It’s Time To Rethink Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

facebook marketing strategy

What makes your facebook marketing strategy stand out among the crowd?

When someone comes across your website, what makes them want to like you, and follow along with each of your updates?

You might run a great blog (like this one) that provides great information to visitors, you might even give away a free guide or another download that is valuable for their business.

But, is it enough to make them like you? Are you asking for the like, or do they go out on their own to provide it?

There is one thing for certain, if you have a fanpage, you want the like, maybe you even think you need the like. And in either case, it would be great if it was just a little bit easier to get.

Today I’d like to talk about how your Facebook marketing strategy and getting likes can be easier.  You can check my fanpage out here and see some examples.

How can getting likes be easier? I say you have to be unique, you have to offer your fans something that no one else does, and it has to be worth their time. The nice part is, if you can figure out what to offer, and it’s a hit, the rest is easy, and that’s the goal.

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To start with, it’s important to know what your fans want from you. Do they want kitten photos, inspirational quotes, tips to make life easier, or ideas to help their business grow? You have to know this, you have to understand what your fan is expects.

Once you know what they want, you can provide it for them. But, there are so many other fanpages providing the same type of information, the way you provide it has to be different.

For instance, on my fanpage I recently started writing about a Tool of the Day, and this has made a big difference in my likes, in the past two weeks, I’ve gotten 30 new likes, which isn’t much, but when I look at my analytics, the updates for #TOTD are getting the most reach and shares. This is what my fans want to see, things that can make their online business lives easier.

Another fanpage I’ve talked about quite extensively is Kiwi Crate. Their Facebook marketing strategy provides tips for mom, but you notice a theme going through their updates. Several photos of their mascot posing in pictures. You’ll also notice that Kiwi shares photos and updates from fans, social proof at its best.

A collegue of mine recently asked what could be done to help a children’s author increase her readership and engagement on her fanpage and we cooked up the idea of writing updates from the book characters’ points of view, discussing adventures they were having.

You’ll notice in all of these fanpages there is a unique aspect that sets them apart from others in the same industry. The more of these ideas they use to entertain their fans, the more successful the fanpage is.  That’s what makes marketing your Facebook page important.

How can your fanpage be unique?

You already know what your fans want, even better you might know what they need. As long as you understand who they are, you can talk to them the right way. (Honestly, you wouldn’t talk to a 17 year old boy the same way you would talk to a 55 year old man, right?) So here are some examples of ways a fanpage might be unique and provide a more entertaining experience for fans:

Facebook Marketing Strategy Ideas:

Ipad Accessory Company- they sell accessories for the iPad, cases, cords, stands, keyboards, etc.

  • Who is their fan? An iPad owner- perhaps a techie that loves new electronics, an educator who uses the iPad for their classes, or an Apple product fanatic
  • What do they want? They want to use the iPad, they love their iPad, they want to make it useful, and have it adapt as part of their lives
  • What can the company do on their fanpage?
  • Share awesome apps that can help fans use the iPad more efficiently
  • Get fans to share their favorite apps and tell them why
  • Have a vote on which apps are best for what purpose
  • Giveaway accessories without notice to random fans as a thank you
  • Feature new products or app launches with related businesses

Kitchen Tool Company- they sell knives, choppers, cutting boards, silicone bowls

  • Who is their fan? Chefs, moms who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, Bakers
  • What do they want? Simple to use tools that are easy to clean, easy to store, and helpful for achieving difficult tasks (think a potatoe slicer)
  • What can they do on their fanpage?
  • Share more tools, share every kitchen tool that comes out that their fans will like- NOT only their own products
  • Share videos and photos of these tools, and do it often
  • These people love the idea of being in the kitchen and trying out their tools, using them to make dishes that would take hours before
  • Share recipes to use with the new tools
  • Reward fans who submit recipes they’ve made with the tools

In today’s world your Facebook page has to stand out, it has to entertain fans and get them excited to see what the next post is going to be about. The great part is, everyone can do it, there are few restrictions.

It might take a little time to discover what gets your fans happy to visit, but once you do, you’ll see the likes increase, more visitors to your website and fun responses from your fans.

Spend a few minutes today to think about how you could get your fans more excited about your company. Think about it from their point of view, and empathize with who they are. It’s going to make a big difference in response and you’ll end up having more fun on Facebook, too.

Mary Green is a social media and blogging strategist that enjoys working with small businesses and teaching them how to improve their strategies for better results.

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  1. You are right, to get more social fans we need to offer something special and interesting just to please our fans, i normally stay close and be able to answer their questions when ever they ask, as they see me as a blogger they always want to ask one or two questions regarding to blogging tips and tricks, thanks

  2. I am here – so why are you speaking about Facebook right now? I am kenya.lynem.5 on facebook and that jive is awkward to even mention right now. How are you on your LIKE and fan page views? Do you enjoy gaining momentum on this or are you still feeling your way through?

  3. I just have to say that Facebook has never been my strong point. Sure I get the most traffic from it but that’s using groups. Really Facebook is…dead to me. Yay! – Scott Craighead

  4. Hi,

    Great strategy. My personal strategy for facebook marketing is creating an interesting giveaway. Offer special perks for their actions (For example liking the page, subscribing, e.t.c). It worked out just great.


  5. I like the fact that you mentioned that actually trying to figure out what the follower wants rather than posting a bunch of stuff that just looks good. Great post Mary!

    • Thanks Wade,
      It’s important to think about it from your fans point of view considering they are the ones you want to entertain, right? Thanks!

  6. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for sharing. I think this post is great. I have been with FB for a long, long time but until date, I am still not able to get lots of traffic from it. This means that my FB strategy sux :)

    With more than 1 billion users, this is definitely something we all need to consider (using FB). Thanks for sharing with me such an enlightening post and have a great weekend!

    *off to prepare my FB strategy lol*

  7. I think it was easier before they changed the edgerank to help their IPO, which might sound like a cop-out. It was just easier to play around and get that viral aspect going, nowadays you gotta work really hard at getting fans and reaching them. It’s still worth it, but it’s a lot more work.

  8. It depends on your strategies, if your strategy is working fine, you don;t have to rethink about it.

    • I want to jump in here Mary if you don’t care…Siraj, no one’s strategy is perfect. You always have to be rethinking everything because people are unreliable. What works this week may not necessarily work next week. If you’re not constantly re-thinking strategy, then you may be doing something wrong.