It’s All About The Forums!

Forum Posting In General

There is a lot to be said about posting on forums. Some say that forum posting can get hairy and full of spam and if your URL is caughtforum by Google on these forum sites that have spam on them, then you will be grounded and won’t be able to play with the other bloggers on the first page of Google.

This, of course, is true. However, you can tell if a forum is spammed or not when you first join. Before you post anything, take a look around and see what kind of moderators are running the place. If the mods are strict and enforce the rules, then it probably is a safe place to put your URL on there.

Having a forum identity is fun! It is one of the best places that I have found to find friends for networking. I received my first guest post from a forum. My first backlink came from a forum. People are constantly offering to link back to my site from their site on a forum! Forums are awesome!

You can’t go anywhere else online and find people that are intelligent and willing to talk about what they know than when you find a great forum to join. Usually people like this join because they DO want to help others, and therefore it is easy to approach these people in a private message or even in the threads to ask them questions. Forum members are usually very friendly and eager to help!

The Benefits Of Forum Posting

To a new blogger, the benefits of forum posting are endless. There are many things to consider: networking, off site seo, building relationships…the list goes on, but here are a few of the most important one’s that I think are worth mentioning:

    • Great Backlinks- Finding a forum that offers great content, usability, and high page rank is an amazing feat.  One forum that I am a member of that I get great backlinks from is the Warrior Forums Free Membership.  You put your URL in your signature link and get to posting.  Now the way Google sees a backlink is how many times it appears.  Some people get this one confused and think that since you are registered at the one site, then you will only get one backlink.  This is wrong.  However many times the Google Bot can find your signature link, is how many times your link will get counted.  The Warrior Forums are a PR5 forum and this is no small accomplishment either!  They are high authority and you will have fun posting here.
    • Great Friends & Relationships- You can’t beat a forum that offers fun and productivity at the same time.  Also remember that you are boosting your sites number of backlinks while posting too!  However, looking at it from a perspective of a friendship level, this will open doors that you could have never opened without becoming a member.  Like I said before, I got my first guest posting gig from a person on a forum.  People see your threads, and if you have established some sort of reputation on there, this is when people will come to you and tell you that they want to link to your site, include you in a blog post, or just share your site with others in general.  Don’t forget the social proclivities when posting on forums.  Its not just all about the links.  Its about people.  If you are nice and kind and try to help as many people as you can, they will remember you and want to do something nice in return, and this usually leads to some sort of site promotion for you.
    • Establish A Social Media Following- Now, I have seen people go to great forums like the Blog Forum and come in and start belching out how good they are and how they can get you to the first page of Google. In other words, every post they make is a sales pitch of some kind. These people usually don’t go far, and they normally don’t stay long because they are only there to try to make money off of others. When that doesn’t happen, they leave. When you post on forums, you need to post relevancy and informative posts and threads. Get to know people. Go to people’s websites and comment on them. This will help them remember who you are when they see you on the threads. The more you do this, the more people will want to include you in their social media. “Hey this person really knows what they are talking about…I want to follow them on Twitter“. I have recieved countless numbers of social media followers and friends through social media that ended up being website traffic and sales in the future. Remember, everything points toward your site in the end. You are a representative of your site, represent well!
    • The Signature Link- This is set up in your profile.  The signature link is the life blood of your website that you are promoting.  It is how you get traffic through these forums, it is how you eventually make money by posting on forums, and it is how you get your link juice from the forums.  Well thought out signature links is a good idea because literally thousands of people will see it at one point or another.  Learn the HTML code or the BBC code that this particular site uses and place your keyword in the [url] link.  Have a professional signature link because it does more than you think.  Regular links like…”Hey here’s my link…go to my site” just doesn’t work.  Try something that will make the potential visitor want to come and visit, like “Why I will never go back to affiliate marketing” know, something like that.  I am a firm believer in catchy titles and you can see proof of that in some posts I did here called Why I Won’t Come Back To Your Blog & You Vs The Giants Of Social Media. Catchy titles are important.
    • And Finally…Self Promotion- It’s tacky sounding, but no one is going to blow your own horn but you.  Posting is a great way to promote your site.  Now, trust me, don’t go blasting your URL every time you post.  That is what your signature link is for.  Getting involved in a thread that is related to something you just blogged about, or something you know a lot about is a great way to self promote.  Do it as much as you can without trying to be obvious.

