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How To Start A Podcast

Have you ever wondered how to start a podcast?  I’m fixing to expand this social media blog and branch out into the world of podcasting.  I thought about forgetting about doing the blog part of it, but when I realized that there was so much to it, I reconsidered because I thought maybe some of you would want to start a podcast and may need some help in getting started.

Now don’t think for a minute that I know anything about this.  I don’t.  This is simply a post, or a series of posts, that I will write as I learn the in’s and out’s of podcasting for a blog.

Getting Prepared for How to Start a Podcast

I have learned that in order to learn how to start a podcast you need certain things before you can start. Most computers already have a microphone built into them, but if you’re wanting to go pro like my friend Pat Flynn, then you may consider buying a mic for your audio’s.

For now, I’ll stick with the computer’s built in mic until I can get a better handle on this.

Audio recorder and mixers

Surprisingly, there is a lot of audio recording programs that you can use to start your podcast. Most are a bit pricey, but there is a social media podcastgood one called Audacity and I am finding that it’s pretty simple to record on and edit.

More on Audacity when I get more familiar with it.

Podcasting requires separate hosting

As I have dug a little deeper into this I have found that more hosting is required. I started to get a little nervous about this for some of my readers because I like to show the cheapest, if not free ways, to do things, however, it’s not too bad.

I have found that a lot of famous bloggers like Ileane Smith, Pat Flynn, and even Amy Porterfield are using a hosting service called Libsyn. Professional people like these guys could probably spend a lot of money on their hosting because of all the downloads, but for you and I, we can start with the cheapest, which is $5 per month.

One thing I was worried about was getting the podcasts RSS feed. I’m not that technically minded, but Libsyn makes it pretty easy. All you have to do is sign up, choose your feed name, and they save it for you to be sent to iTunes later…more on that in a minute.

Recording Your Podcast

I guess this is the funnest part of the whole thing. From what I can tell, most of the hard work is done once you get everything set up. From there, it’s all about recording and uploading the audio from Audacity into the Libsyn hosting.  Just so you know, I’m not getting ahead of myself, I still want to get my podcast to iTunes, but before I do, I want to make a recording of one show.

There are many different forms of recording a podcast for your listeners.  There is one option where you can gather the facts and simply talk about different things by yourself.  However, this is a little boring.  There are some great bloggers that are well known that do this, and while in a blog post they can be very entertaining and informative, they can also be very boring when talking to themselves in a podcast.

I have decided to invite some people to to the podcast with me.  I’m not saying that I will never do one by myself…I may, but they will be few and far between.

You can use Skype!

This was the next problem.  How to get a recording of someone that lives across country into my Audacity program?  The answer to that was simpler than I thought.  Apparently you can use Skype to grab their voice over your computer which was a real sigh of relief from me.  For a minute there I thought the whole thing was down the tubes!

Find a friend that is in your niche and ask them to help you discuss certain topics that relates to your blog.  Record the conversation on Skype, and when it’s finished, make the necessary edits to the audio as needed.

Imagery & Audio

To be successful on any platform you have to have your content (whether on audio or on your blog) presented correctly.  iTunes requires that you have a 1400×1400 px image for your channel.  This is actually not required, but I recommend that you do it anyway.  My good friend Chris over at HireLogo.com can help you with that…tell him I sent you ;)

Another thing that is important for the professional aspect of the podcast is having a proper introduction to your channel. For those of you with tight budgets, fear not, because Fiverr.com is a great place to get audio recordings done for your podcast. I actually went and found a great seller on there, wrote the script the way I wanted it, and he delivered exceptionally well…you’ll get to listen to it when I publish my first podcast!

Reaching further audiences with your podcast

The whole point of doing this is to reach a new dimension of audience. Remember, iTunes is a search engine, and it’s definitely easier to listen to a podcast than read a blog! Try checking out some keywords on iTunes that relates to your blog and see how many people are listening to that particular type of niche. I believe you will be surprised!

Now you have lassoed people who would not have normally found you online. Not only that, but you have also extended your social reach as well, because if these people become faithful readers, then they will follow you on different social platforms too!

Expand your reach by learning how to start a podcast and branch out into new territories and grab your blog by the horns! This can work for you in a way that you have never imagined that it could! The possibilities are endless! Good luck!

P.S. Look for the BloggersMakeMoney: The Social Media Marketing Podcast to come out soon on iTunes!

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  1. Podcasting describes the process of using audio files to deliver syndicated website content to a digital audience.This is really great process.It is important and interesting.”I have learned that in order to learn how to start a podcast you need certain things before you can start. Most computers already have a microphone built into them, but if you’re wanting to go pro like my friend Pat Flynn, then you may consider buying a mic for your audio’s.thank you for sharing this post.It is interesting and important!!

  2. Wade, Thanks for your research on podcasting. I am not a podcaster myself; but I am hoping to add it to my blog someday in the future. I am concentrating building my blog traffic and creating quality content at the moment.

    I learn podcasting is a way of adding real spice to your blog. Maybe this post can probably spur me into taking action earlier than thought. I love to be able to keep my readers/subscribers engaged in whatever ways possible and make them happy each time they visit my site. Thanks once again for this rich content.
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  3. Twitter:
    Excellent topic Wade,

    I’ve been planning to launch a podcast soon. One of the programs I’ve tested to record interviews is MP3 Skype Recorder.

    Works with Skype as you said and then you can edit afterwards in audacity.
    Darnell Jackson recently posted..Grow Your Audience for ELEVEN weeks straight. [5M 011]My Profile

  4. Wade,
    You’re on the right path. Another way to record interviews for free is to do a Google hangout live and then strip the audio from the video (some times skype is falky). Stay away from free skype recorders. Everyone has a “I lost the best episode ever” using free tools. Audacity is much more stable then it was 8 years ago, but I would still save frequently. Please let me know if I can be of any help as you move forward.
    Dave Jackson recently posted..Is Opening Chit Chat Bad? – Spreaker and BTR – Nick Seuberling from Start Talking and Recording TodayMy Profile

  5. I started podcasting a few years ago, then somewhere along the line lost the plot. You wrote very good advice for anyone who bit hesitants to start with something you are passionate about, not necessarily (or even maybe not preferably) your brand.
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  6. Thanks for the nice information Wade. With the technological advances creating media in different formats has become so easy. Be it podcasts, videos, powerpoints, infographics – there are always great tools to help.

    It just needs some motivation and planning.
    Lisa recently posted..AUTISM: A Mother’s Sensitive Journey + a Simply Sweet Ending!My Profile

  7. Twitter:
    Super helpful breakdown here Wade!

    Love the look on your blog BTW; my first visit. I follow Ms Ileane and churn out some guest posts for here. Her podcasts are great. What an intimate way to connect with your target audience.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  8. Looks really nice.

    Thanks for Sharing such nice article
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  10. Great article Wade. I started a podcast about a year ago and it has been going great. I considered switching from audio to a video podcast, but I realized that an audio podcast is more portable and easier and faster to access on the go.
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