help me to increase my facebook fan page thus boost my blog traffic.
    Let me start the implementation right now. Thanks for sharing such a vital information.

  6. If you want targetted fans, FB Ads is definitely your best choice. If you’re selling products on your page, it will convert very well.

  7. Hey There Wade!

    Thanks for this info. I have a few projects that I’ll be using FB Ads for – getting more likes to my FB page is one of them! I think your first strategy would’ve worked wonderfully if you were the first to do it, you know. Overall I think people eventually will get tired of everyone doing it. I salute your bravery for trying though!

    Marc Bell

  8. hakan sahin says:

    I tried google adds but didn’t work for me.

  9. Enjoyed your post friend. I use facebook ads to get targeted facebook fans. I think this is the best option for me. I was shocked to see your photo. I dont like to play with others emotion for my business. Thanks a lot that you said that it was a bad idea of yours :) God blase you

  10. Catherine Holt says:

    This is an interesting idea, it is basically just a different take on the advertising expenditure. Out of interest, how will the random liker be picked? Is there a program that can be used to determine the liker and is there a way of showing this to the other fans to show that you were running a legit offer?

  11. I’m not comfortable with paid advertising yet. I guess I need to read a few more white papers and free reports, lol.

    So far, my plan for building a Facebook Page audience is to hold a social media giveaway. The prize relates in some way to my website, so that kind of narrows down the contestants to people who’d be interested in what my website is talking about anyway.

    Just throwing another idea out there. Thanks for sharing :)