The Forum Jungle

forumsYou are all alone. When you are new to a forum no one cares if you aren’t making any money. Don’t go into a thread posting about your greatness…that’s a sure-fire way to get a bad reputation! Start slow and don’t start any threads. Get your post count up before you start to share your knowledge. With a high post count people are more apt to listen to what you have to say. I don’t know why this is, but it just is. If Obama signed into a forum under a different name and started blabbing about how good he was at government issues, he would get laughed right out of the thread!

Forum posters are very smart, for the most part anyway. It can be a ruthless place if you start a thread with a racy opinion that you don’t know how to defend. However, forum posting is probably the best thing you can do for your blog in both the search engine optimization arena, and the networking one!

Here are the forums I recommend

  1. Blog Forum- This is a forum created by me for bloggers.  It is pretty new, but you can get in on the ground floor and become a high-rated poster easier since you are getting in on the ground floor!  This WILL be the number one forum bloggers come to in the future.
  2. Warrior Forum-A great all-around forum where you can talk about anything under the sun.  Great moderators and no spam.  You can also become a “War Room Member” for $37 that allows you to be able to sell your personal products for an additional fee of $40.
  3. The Do-Follow Forums-Another great forum where I am the Global Moderator at.  This forum is also pretty new, but is moderated well   :)    and has great people!

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  1. I never new the importance of forums. Thanks for explainging about forum . I will sign up in warrior forum and use it . Let’s see wil i get any benifit from it ?

  2. Forums are a lot of fun! I am on the ones you mentioned and some for my mommy stuff :)

  3. Great tips Wade…I find forums vital for connecting with fellow bloggers and readers. I’ve also discovered that visitors who come from forums are normally very targeted. They spend more time on blog.
    Forums are definitely good for backlinks. I don’t think google will punish any one as long they’re doing it right.
    Thanks and nice time

    • Thanks Norbert, yes I have been involved with forums for a while now. I am currently starting the SEO forums for bloggers and am hoping to get this popular within the community.

  4. 10 out of 10 my friend! Nice post here Wade. I am also in a couple of forums within my niche. When I first started blogging I didn’t pay to much attention to forums but as time went on I started to see the value in forums and for all the reasons you point out here in, It’s all about the forums!

    Thanks for the share!

  5. Hi Wade,

    I followed you through from your post on commentluv and I’m glad I did, this was a great article.

    Forum posting is something I have considered for quite some time but have never taken the plunge. I’m an active commenter in general so it would probably suit me but I’ve always questioned the level of investment in terms of my time versus the benefits. Reading your article has convinced me that at the very least it is worthy of a serious trial.

    • Hey Matt,
      Thanks for coming! Anything that can give you a link back to your site is worth trying out. Would love to have you on my SEO Forums, but if not, just find a high ranking forum with no spam and start posting!

  6. Good article , valid points of view . And i did like this one “If Obama signed into a forum under a different name and started blabbing about how good he was at government issues, he would get laughed right out of the thread!” .
    About this line “With a high post count people are more apt to listen to what you have to say. I don’t know why this is, but it just is. ” i think it’s natural that people tend to listen to those with more posts because that underlines that user’s activity and value added to the comunity.

  7. Wade,

    Nice post! I appreciate all the resources that you posted here. Like many have already said I haven’t paid much attention to forums. That’s about to change thanks a lot!

    Roger Holmes

  8. No problem, hey check out the Blog Forum too!