Is Your Site Optimized with Link Building Good Enough?

SEO Link Building Tips for You to Think About

Getting into the blogging industry is easy enough, however, most people tend to think that the easy part is to make money from it. You have a great “money making idea” for a website, and you know how to implement it! With today’s internet technology, almost anyone can create a great website that looks really good. But you may be wondering HOW to get traffic to it! You may be noticing that you have had your site up for a couple of weeks and have not seen any results with it. This is because you have not done some key things in the implementation of promoting your blog.

If you have just started with a blog or website, then you need to know some key things about Link Building. Google “link building” and research more of it to see what it is. Sorry, I just do not have enough time to go into detail about link building on this post. However I will tell you this: When you build links, you are putting your site’s URL on someone else’s site. This is called Backlinking. It is under the “link building” process, and it takes some time.

Don’t Believe The Link Building Hype

Ok, so you’re new to blogging, but you’re not an idiot. Don’t believe it when a person tells you that they can get your site to a number one page ranking in Google on a national scale within a week or two. This is rubbish and you shouldn’t even be looking at stuff like that! These are called “scams” and you will want to stay away from these.

Stay true to what you know. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is! It took me years to learn the backlinking process, and someone is not going to be able to tell you that for a price of $49.99! Link building is a way to get your site noticed by the search engines, and this does take time and patience to do. Some of the best ways that you can get noticed by link building is the following:

  1. Guest Posting - This is where you find other people that want you to write on their site or blog.  If you present a good topic to write about that is interesting and helpful, its most likely that these guys will let you post it on their blog.  The legitimate sites that allow guest posters to post their content on their sites usually allow you to have a link back to your site so their reader can visit your page.  This is probably the hardest thing to get accepted into, because not everyone will just let you post on their site.  A good way to get noticed is to set up a free account at , this allows you to guest post anything that your blog or site is about.  It is a PR 6 site, so that would be a great link building tool in your arsenal.
  2. Commenting - This is the easiest way to get a great backlink to your site.  However sometimes you do not know if the site owner is allowing backlinks to point back to your site.  I have given you a list of DoFollow link building comment blog sites to post comments to here:

Search Google: “comment luv blogs”

Link Building Strategy

Everyone should have a link building strategy implemented into their SEO. This link building will help you to rank up very fast on a national scale.

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  1. Great tips here. I’m always looking to build back link slowly but surely.

    Cory recently posted..Aquarium Fish Love California Black WormsMy Profile

  2. Thanks for the well thought out article Wade! Unfortunately, too many people seem to fall for the “Magic Bullet” that they think will magically put their blog on page 1 at the big G in 48 hours or less. Truth is that it can take months or years with a huge amount of work to get it done.
    Mike recently posted..Buy Blog ArticlesMy Profile