Infographic-Where Does All The Social Media Traffic Go?

social media infographic

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  1. This is excellent Wade I’ll share for #SoMeSa.

    I’m focusing now on converting leads from social media more than anything else.

    Connections and interaction is cool and all but it’s all about conversions.

    Thanks for sharing where the traffic is going.

  2. Very detailed infographic. I fully understand now where all social media traffic goes.

  3. So images are quite important to appear on every posts, huh? Or even video will be more attracting and much more important to include in a posting. Well this is a challenge for me. Thanks for informing this.

  4. Hello Wade,

    I always like your article. I think it is the best one. this information is really much needed to me. this video is also really awesome and something different.

    Thanks for share with me this important post!!!

  5. Hi Wade,

    Totally agreed with your points, It’s really important to have relevant followers. So that they give attention what you have to say or share. Only these followers can make the difference for your blog and business.

  6. The inforgraphics I encountered till date were full of numbers and numbers. This is such a vibrant infographic speaking out loud about the social media traffic. I reached a significant understanding through this infographic. And, lastly, the color combination used in this inforgraphis is just brilliant. Thanks for the share.

  7. That’s a great way to explain the importance of quality content and how it influences audience. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Infographics are now the focus of professional SEO services. They are not just artworks they are link builders that helps you create quality traffic and catch the attention of the target audience.