Little Known Ways To Create An Ebook Cover

There are all kinds of ways to create an ebook cover these days.  A lot of them consist of outsourcing the work to people that really understand how to create an ebook cover the right way.

I am recently writing a new ebook for you guys and I’m pretty excited about it.  However, one of the main things that you can do to promote the ebook is in the creation of the cover.  Unless you are really proficient at photoshop and know what you’re doing, you have to rely on other people to do the work for you which, in turn, can lead to some problems down the road because you may not be able to relate what you really want your cover to display as the finished result.

How to control the creation yourself:

As I said, I’ve been writing this new ebook called The “WOW” Factor:Psychological Success in Social Media and I have really put a lot of work in!  There have been months of research and testing to make this one of the most valuable assets to someone who wants social media traffic, so I want this ebook cover to display thecreate an ebook cover professionalism that it deserves!

What’s the use of writing a great ebook if the cover design doesn’t display the true professional quality of the work inside?  Believe me, there’s no use to even do it if you can’t do it right, if you can’t create an ebook cover that speaks to the reader!  It’s the difference between making a lot of money and not.

So when you outsource this work, you have a communication problem.  Places like can be a good place to go when you need work done fast, but it’s not the place to go when you need work like this done.  I’ve already tried them for my ebook, and it just didn’t work.  They had no idea what the book was about, and, for $5, they’re not going to take the time to read through it to get an idea of what it’s all about…and this is true for your ebook.

You want to be able to have control of what you’re creating.

I’ve recently stumbled upon a website that actually gives you all the control and you don’t have to have any of the experience necessary to create an ebook!  I’m going to explain this in more detail, but if you’re too excited to read more, check it out here!

More Info On My Free Ebook Creator

One thing I like about this website is options. They give you a ton of options that you can use to create your ebook cover design. You can choose from 2D designs which are good for just about every blog, or you can go to a 3D design, one of which I love, and make it look really professional!

YOU oversee everything. Not someone else. You alone control the whole process of the cover art, template, and text. It’s an easy process, and if you’re anything like me, then you’re probably not very good at doing things like this. This platform is super simple! Just choose your template, design, and text and you’ve got a professional process to create an ebook cover!

On a side note:  I did finish my ebook cover from this site and this is what it looks like:

ebook cover

The benefits of this free ebook creator

Having superb looking ebook covers can distinctively get you more subscribers to your email list. It’s all about imagery to your readers! This can increase the download count for any type of ebook that you are trying to sell as well. It just really enhances everything there is about your blog. Remember, this is something that YOU created, and you want this to be as professional looking as possible.

Try the free ebook creator right now!

You get the point I’m trying to make, the better it looks, the more sales and subscribers you’re going to make.

Aside from creating ebook covers, you can also create:

  • Reports
  • Magazine Flats
  • Spiral Binders
  • Ring Binders
  • Software Boxes
  • DVD Cases
  • CD Laying & Cases
  • iMac, iPad, HDTV, Smartphone, & Kindle Fire display designs
  • Brochure’s, Membership Cards, & Card Stack Designs

You can use this website to build and create a lot more than just ebook covers as you can see.  However, since everyone is always looking for the best ways to create an ebook cover, I wanted to share this with you so you could get in on the benefits of using this free platform and loads of template designs for your next ebook!

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  1. Alexis Marlons says:

    This post is just in time for me. I am planning to launch an ebook but I haven’t finalized its cover yet. This is really a big help to me.

  2. Mike Robertson says:

    Hi Wade

    I wish I had read this earlier today, just paid to have an ebook cover created

    It was only on Fiverr so no harm done

    Thanks for Sharing


  3. Thank you so much, I just finished the rough draft of my first special report and was hoping this wasn’t going to turn into more of a task than necessary. I made the cover in five minutes and it looks great. Thanks again, I really appreciate your effort!

  4. Twitter:
    That is a really cool tool for ebook covers. Will look into this a bit more when I am finished writing my book.

  5. Richard Martin says:

    Thanks for this – I have been looking for something basic like this to create a simple cover.

    That being said, if you are not a graphic designer, then making a pro looking one is hard – if you have a premium product, then you are better off paying someone to create one for you.

    Thanks for the share though.

  6. Twitter:
    Great! This is really a great way to create a professional cover without having to spend a lot of money to do it.
    Wade Harman recently posted..Twitter Marketing Software That Will Drive TrafficMy Profile


  1. says:

    Little Known Ways To Create An Ebook Cover…

    There are all kinds of ways to create an ebook cover these days.  A lot of them consist of outsourcing the work to people that really understand how to create an ebook cover the right way. I am recently writing a new ebook for you guys and I’m pretty …