The Golden Dream of all Bloggers-List Building

The secret to most of all the successful bloggers income online is the email list. When you hear of how bloggers make so much money, those bloggers are usually referring to their email marketing. Now don’t get me wrong, you can make a lot of money promoting things on your blog, but the total package of monetization includes list building.

The Secrets of Building A List

There really is no secret formula to building a really big list. Unless you are like John Chow, you’re probably not going to experience high list opt-in ratios your first couple of months. There is no secret formula, that’s true, but there are little tips that you can do tolist building succeed in getting started building a successful email marketing campaign.

Tip #1-Join A Forum

Even though I get mad at the people on the Warrior Forum, it is still a great place to go and join simply because you can do something on there called, Create A WSO(Warrior Special Offer). This will cost you $37 to become a “War Room Member” and then an extra $40 to create the WSO. Totally worth it because you can build your list very fast like this.

Other forums are great to join too because you can put your email opt-in form in your signature and they can choose to join that way as well. With a forum, you are getting a lot of exposure to a significant amount of people.

Tip #2-Create Something For Free

People love getting stuff for free. Especially if you created it from your own experiences that work. This way you can show people what works for you in a “How-To” ebook. The one that I give away for free is an ebook that I use to get thousands of social media visits per day called Boost Your Social Media Traffic Overnight!

I recommend writing something that you can give to help your readers.  Could you sell this to them?  Probably, if you have faithful readers, they will more than likely buy it, but put it up for free to build your list with it.

I was talking to one of the internet’s premier SEO guru’s yesterday and we were talking about this a little bit.  Used to, people’s phone numbers used to be what they protected.  Now, it’s their email addresses.  People don’t want to part with it for any old thing.  You have to give something worth trading for that email!

Tip #3 Make Sure You Are Using A Great Auto-Responder

If you are a newbie and have never heard of this term before then, an auto responder is simply a place that collects all of your emails in your list and allows you to send mass amounts whenever you want.  You must have an auto-responder that will allow you to do that without any problems.  There have been many people say that MailChimp is really great because it’s free.  However, you will find that MailChimp will give you some problems when it comes to sending your mass emails.

The best email auto-responder is Aweber Email Marketing in my opinion. You can even get the first month for only $1. What I like about Aweber is they do not monitor your every move and you basically have freedom to send what you want, when you want it. Building a big list depends on whether or not you have a great auto-responder set up.

Tip #4-Promotion

Promotional ideas are always great to do. Some of the more popular blogs will allow you to promote your email list in the form of a banner ad that directs the “clicker” to a landing page that collects the email addresses. This is not too hard to do, however, if you are a new blogger trying to build your list then you may not have the thousands of dollars per month that it takes to promote your ad on popular websites like this.

I recommend advertising on a site that you can afford, and one that get’s enough traffic to justify the monthly payment.

In a sense, there are literally millions of articles on how to build a big list for your email marketing campaign, however, just like everything else, list building takes time and patience. You will have to figure out what works for you and your readers. If you have written your free ebook, and are getting the traffic, but are not getting the subscribers, then maybe you should re-think your ebook. Figuring out what the readers want to trade their email for is a huge undertaking in itself.

Keep at it. The money is in the list, and you can join the millions of bloggers online that have succeeded with their email marketing campaigns.

My Freebie To You:

I wanted to give you a little gift.  I actually ran across this the other day and bought the resell right to it.  However, I don’t want to take your money.  I want to give it to you absolutely free!  It’s full of great ideas on how to build a huge list effectively, so enjoy! All I ask in return is to use the tweet button below to receive your free copy!

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  1. Honestly, I never tried forums to build email lists. This is what I’m gonna try after registering on Aweber.

    Thanks for the tips Wade

  2. Hi Wade,

    I know a few people that use the Warrior Forum for list building and they seem to have some great results from it, with low priced offers.

    I agree with you about creating a product and giving it away for an opt-in, tried, tested and approved method that’s used by most bloggers.

    I also add my products to Give away events, some of which have brought me some good results…. whilst some haven’t Wade ha ha.

    Thanks mate, Barry

  3. Even in my niche, network marketing, building a list is just as important as promoting your business. Some people might say NO to the business but might say to YES to a infoproduct or affiliate offer.

    I have learned to offer others something of value, something that could help solve a problem. Maybe a free training, live webinar or eBook.

    I hadn’t put much into forums until lately. Found it to be very useful to get more traffic to my site. Great suggestion from a friend. :)

    As always Wade, keep bringing the value to the table!!

    posted by Galen Morgigno

  4. I really need to step up my game and get on with Aweber, build a product and start promoting the crud out of it! Thanks!