How Your Small Business Can Successfully Utilize Social Media

While it may seem relatively simple, it is no easy feat attracting new customers to your small business through social media. While you can probably think of the basics – such as creating a Facebook fan page and Twitter account for your company – this simply is not enough to make you a major player in social media. While social media isn’t a saving grace, per se, you should enter the realm of social media with expectations that are realistic and obtainable. Here are a few things to take into consideration when wanting to expand your company’s presence in social media.

Build Relationships

Providing a space for your customers and those who might become customers for which they can express their thoughts about your company and services is one of the greatest things you can do when starting your social media campaign. This provides the outlet where you can essentially read your customers’ minds. You need to be active and respond to these messages – this is the best way to develop relationship with customers– and make sure to allow and comment on both positive and negative comments.

When sharing content through social media feeds, do all that you can to not drown your customers in posts. While you probably have some revolutionary news to spread to the masses, you want to make sure you are not posting solely about you and your company. Begin following other companies you appreciate, and those whose products you use, and share what they’re sharing. Making your social media businesssocial media all about you can come across as nothing but advertising, and in a world where our lives are already consumed with over-the-top advertisements, you don’t want to add to customer frustrations on the topic.

When you begin your social media accounts, remember that each has a specific purpose. There is no need to create a platform for customer dialogue on each of your social media accounts. A good rule of thumb to follow is, if you can’t think of a reason to start the account, don’t! If you end up broadcasting company news and information, your audience will not only become bored, but may grow agitated, which can negate the reason you launched a social media campaign in the first place.

Seek Customers

Ok, this is rather straightforward, but you’d be shocked how many companies are not properly utilizing their social media accounts to find new customers. To track your social media outreach – and to verify that your campaign is leading to additional revenue – use Google Analytics to set up your social media goals and track them in real time. This will allow you to see just how much of your web traffic is hitting the pages of your website you want them to hit, and can show you how to redirect your audience to the pages you desire through your social media feeds. Google Analytics will also help you see where your customers are leaving your site from, and how to move forward to encourage more viewers to purchase your products.

Start a Blog

A quality blog will have a simple layout, bold headings, and will have a natural appeal. You’ll want to make sure to include buttons on your blog that link to your new social media accounts at the top of the page, in order to make it as easy as possible for a customer to follow or like your company. While some customers will scroll to the bottom of a webpage in order to find your social media buttons, the majority of internet users will simply leave the page if they cannot find the buttons within the first few seconds of landing on your blog.

As you write articles for your blog, focus on something you want from your audience. What do you want your potential customers to do with the newfound information? Are you looking for customer feedback in the form of comments? Do you want them to share your information with their social media followings? Show the reader what you want from them, and make it as clear to them as possible. Use a box or different font style so it stands apart and catches the soon-to-be customer’s eye.

One last thing you’ll want to focus on regarding your blog and website is how it appears on a mobile device. I personally check a company’s site and blog on my phone (I use the BlackBerry 10 phone because of its focus on business and functionality, and my disliking of the ever-popular iOS), and you would not believe the number of sites I come across that do not have a mobile layout. You want to make your site, and more specifically your blog, viewable and accessible from any device. Shutting potential customers out of your site due to a lack of a mobile website is unacceptable. Make sure your site is compatible with smartphones and tablets alike, which will guarantee you are reaching as many potential customers as possible.

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  1. Yes if you have good command over writing then you should start blogs and when you will write blogs then you can see how readers will give you response from where you can learn those all secrets which you need to apply on your blogs.
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  2. Hello,

    Well no doubt social media is very help in utilizing the small and large scale business. The social media will be helpful for promoting our business in a short time. the result will leads to a great success. the only thing which we needs to keep in mind is always work with good strategies.

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  3. LinkedIn is a great social media tool for small businesses, also. It’s also very important to make sure your website is mobile-device friendly to assure ease of access for clients.