How To Embed Tweets in Your Posts

Twitter is, of course, a powerful social media platform, and learning how to embed tweets is a powerful thing to do.  Getting involved with using Twitter in your blog posts is a great way to encourage more followers and tweets to your content and social account.

I have been getting a lot of  emails asking me to explain just how to embed tweets inside of one’s blog post lately and I thought I would go ahead and do this one today.

How To Embed Tweets in Your Posts

Using embedded tweets is a fairly simple process that can really help you develop a better following on Twitter. The main idea is that you want your blog readers to be following all of your social media accounts and this is a great way to do it.

Step One: Create Your Tweet-For some reason my image capture didn’t allow me to capture the images underneath the tweet so I’ll use this one instead:

how to embed tweets

After you have selected “embed” another box will appear with some html code, like this:

how to embed tweets

Your embedded tweet will look like this:

Why You Should Learn How To Embed Tweets

Forget about Google passing Twitter on the popularity scale. People still use Twitter every day, people are still going to be using Twitter no matter even if Google passes Facebook. When you learn how to embed tweets, you bring your reader that much closer to you on a personal level. They are allowed to click the follow link right from the how to embed tweetsembed. They are prompted to click on that tweet and retweet it as well.

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Don’t discount the little things

Little things like embedding tweets should not be overlooked by bloggers, especially new bloggers! Creating a social following should be your top priority, and this is a great way to do it.

Little things are what get the job done in blogging. Whether it’s learning how to embed tweets or putting a Facebook like box on your site, don’t discount the small stuff you can do to provide your readers with a better way to connect with you in the future!

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  1. I follow a bunch of “blogging advice” type blogs but yours really rocks! Loaded with great ideas and easy to follow instructions. I will embed a tweet in tonight’s post, and I already know which one I’m going to use…

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    Thanks for the useful post, I’m gonna applied it tonight. Wonder what my friends going to say..

  5. Great :D i use twitter since 2 years but i never take a look on this option… Thanks for sharing this awesome knowledge…

  6. Thank you so much for telling us the tip. Social media has a great impact in rotating our content and one can easily make a brand through social media interaction.

  7. Hi Wade,
    Thanks for sharing such an amazing article with us. I like the way you described why you should learn embedding tweets. Earlier I was trying to do it but some how the tweets are not seems to be appear on site. After your tutorial I realized my mistake
    Keep up the good work :)

  8. Hi Wade,
    I love this!! Anything that will help out with social media is always valuable. I will be using this strategy.
    Do you know about click to tweet? This is an SEO tip. Go to ‎ and watch the video if you don’t already know about this strategy.
    Thanks so much.
    Sincerely, Geri

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  10. I actually like this method a lot more than storify, it’s straight and to the point. Makes it a lot more engaging for my readers.

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