The Real Secret on How To Increase Blog Traffic

how to increase blog traffic

In almost two years of blogging, I have finally came to realize the secret of how to increase blog traffic.  I know there’s a lot of tips and tutorials about this that usually lead to spending an arm and a leg on something that probably won’t do you any good in the first place.

However learning how to increase blog traffic is actually simpler than people like you will give it credit for.

In this post, and I know I usually speak mostly on social media and psychology, but I want to discuss the “secrets” of how blogging can be fairly easy and how you can drive a lot of traffic to your website every day, build a following, and basically become the authority that you’ve always wanted to be on a certain subject.

How to Increase Blog Traffic: SEO

Google and SEO Tactics

In the old days (back in March 2012), SEO was quite a bit easier than it is today. You could take a reputable article marketing company, write a couple of articles per day, and you could usually have a low competition keyword on the first page of Google within a month. Back then, higher competition keywords like the one’s I was wanting to rank for took a little longer. In fact I used this article marketing company to bring my blog to the first page of Google for a keyword that Darren Rowse and other high profile bloggers were competing for. That company made it very easy to use their resources because, unlike Build My Rank, they didn’t, and still don’t, use link farming techniques to build your links. They are the only safe link building and SEO company online and I wouldn’t use any other if I were you.

The Secret Behind SEO today

With the new Google Panda’s and Penguin’s roaming around looking for a website to smash, I don’t focus on link building that much any more. Actually, the Moz blog shows you how to increase blog traffic by using link building tactics but they haven’t updated their post in a while.

The real secret behind driving traffic through SEO is to keep your content fresh and original. Keeping the keywords relevant is still a priority, but clogging up your articles with them is old school and won’t work these days. In a sense, this really tells you to focus on the reader and not the Google Bot. When you can create articles that are helpful and relevant, Google will see them as relevant in the searches.

I’m not telling you to totally discount keyword research. Keep doing it because that’s how you’re going to get Google to notice you in the searches. Do you keyword research. Place them strategically within your blog post so that it doesn’t take away from the content or the reader’s experience with the post. Most of all, make sure that you’re helping that person do whatever it is that you’re trying to help them do. Like in this post, I’m showing you how to increase blog traffic. See there? Another keyword strategically placed! Lol!

How To Increase Blog Traffic: Socially

While I haven’t fully discontinued SEO techniques to increase the traffic to my blog, I have found that social media is way more productive and easier, plus, you don’t have to wait a month to get the traffic. Update something great on social media and you could have a viral post in an hour.

Just check the numbers. Depending on when you’re reading this, Facebook is still the number one social media platform at over 1.7 billion users. That number alone is staggering with Google Plus in second place with over 1.01 billion users. I’m not going to give you the stats for all of the social platforms, I just want you to see how important social media is to your blog’s traffic and why you should keep a steady strategy on these sites.

The Secret Behind Increasing Blog Traffic for Social Media

I love saying that word while I write my posts. “Secret”. It’s so funny that people would think that there is a magic formula or a technique that people that are famous do on social media that brings them loads of traffic and engagement. It’s kind of sad at the same time too because there are marketers out there that will capitalize on those emotions that people have to make some extra money.

Ok, so you want the secret sauce? Here it is. There is basically one thing that you need to do to drive traffic to your blog through social media, and that is to stay consistent.

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Those people that have 60 +1′s on Google Plus, 20 shares on Facebook, and 10 retweets on Twitter have taken a painstakingly long time to cultivate that social presence that they have online. Along with that social presence, they have stayed consistent with writing great articles that meet the needs of their readers, and when you can do that, you are guaranteed social media shares every time!

However, there is one problem that people can’t seem to understand when they’re on social media. I’ve said this before, and, since it’s relevant, I’ll say it again…what you post in your social media update matters.

The Importance of Posting on Social Media

There are basically three main aspects of the social media post:

  1. The Image
  2. The Blog Post Title
  3. The Text You Write

how to increase blog trafficWhich of these three things do you think attract people to your social posts on different platforms?  If you guessed images, then you’re right.  People are attracted to images.  Especially if that image is of something of value, something that they want or need to know or learn.

Posting with the image in mind:

Someone said, “You can’t change the direction of the wind, but you can change the sails”.  Even though you may not know what images attract every person that comes across your update, you can throw out different things to test your theories.  Creating something out of an image is very crucial on social media, especially social platforms that have images as the major focus, like Pinterest.

The next time you see someone’s update, ask yourself, Does this image interest me enough?  Critique people on what they are putting up there, not only for the images, but all of the above: the text in the update and the blog post title that they decided was good enough to publish.  Is it something that attracts you?  Now I know what you’re probably thinking right here, what if you’re looking at a person who’s major influences are about dogs?  You can still judge that person’s update by thinking the way a dog enthusiast would think.

Make your images stand out, make them portray what your blog will be about. The blog title is important, along with the text as well, however, they are going to look at your image first. If that doesn’t suit them, then they’re off to someone else’s post. Sometimes it’s even a good idea to edit that cool image that you have picked to endorse your blog post in a way that it can tell them what the post is about. I like using to put text inside the image so the reader is forced to see the title while they are looking at the picture.  For instance, the image at the top was edited using PicMonkey that really makes it pretty clear to the reader what they’re going to be learning when they click the link.

