Link Building Tips For Tumblr

Link Building At It’s Finest

We all know what it means to do link building on our sites. There are many ways to build links, and we all know about these ways:

  • Commenting-Link building through commenting on blogs or other sites can help you to promote your site in many ways.  Thelink buidling first way is of course, the backlink that you get from that site.  The second way is because of the traffic that can come to your site when they see your comment.  This is a great way to network yourself and get your blog noticed.
  • Forum Posting- Many people don’t understand the great aspects of site promotion through forums.  If you have a blog and need to do a little social networking, then I suggest you go and join a blog forum.  Joining one of these forums is another great way to boost your link building techniques. People forget about the networking that can be attained through posting on a forum. Most people only join for the backlinks, but remember, the forum is a powerful tool!

I’m not going to go into all the different ways to build links, you already know how to do it, so there’s no need to go into all of that right now!  One guy asked me what the best SEO was for a website.  I had to reply “consistency”.

When you are wanting to rank higher on Google for a certain keyword and you know about link building strategies, then there is something that you may not know.  Google looks at 3 things when grading the backlinks to your site.

  1. The number of links pointing to your site
  2. The consistency of the links that are being built
  3. The number of referring domains that those links sit on

So when you are looking at link building at its finest, the best thing that you can do for your site is to be consistent with link building.  Most of the people I talk to get really excited when they first start building their links.  They have an idea in their head and they think that in a couple of days they are going to start seeing some results of their labor.

When nothing happens, they end up stopping, or almost building no links at all!  This is a bad thing to do.  I recommend using a designated number of links to be built every day for your site.  Whether that number is 5 or 500, you need to make sure that you build that many links every day.  Google likes consistency. For more tips on this, check out my post on The Google Rank.

Link Building 2.0

We get so acquainted with the different ways to build links that we can almost do them in our sleep. I can remember when I first started blogging I used to dream about link building! lol! Anyway, we basically understand every aspect of building links and we know how to do it.

link building with tumblrHowever, one day last year, I was doing my regular link building when I realized the benefits of posting to Web 2.0 and micro blog sites. Most of us know what article marketing is. This is basically another bullet in our link “gun” that we can use to get to the top of the search engines.

I want to pose a question to you. Do you really take advantage of these types of sites? I wanted to talk about Tumblrbecause it is a great site to get acquainted with. It is a blogging site that you can sign up for free and start blogging right away. The best part about Tumblr is, you don’t have to write a huge post. They have different choices for you to make when you decide to update. One of those choices is just adding a link. As you know, this is where the great link building comes in.

I just wanted to let you know about sites like this. Not only Tumblr, but Squidoo as well. These are great sites that you can sign up to and put your links on. Tumblr is a PageRank 6 site and these are powerful dofollow links pointing to your site every time you post!

Whether on Tumblr or Squidoo or any other site like this the links are golden!  Use these sites to boost your links to a higher level.  Google loves these 2.0 sites tremendously!  The only tip that I can give to build links on Tumblr is to start!  It is always great if you can get followers or people to re-blog what you posted, but if you are only there for the link, then you have nothing to worry about!


Spice up your link strategy by joining these types of sites. Search out “Web 2.0″ & “Micro-Blogging” on the search engines and see what comes out. You will definitely benefit your site through these great 2.0 sites that I like to call Link Building 2.0

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  1. Matt Alhaarth says:

    Thanks Wade, I must admit I had forgotten all about Tumblr after having signed up and posted a couple of links (consistency!) I certainly agree with the principle though and currently use Weebly, Gather, Livejournal, Posterous, Jimdo and more. Tumblr is a good one though so I’ll give that one another go.

  2. Cricket Betting Blog says:

    Hi Wade,

    With regard to building links, how would you break down your back linking?

    For example, where do you prioritise? Do you concentrate on spreading one-off links around as many different sites as possible and moving on, or would you concentrate on putting a lot of links on a few high ranking sites and getting involved in a series of conversations, etc?


    • I try to do it where it looks as natural as possible. I do use article marketing companies a little, but the most backlinks that I get come from Blog Comments and Blog Forums.

      These are two of the most natural, traffic-getting ways that you can do.

  3. Cricket Betting Blog says:

    Thanks for reply Wade.

    So just to clarify on Blog comments, to make them look natural, I imagine you get most from conversations like this one, rather than one-off random remarks scattered around many sites? (Sorry if I’m asking obvious questions)

    Thanks again,

  4. Justin Mazza says:

    Hi Wade,
    I always submit my latest post to tumblr for the reasons that you mentioned. Last year I was commenting like crazy and building massive backlinks. In 2012 I slowed way down on backlinking I think it may be worth while for me to get back in the commenting game.

    I participated in a personal growth forum for a few months back in 2011 and I still get daily traffic from there to this day.

  5. Gagan Arora says:

    i mostly used forum posting for link building and comment also always use for link building…thanks for share…

  6. Cricket Betting Blog says:

    Sounds like the Forums are a great way of generating back links. Before visiting this site I always thought that Forums only let you post using a user name, wasn’t aware of the ones out there that let you post back links. Will have to start looking for more of them.

    I’ve registered at your Forum now Wade, look forward to more discussions on there.