Is Your Blog Ready For The New Penguin Update?

I’m not usually one to write about technical things like the new Penguin update, but one of my friends, Elizabeth, wrote a post today that caught my eye on when we could expect the new Penguin update.

Once upon a time, for you newer bloggers, Google dropped a bomb in the form of Penguin on a lot of sites. The result was utter chaos. Site’s that were on top of the searchnew penguin update results for high competition keywords suddenly dropped out of site instantly, taking their profits with them to the sandbox.

This article that Elizabeth wrote was very well taken, and I encourage you to read it, but there’s more than just building links in blogging.

Avoiding the New Penguin Update Sandbox

If you have used anything that is not considered “organic” by Google, then you may be hurting in the next few weeks. I have a lot of friends that build links, either by the common form of browsing people’s sites and commenting on their posts, and some even use the ever popular link building services that can help you launch your site to page one of Google very quickly.

But who can say that these techniques are safe?

I don’t use them, that’s for sure!

But how can one assure that their blog will be safe once the new Penguin 2.0 is released?

Why I don’t worry about the sandbox

I could care less about building links. As for the Penguin, you will find that this update is designed to, and I quote, Penalize websites using manipulative techniques to achieve high rankings. Read the whole story on the new Penguin update here.

Manipulative techniques…hmmm, I could name a lot of people doing that these days. I can see why too. The romantic theory of getting your blog post to the first page of Google for a desired keyword is very attractive to most people, therefore giving the vibe that it’s ok to sit at your computer and build random links all day long. However, Google has evolved, and is getting wise to the old tactics. Still, people haven’t learned, and if this update has any drastic changes made to it, a lot more bloggers are going to be out in the cold.

Why you shouldn’t worry about getting sandboxed

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to deliver the best content to my readers. This should also be your first concern. When you focus on great content, you make that your primary goal which, in turn, makes your reader the most important part…and then you kinda don’t have time to build third party links to your site.

Should you stop the link building? No, I don’t think so. If you are using link farms and spammy article marketing websites then, yes, you probably should stop. Aside from posting to social media, the only links that I think are great links are comments to people’s blog posts.

I think the next Penguin update will be a drastic change in the blogging industry. I believe a lot of people will get their feelings hurt. Rightly so too! However, if you’re building links more than you’re writing, then you deserve to be in the sandbox!

Stop worrying about it!

Forget about the upcoming Google  new Penguin update! Relax and write for the reader. Visit your friends blogs, comment, and use social media the way its supposed to be used- to build relationships! Everything will be fine!

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  1. Jarrod King says:

    Would you recommend still doing guest posts on other blogs?

    • Sure…that’s organic. However I have heard that using Keyword Luv when you post a comment can hurt you. In other words, when the blog owner allows you to put a keyword in an @ symbol beside your name…but guest posting is a great way to build honest links. I accept them here too!

  2. Elizabeth Maness says:

    Thanks Wade for sharing a link to our posts! There will be a lot of changes but one of the things that will be hurting people is spam and having a link to smammy sites. I think we can all be okay if we just are careful have not allowing link backs from that kind of place! Just keep up the work linking to good sites and stay away from the “black” hats!

  3. Yes there are 3-4 things which you should keep in mind and do it regularly for your site/blog then penguin update will not effect your site/blog when you did these all worked in SEO.

  4. George Michael says:

    We don’t know what exactly Google will update. So this time do nothing is the best way to survive :)


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