Images-The Most Valuable Asset In Your Social Media Marketing

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In a hurry, so you decide to forget the image this one time.  Just as long as you can get the link in there, everything should be ok, right?  Have you ever done this before?  Sure, most social media platforms grab the image from the link automatically and that is definitely a plus for some people.  If the social media platforms didn’t include this feature, would you be able to remember to put an image up every time?

I want to cover why the image is so important.  It’s important on many levels.  On your blog, your image is important because it can incur sharing from your readers.  Put an image that attracts, and people will want to share, have a “Pin It” button for your images?  Even better!  I want to discuss why images are so important to your social marketing.

What’s In An Image?

So you’ve written the greatest tutorial known to man about Google Plus. There’s only one thing wrong with your strategy. You don’t have a large following. You’ve not yet built your reputation, and therefore people don’t really know who you are…they may have seen you here and there, and possibly recognize your consistency on social media, but for the most part, you’re still someone they don’t know.

That’s where the image comes in handy. Even the best of us has to still come up with the perfect image for our posts. If you’ve already been reading my social media psychology posts, then you already know that people are whizzing through these social media updates fast. One study that I found while researching attention span was that the average person only allows you 8 seconds to grab their attention.

How are you going to do that?

With An Image!

What’s in an image? It is the very attraction that readers want or don’t want to see. Depends on how well you have chosen, it depends on your imagination and what the article depicts. Can you build an article and then design an image around that article? What are you doing to further your traffic with the appealing forte of the image?

The image is the difference between someone stopping to read your text and to delve a little further into your update. No, you haven’t gotten them to click through to your site yet, they’re still contemplating on whether or not this information is pertinent enough for them to know. That’s why the image is the foundation to the social media update.

How To Choose the Correct Image

how to pick the right social media imageVisualization is important in social media. Google Plus realized this when they changed the way their whole social platform looked back in May 2013. Even they understood that the more images they could get in front of the consumer, the better the platform would be. And they hit a home run with it.

Now a lot of visualization strategies run over into the social media profile, and while this is a great thing to do as well for yourself, people tend to go “whole hog” with the social profile; in other words, they realize that images are important for their social profiles, but tend to forget that this idea needs to carry over into their own social media promotions.

What constitutes a great image?

In my opinion, images that can create action are what you want to lean towards. Think about it, when you stop and look at someone’s post, you’re doing it for one of two reasons: 1) You know the person, so you want to see what they have to say. 2) That person has grabbed your attention through an eye-catching image.

One of the best things that constitutes a great image is to make that image stand out. Here are some tools I recommend using for different actions: Note, read the explanation of why you should use these tools too.

  • SkitchWe all love social media quotes.  God knows there’s enough of them floating around out there.  However, if you’re the one posting all of these, no one wants to simply see text.  Skitch allows you to take a graphic image and place the quote on top of it, making it stand out a little better.
  • GIMPNot the same as the character on Pulp Fiction.  Aside from Photoshop, this is one of the most powerful image editors out there.  While it lacks the features of Photoshop, it IS free to use, and can get the job done right.  With this tool you can create almost any image that can reach out and grab your readers.
  • PicMonkeyBy far my favorite tool to use ever!  This tool can take any image and resize, put text, different backgrounds, etc.  Basically it can edit anything on the image you want.  It’s perfect for putting your blog’s URL on the image you have chosen.

You can use any of these above tools or you can find free images to use. Sometimes this isn’t the best option because you want to personalize the image to your article and blog and usually these images don’t depict that.

The Final Thought

Images are the life of your social media update. Not to mention your blog articles too. But you already knew that. However, what you may not know is that people make predictions on an article based on the type of image that you use to represent it. Pick a bad one and you’ll lose traffic: I don’t care how good the article is. People just won’t come (unless they know you already) if you can’t get their attention from social media, and you do that with an eye grabbing image.

Treat every social media platform like it’s Pinterest.  This is the social media king of images.  You know what a good image gets you on this platform.  Take that idea and let it run over into your other social strategies.  Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter as well.  Aren’t for sure on how to make images appear when you tweet out a blog post?  Read my article on How To Set Up Your Twitter Cards.

The next step to social media success comes in the form of images. Yes, they’re going to automatically appear when you type in your URL address. Please don’t use that one! The image is too small and it distracts the reader from what you want them to do. Make it where they can’t avoid you, create something that is so extraordinary that they will have to wonder what that post is about. After all, you’re the next big thing…they just don’t know it yet.

My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

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  1. Hi Wade,
    Images are very important and useful to social media, but you didn’t include Pixlr in your list of image editors. It’s great for layered images and it’s free- yay!!

    Great post!

  2. Great information you have shared here. In order to make it really well on your business you have to venture online and this means that you should be doing social media campaigns to promote your business. I agree with your post that image is so important on many levels.