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Make Money Blogging Ideas

One of best quick-ways to make money blogging is by providing freelance services via your blog. It only requires you to identify a unique service that is in great demand and that you have great expertise in.

Many people who start blogging think all they need to do is create an awesome blog, insert a few ads/affiliate products, generate some traffic and watch the money roll in.

The truth is that with this model, it takes time. And unless you’re an expert blogger or marketer, it’s not that easy to make money blogging using this model.

Why not start by providing freelance services, and then once your blog is well established, integrate other monetizing techniques? This way you won’t have to wait too long before you start seeing a good ROI. Many successful bloggers actually started with this model.

make money blogging through marketing servicesServices To Offer To Make Money Blogging

There’re many types of freelance services to offer – writing, designing, wordpress, link building, setting up marketing campaigns, etc.

Here is a step by step guide on how to make money blogging by providing freelance services to get you started.

Identify What You’re Really Good At

Start by identifying something you’re really skilled at. It could be designing websites, creating blogs with wordpress, content writing, etc.

The best thing here is to stick to one skill that you’re best at and is in high demand. You may want to go for many types of services so as to earn many gigs, but that could affect your credibility.

Think of it this way, would you want a car mechanic who’s also skilled in computers to repair your PC? Or would you rather someone who dedicates all his time to computers?

If you really have to go for more than one service, then make sure they’re closely tied.

Align Your Blog With The Services You Provide

The next step is to align your blog with the services you’re offering. If you’re offering web design services, then start by providing top-notch web design tips on your blog.
Similarly, if you want to offer marketing services like content writing, link building, copywriting, etc, focus on tips and solutions on such topics.This will show your expertise to potential clients.

A trick here is to blog about problems that affect your industry and then provide valuable solutions to such problems.

Market Yourself Using Smart Strategies

Getting the first clients for your business is usually the trickiest part. But it’s not impossible at all. To make money blogging by make money blogging through marketingproviding services, you’ll need to constantly market yourself well.

Fortunately, with a smart marketing strategy, this shouldn’t be very hard after all.

Here are some ways to start with.

1. Your services page. Your services or hire me pagewill be the most important page on your blog. Make the most of it in terms of marketing yourself.

The biggest mistake most people make on their services page is that they only talk about the services they offer. Make your services page more about the benefits your clients will get by hiring you. Highlight the benefits they’ll get.

Tell them how their business will profit if they hire your services. That’s their biggest worry. They’re always asking themselves, “What’s in it for me?”

2. Connect with other experts. In any business, especially online business, building relevant relationships is always the key to success. Start by connecting with other established service providers in your niche. If you make good friends, some will even introduce you to their clients. Most established service providers normally have lots of gigs than they can handle by themselves.

Also connect with other bloggers in your niche and request for guest post opportunities. Here you can write on relevant topics in your industry. Most bloggers will give you an author bio where you can talk a little about yourself and your services. Just remember not to make the guest post sound like a sales pitch.

3. Social Media. Social mediahas redefined how business is being done online. If you’re a service provider, twitter and LinkedIn are great for marketing. Many potential clients always hang out on these platforms.

Connect and engage with potential clients on these platforms using relevant interactive messages. Just remember not to sound too salesy or intrusive.

There’re many other different ways to market your services. You’re only limited by your own creativity. The most important thing is to find out where your potential clients hang out, and then direct your marketing efforts on these platforms.

Of course you should not expect to start getting client emails overnight, but persistence and smart efforts will result in positive results. Using this strategy, I got my first client few weeks into blogging.

It’s all about coming up with a smart actionable plan and sticking to it.

Have you tried to make money blogging by providing freelance services? Which strategies do you use?

I’d love to here your opinions.

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