Isaac Newton and My Brainstorm on Social Media Marketing

No, I didn’t think of social media marketing, and perhaps I didn’t come up with the idea behind Newton’s Law (although some people would argue that we dress similar), I think the two are similar.

For some reason or another, I was found reading about Isaac Newton this past Saturday when I came to the astounding conclusion.

This guy was a genius.

Ok, so I may have missed the opportunity to jump on that bandwagon a long time ago. Since history seems to be a prevalent subject,

social media marketingthat I somehow missed as a kid, or wait, was that in college??  Either way, I was absent (probably sleeping one off), and missed a pretty good course.

Which it’s ok, since life has weird ways of showing us that science really works…you know like jumping off a cliff, running out in traffic, etc. The laws of physics aren’t below anyone, which I also found out in college when I tried to fly one night after a party.

I really should have went to that class.

What’s Social Media Marketing Got To Do With Isaac Newton?

So as I was telling you, I was reading up on Mr. Newton on Saturday and it really got me to thinking about social media marketing and how relevant the two are. Watch this as I tie them together for you.

Do you know the difference between a “good” social marketer and a “great” one?-Motion

Newton was a genius. He single handedly created equations for measuring velocity, acceleration, work, and energy.  Over time, these equations have been used to keep planes in the air, roller coasters on their tracks, and missiles on their targets.

Pretty wild right?  You would think a guy that smart would be better dressed…It’s kinda like Superman wearing his underwear on the outside of his pants, you still respect him and everything, but its just weird…but I digress, let me go into this a little deeper.

Newton has 3 laws, but I only want to concentrate on these 2:

  1. Every object in a state of a uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it
  2. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

Stay at rest:

This is really the first thing that I want to concentrate on.  Newton’s first law states that an object that is moving, will keep right on moving unless otherwise interfered with by something else.  So if that’s true, then an object at rest will continue to stay at rest.

This is the kicker in social media marketing.  You can’t get anything done unless you are constantly moving.  You can’t get any recognition by slacking off at any little part of your social strategy for one day.  If you’re not building your blog, then who is?

I realize that its a very tedious process to really commit to building a blog to where you need it to be to make money.  But until you get external forces interacting with your blog to keep it in motion, ie, tweeting about it, Google +1′ing it, etc you are still at rest with your blog.

The main idea is to eventually get people talking about your blog, sharing your blog, and linking back to your articles.  When you can do this, outside forces are interacting with your site to bring it to the motion that it needs to be at.  Until that happens, your blog will remain at rest, and the only action that it will get is when you pick it up and run with it.  That is why it’s so important to be able to stick with social media marketing all the time.

Staying in motion:

As many of you know, I started this blog about 9 months ago.  Surprisingly enough, I found myself with a Top Ten Social Media Blog Nomination with only one answer to how I did it.


Jon Loomer

image courtesy of

I recently met a Fecebook professional by the name of Jon Loomer and he basically tells the same story I do. One thing that he has done different was that he explains how he never published fewer than 22 posts per month!

Now if that isn’t committed I don’t know what is. Starting in August, 2011, Jon basically tells the story of how he continued posting these amazing quality posts over the span of 17 months consistently. He now boasts major sponsors on his blog plus a lot of other successes!

One of my friends is big on link building. Day and night, all he does is create links back to his posts. Now granted, that’s not a bad idea, but when you’re off link building who is building relationships and writing great content for your blog?

It’s my honest opinion that if you can stay consistent with writing awesome content and pursue the friendships of other bloggers, you will eventually attract the attention of major corporations like I did!

Recently, Twitter has offered me a job somewhere out in California to be their “social media director”. They literally found me because of great content, other people’s shares, and through word of mouth.

Keeping a constant motion for your blog is essential to succeed.

For every action…

Newton said, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  So does that mean if I share someone’s post it will create an equal reaction from that person?  Well, probably not right away, but it will create opportunities that you will enjoy in the future.  There is one important aspect of social marketing that you can’t forget:

Share other’s articles more than your own.

This may not be the practice of a lot of professional bloggers, but what the heck, I’m not a professional so I don’t care.  This has always proven to demonstrate a couple of things:

  1. When you share other people’s posts consistently you are definitely going to get them to notice you.  Will that constitute consistent sharing from them?  Who knows?  But getting people to realize that you’re out there is what’s important.
  2. When you share other posts you create a space for a relationship, discussion, opportunity with that person.  Just by simply sharing Kim Garst consistently gave me the opportunity to guest post on her site…(and hopefully a speaking gig at her next convention in September!)
  3. When you share other posts you put other people before you.  Don’t get me wrong, you want your content shared just as much as you are sharing other people’s, but you have to actually build these relationships before consistent sharing comes your way.

When you think of social media marketing, people tell you that it’s the sharing of your content to produce a positive result in traffic that converts on your site.  When I think of social media marketing I think that its the building of relationships with other people, that is used to drive traffic to your site, with their sharing of your posts.  

I’m not saying don’t share your own stuff.  I do it.  But when you have a massive amount of friends sharing your posts, then it’s a greater chance that this post will reach more people.

A guy told me the other day that I was a “Relationship Blogger” and laughed.  After logging off the Google Hangout I really thought about that saying.  He’s right.  Relationships are what helps a blogger succeed.  And if you aren’t making them, you may as well pack it up right now.

A new blogger to get to know:

As you know, I have been introducing new bloggers into the mix every now and then, and I think that this blogger deserves some recognition.  Check out Alex Shaikh, get to know him, follow him on social media, and reach out because he is wanting to build his following!

Your Turn

What are you doing to create more relationships and share? Have you considered starting a blog sharing group? What is your opinion on sharing other people’s posts? Does it affect you in any way? I would love to hear about it!

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