How To Become A Rockstar on LinkedIn

This is something that I really only learned just the other day about LinkedIn, and that is one thing I love about social marketing: you can never really know it all! This really brings back memories of when I first started because this was how I used to blog…I would find something new out and then show whoever cared how to do it.

So this is for whoever cares.

Getting Noticed on LinkedIn

I heard my friend Neal Schaffer tell someone that LinkedIn was the “red-headed step-child” of social media. That’s hilarious and true in a sense. A lot of people really believe that LinkedIn is primarily focused towards big businesses and brands, and while this is true, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should just throw it out the window.

Because LinkedIn focuses on bringing businesses together how can one really empower themselves to become successful there? That was something that I wondered as I hesitantly applied for an account. I was only applying because LinkedIn is a social media site and I knew that I needed to be on it…that’s about all I could tell you.

Now I understand a little better about what LinkedIn can do for someone’s integrity and authority online, and I know that this post is linkedinsupposed to be about getting to the first page of the LinkedIn searches, but stay with me, I want to just improvise the post for a little bit.

What can LinkedIn do for a single-author blogger?

I guess that could be a big question in someone’s mind. But first you need to understand that simply posting updates is not enough on LinkedIn, nor is it enough for any other social site either, but you get the picture.

This social platform has a lot of benefits that a single author blogger can really use to climb the ladder. The first of which is the groups. There is probably a group for every niche out there for bloggers, and the good thing about it is, if there’s not, then you can create it!

Join a group. Join two or three. However, make sure you stay active on these groups. What I have found with LinkedIn groups is that when I can find a large and active group and post regularly and communicate with the other people in that group it usually leads to two powerful things: 1) The startup of a good relationship and 2) Opportunities on other sites, whether it be guest posting gigs or someone linking back to your articles.

I really get a little peeved when I read a great blog post about communication on social sites only to find that the person writing the post doesn’t practice what they preach.


But anyway, getting noticed on LinkedIn is as simple as consistently communicating with others and sharing posts. However, there is another great way to get more visibility on LinkedIn, and that is through the “people search”.

Using LinkedIn Search To Your Advantage

I’ve never in my life seen so many people that literally drool to get on the first page of Google. This is no different with LinkedIn either. But I guess I’m a little behind the curve when it comes to delivering this information, but it’s here now so hopefully you can go out and apply it.

Importance of keywords in people search

Just like the search engines, LinkedIn occupies space and time through various ways and keywords is one of them. You can go to the search bar and type in a name and everyone with that name will appear. However, when it comes to searching for a title there is more than just simply hoping for the best.

To get noticed with the keywords that you want to be noticed for you just have to sprinkle those certain keywords throughout your profile.  This will help you get more connections and stay on more people’s radar, and even get a job offer if your reputation is good enough!

How To Get A LinkedIn Recommendation

Giving and getting a LinkedIn recommendation is a great way to push your brand or your blog to the point of recognition by others. When you have a recommendation from other people it allows the people that have found you in the searches really get another person’s opinion of who you are and what you can do for them. This is focused more towards people that are looking to do business with big corporations but not limited to single author bloggers that need some help on something that you can accomplish.

Having someone give you an outstanding recommendation is what it takes to really grab the bull by the horns and be accepted into more circles and jobs.

Read how you can transform your LinkedIn profile and get more exposure!

There are basically 3 ways that you can get a LinkedIn recommendation from someone:

  • Unsolicited- When you’re viewing the profile of your first choice connections, there is a “Recommend This Person” tab beside their profile.  You can use this link to give that person a recommendation, and usually they will reciprocate.

linkedin recommendation

  • Requested- You can basically request a recommendation from others, however, it usually means that you will have to recommend that person as well.  Only ask for recommendations from people that you have either worked with in the past or know in your niche very well.
  • Reciprocated- Just what I have been talking about.  You give one and then you get one.  It’s a great way to build up a lot of recommendations from people on your LinkedIn profile so others can see your successes and experience. There are many ways to really build your LinkedIn recommendations so other people can see you, trust you, and help you build integrity to big business. I realize that there is a lot that is needed to process when trying to stay active on social media all the time, but it’s worth doing to stay on top.

Making LinkedIn Work For you

I know a lot of bloggers that don’t even try to use LinkedIn. This is a mistake because there is a lot of things that you can use to your advantage from this platform. Sure, it’s focused more towards the business industry, but when you think about it, you are in business as well and you should really take point on what you can benefit from this social media giant!

Tell me your story

Do you use LinkedIn any? If so, then what are your results? Are people getting to see your profile enough? Tell me some things that you like and dislike about it.

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  1. Indeed you are a social media master. Everything I don’t know and understand about a certain social media you always can successfully explain me clearly and understandable. This is something I don’t find on other bloggers.
    The interesting thing is you always use simple language but attractive and worth reading. I don’t get bored easily reading your article. There are many other bloggers who explains something using their language style which sometimes not communicative at all. May be this is my limitation because I don’t speak English in my daily life. English is a foreign language in my country.
    Thank you Wade I learn your writing style, your way how to communicate any idea is terrific. That’s inspiring me.
    I like simple English language to communicate with others.

    • Thanks Heru, I’m glad that I can speak in simple terms for new bloggers. I want to be able to convey my message in a simple way that people can understand.

  2. You can always put your Linkedin URL as a “footer” on your CV and as part of your Email signature – who can resist the Click ?

  3. I only have to say that I didnt get linkedin even though I have been on it for a year.But you just made it so simple maybe this should be called linkedin for dummies. I feel so much better armed now that I read this going to rework my profile

  4. I like you started up a linked in profile, because I knew I should! But after that….i wasnt really sure what to do with it. I am going to go through my profile and add the suggestions you have least now I have a starting point to get going with it! Great ideas, thanks.c

    • You’re welcome. LinkedIn is still something I’m getting familiar with these days. After Twitter offered me a job from there, I can vouch for it’s powers.

  5. that is fact true that social media promote the our website then increment the page ranking .so social media like facebook,twitter and linked etc.

  6. I have heard so much about LinkedIn though I am not into this. Guess I should be trying this by now or I’ll be so much left behind.

  7. I’v not yet tried LinkedIn, as i am using twitter and facebook to build a relations with my site and visitors. After reading this article i’ll give a shot to LinkedIn too.

    • Just like me Sarah, I am also familiar with two biggest social media namely facebook and google.
      And I have joined with them.
      There are so many social media we can join into. This makes me confused to choose which one must be put into priority. But I think we may have to optimize the use of facebook and twitter first before the others.

    • Sure, it’s not going to hurt you in any way!

  8. Hi Wade,

    I do use LinkedIn for business purpose only, so far it’s working good. I do same thing what you’ve mentioned here. I join only relevant groups related to my business and then start conversation, by answering any query or asking questions. Key here is to remain active unless you won’t be able to grab possible opportunity.

  9. LinkedIn for Professional seekers. It can be used as a marketing tool by discussing the valuable topics through linkedin site.

  10. I also like to share my links on Linkedin groups and have joined few groups. But I didn’t get seriously engaged on those never. Thanks for your suggestion to get more engagement. I should follow this from now on.


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