Basically the social update has to cover certain things:

  • Can it help me?
  • Will I learn something?
  • Is this business or pleasure?
  • Will I take something away from the post that I can actually use myself?

Believe it or not, in a split second, actually a little less than 8 seconds to be exact, people are measuring your social update in there head.  Whether they know it or not, they are.  They want to be enticed by images, text in the updates, and curious blog titles.  That’s why all of these things go hand in hand; from the moment you think of that awesome title for your blog all the way to the second that you hit send on your social media update.  These are all tips on how to increase blog traffic by using social media updating methods correctly.

Using Advertising

Advertising has always been a great way to increase the traffic to your blog. When you can purchase ads from another blog in your niche that you know brings in a lot of traffic, like this blog, you can see if they offer advertising. Capturing traffic this way is usually your best bet, and while you’re spending a little money in the process, it’s worth it because usually those people that you bring in will keep coming back.

The Final Thought

Learning how to increase blog traffic is basically being consistent on every level.  Not just SEO and social media.  There are plenty of other levels that you have to look at in the blogging industry in order to be consistent.  For example, you have to be consistent in posting great content on a steady schedule every day, week, or three times a week (like me).  Set that schedule and don’t deter from it.  Whatever it is that you’re doing to create an income for yourself in the world of blogging, be consistent at it.  I know that it can get rough sometimes, but when you look real hard, sometimes you might stumble upon and find items that successful people use that got them where they’re at. That’s basically what I did. I found out what the pro’s were using, I kept a steady posting schedule, stayed consistent on social media, and tried to keep a steady consistency with SEO, but I found out that this strategy just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Whatever it is that you’re doing to increase your blog traffic, stay with it. What’s that saying? “Rome wasn’t built in a day?” Yeah maybe not, but it burned in one! Remember that everything can come crashing down very fast if you are inconsistent. Stay the course, and keep on rockin’!

My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

Let me help you drive targeted traffic through social media strategies that I have researched and use myself!

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  1. Wade, very inspiring! Rome sure wasn’t built in a day. I’ve been playing with images and trying to get more creative. You have me idea to work on title tags, to make them stand out more. Thank you for this one!

  2. Hey Wade,

    Great post…I’ve just recently gotten into using social media to market my site. I used to rely 100% on SEO because it worked.

    But as you said it is a lot more difficult nowadays. Plus you don’t ever want to be in a situation where all your traffic comes from one source. It’s just not very safe.

    I totally agree with you that consistency plays a huge part on becoming successful. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. Thanks for sharing your tips and I hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Wade – I completely agree. You shouldn’t be 100% relying on Google anyways the way they keep changing the rules. That and if you don’t have large social following (and an email list *ahem*) your losing out on huge opportunities! Great write up as usual :)

    • Yup, thanks a lot Jason. I’m starting to get really aggravated at Google anyway, now I hear that they’ve added another algorithm called “The Hummingbird”, have you heard that?

      • Yup.. but this one actually can be beneficial if you have articles with titles that are more like ‘true human like searches’. I was playing around with Google for a few articles that still rank and I wasn’t adversly affected by them.

        The problem is still if there is a lot of people writing about something that’s a really hot topic say for me news about the Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 – I still have no chance to compete. Authority and existing “big” sites still have a huge edge over the little guys.

        Time to ditch the conventional sense of “SEO” now. Time to focus on writing great content and build your authority through Social Media – which actually benefits us anyways as you will end up getting focused traffic and hopefully more conversions. I know its hard to think like this but Google should become secondary in our SEO strategies now. Now you have to focus on what people are looking for to resolving issues, looking for relevant solutions, and use a “human” approach when thinking about writing articles now.

  4. Many thanks! It was great therefore easy to create.

  5. Great post, Wade.
    One thing, though: I am wondering where you got these stats for Facebook and Google+. Last I heard, Facebook was at 1.1 billion users (not 1.7) and Google+ had just moved pass Twitter with 600 million users (not beyond the billion mark). Just wondering.

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing some insight tips to get free traffic for our blogs. Yes now days social media is becoming the traffic source for many bloggers. More than doing SEO and ranking, these social media help us to drive free and targeted traffic to our blogs easily with some hard work.

  7. Hey Wade,

    Very useful points, Earlier SEO was quite easy and completely depends on number links you acquire using same anchor text but now things have changed after Google updates. Now search engines also consider social media trends before deciding your SERP, it means you need to have account on social media sites and have to engage your audience. This will help you to explore more relevant audience plus build your brand.

  8. When it comes to social media as a means to increase blog traffic, I don’t know where / how people get the the time to spend on the social networks. Between work and maintaining my household, I barely have enough time to do things solely for myself. If I’m lucky, I get about 10 minutes every other day to spend being “social”. I suppose I can look at that as my consistent social routine, but it doesn’t seem like enough time to really accomplish much as far as SEO is concerned.

    • I understand where you’re coming from. I’m a stay at home dad with 2 kids. One’s 3 and the other is 1, so I can definitely relate to you. Pick a time of the day that you can commit to social media and do it on a regular basis. I did and look what it got me!