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There are many ways for list building tactics online. No one can dispute anymethods to grow an email marketing list, because there is just so many techniques that work. You just have to find the right one that works for you!

You have a website, you build links, join a blog forum, or some other forum to promote you site. You do all of this to make money withlist building your blog, right? There are millions, nay, billions of products that claim wealth and riches online. Some may be scams, some may not be. However, there is only one answer to pure blogging utopia, and that is list building.

Think about it. When you build a large list you open yourself up to new opportunities. Not only do you not have to rely on the search engines for traffic anymore, but it CAN be a primary source to make money from.

The Advantages of List Building

In a former post called Do You Still Not Have A List?, I describe some of the primary advantages of list building features and the positive results that it can have on your wallet and your blog. These are all great tips, and you should read those after you get finished with this post, however, what I want to talk about is the “what-if’s” in list building.

Let’s imagine that you want to make money online…heh, heh, and you have just built a list of 10,000 subscribers! Here are the standard, generic stats of any email marketing strategy. Now, before any of you big timers get a bright idea, I realize that a lot of this depends on your subject line, email content, and your list of targeted subscribers.

Here’s the standard statistics of email marketing:

  • Open Rate- This is an average, across-the-board, number that seems to hover around 22%
  • Click Through Rate- This is when the subscriber actually clicks on a URL in your email.  This statistically says that 3.5% of those people will click on your URL.

So somewhere between the open and the click through, you have to have one great thing.  Content.  For greater results across the board you must ensure that you arouse curiosity with your subject line and content when sending an email marketing campaign.  This is only two items that you need to be concerned about when sending, however, they are two important things!

The subject line property is the first thing that everyone sees when you send the email.  Make sure that you have something to make them want to click.

I didn’t mean to go off on that route, where was I?  Oh yeah, we were imagining that you had just built a list of 10,000 people.

With the average open rate sent to 10,000 subscribers this means that a total of 220 people will actually open the thing and read it!  Now, out of those 220 people, 3.5% of them will click your URL.  This means that 7 almost 8 people, let’s just call it 8 people, will click the link given in the email.

Now let’s assume you have a product for sale for $19.95.  That means you just made $159.60!  And all you did was press “send”!  Well, that’s not all you did, but it sounds really great, right?

With these averages, $159.60 will not generally happen every time you send an email.  This is from sources who sent only one email per week to their subscribers!  You can’t live off of $159.60 per week!

So how do you get MORE?!

Techniques Used For List Building

Now I am sure that you have read all of the generic tips that people have blogged about for list building. These things include, but are not limited to:

  1. Putting your opt-in form where people can see it on your site.  The upper right hand corner of your website is your “hot-spot” and more people tend to look here when visiting.
  2. Putting your opt-in form through social media sites for signups.  This is also a great technique, and one that I promote in my free ebook.  You can get it free here called, Boost Your Social Media Traffic Overnight.
  3. Promoting your opt-in form as a link in your signature on forums that have target traffic to what you want to promote in your list.

list buildingThese list building tips drone on and on, and I am sure that you can even find more tips to generate more opt ins.  However, if you have a new site or blog, then these usually take a long time to build up.  I remember when I first started out, it took me 3 months to get 87 people!  Pitiful, I know!

You want something to promote your list building techniques with fast results!  I don’t blame you!  I am always looking for fast results in the list building game too, and it seems that I have found a great way to build your list(and mine).

Recently, I was looking at my friend Galen Morgigno’s Blog, and he was giving his readers an idea to use for outsourcing your blog content or, in general, making your blog.

Now, a lot of people use to turn me on to Fiverr’s link building jobs.  When I found out that these were just garbage and spam links, I never really went back to Fiverr.  When I read some of the ideas that Galen had, it made me realize that there were other jobs on Fiverr that could be legitimate!

So I went to Fiverr and searched out “email advertising” and “solo email ads” in the search bar.  Below is what I found:

list building ideas

I just purchased a Fiverr gig like these where the job was to send my email out to over 70,000 people!  Within 3 days, I already had 150 new subscribers added to my list building strategy!

Now, I’m not saying that all of these are great and will give you these results, you may have to sift through these to find the good one’s, but I would imagine that they are there.  Once you DO find a good job, I would recommend that you save that person in your favorite’s and re-use them.

Paying $5 for 150 people in your niche is a great deal!  Using other people’s list’s to build your own, is a great way to maximize your results in your list building!  Try Fiverr at your own risk as each person is different.

In Conclusion:

List building is an important part of making money online these days.  Find a great autoresponder and get started right away!

My name is Wade Harman. I’m a full time blogger with a degree in Psychology. I show you how to spark an emotional reaction, get people’s attention, and encourage them to take action!

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  1. I really do like the idea of using other peoples lists to build your own. I have not thought of that before. But i am wondering if the subscribers will be ones that convert?

    • Its an open ticket…No one can really tell you who is going to buy once you have built your list. Just build as big of a list as you can and hope for the best. If you are focused on the subject line content, so they will open it, and the email body content, so they will click. This is the most important thing.

      • Thanks for the tips – I will keep them in mind. I think lost building is definitely the best methods to make money from your blog, I think offering a free WordPress installation servicwe service could also be one of the best ways ot make money from your list. This can be done with Host Gator I believe.

  2. i totally agree with you there that fiverr is CRAP! it might have good in 2010 but since panda and penguin are there , no one has been really able to crack open their algorithms.

    Matt Cutts just talk about google is becoming smart and does not give a single hint about whats new in their algorithm. Looks like Matt Cutts is becoming smart lol