Make Money Blogging with Backlinks

Make Money Blogging with Backlinks

One of the ways that you can make money blogging is by getting on the first page of Google. The way you make money blogging is when you get a backlink from your URL on someone else’s site. Hopefully the site where your URL appears, is a high ranking site. If this is true, then when Google crawls their site and sees your link, it tells Google that your site is important and that Google needs to check it out. This is how some of the top bloggers make money today. They have thousands of these backlinks everywhere. One of the main bloggers of today is Darren Rowse @ ProBlogger, he dominates the first page of Google on almost every subject on blogging. He does this with these backlinks!

How Can I Get Backlinks To Make Money Blogging?

Ok, its pretty easy really. All you have to do is find blogs or websites that offer things called “Comment Luv” or “Keyword Luv”. Or you can search out DoFollow blogs, sites or forums. These will count your link when it is posted on that site. Some top sites, like Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger, does not allow your link to be counted, but it is still important to post a comment on these “NoFollow” sites because Google looks at how many of these your site has as well. Finding the right balance between the two is key. One site I recommend posting on is a forum, so you can get a lot of great, quality backlinks from it, it is called DoFollow Forums.

Here is How You Get The Backlinks To Make Money Blogging

The best company for building great quality, permanent backlinks to your site is with LinkVana. With this company, they allow you to:

  • Post unlimited 100 word articles with 1 backlink in each article
  • Post unlimited 250 word articles with 3 backlinks in each article
  • Post unlimited comment backlinks with your keywords that you choose
  • Up to 10 Social Media profiles set up for you, all you have to do is click.  There are more, but you have to pay extra for them, but 10 are free.

Getting backlinks to your site is the best way to make money blogging. It does take time, but with a great company like LinkVana you can make it to the first page of Google in no time!

Don’t give up

If you want to make money blogging, then you have to stay with it! This process takes time and patience. Many people just give up a day, a week, or a month into it because of no traffic. If you can keep your backlinks coming in, Google WILL index your site, and you don’t have anywhere to go but up from there! With LinkVana, you can build your backlinks right to the first page of Google!

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