Make Money Blogging with WordPress

make money blogging with wordpress

Make Money Blogging

We all want to make money blogging! If you have started into the blogging industry, then you probably have high hopes to make a lot of money with it. If you have a WordPress blog, then you have chosen one of the best blogging platforms out there!  Some people say that Google loves WordPress!  As a matter of fact, I would say that too!  Google has always been kind to my WordPress sites.  So if you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, then you already know about “plugging in” to WordPress!

WordPress Plugins to Make Money Blogging

make money bloggingThere are many different sites that explain which plugins will help you make money. A lot of these are paid plugins that are affiliate links and the blogger writing about them is wanting to make money off of the reader. No harm in that, we all want to make money blogging, but here is my list of WordPress plugins that are free! These are the plugins that I use to help me make money with this very blog. I will list these in order of importance:

  1. WP-SEO Yoast-This has all the functionality of what you need to make money blogging. Yoast helps you with keyword relativity, meta tags, descriptions, and everything else that will help the search engine’s notice your blog!
  2. WP-List Magnet-After Yoast, this is the second most important plugin that you can have. For everyone who visits my blog, it is a 70% chance that this plugin brought you here! This will help you build up your traffic quick!
  3. What Would Seth Godin Do?-Yep, this is a plugin! What this does is it prompts your visitor to subscribe to your RSS feed, this way you will have more of a chance of getting that traffic back. You will find this plugin at the top of each of my posts. Great way to make money blogging with!
  4. Comment Luv-Everyone wants backlinks. This is how you get ranked higher on the search engines. Using Comment Luv will help your blog get serious visitors that want a great backlink from your site. There are also Comment Luv submit sites where you can actually submit to a site and tell them that you have Comment Luv enabled on your blog. People look at these lists and visit.
  5. Pingler-This plugin pings every blog post when you write it. If you don’t have this one and activate it, it will ping all the blogs that you have written up to that point. Great way to get noticed!
  6. Thank Me Later-This plugin works hand in hand with your commenting system. After the visitor has left a comment, it sends an email to that visitor thanking them for the comment that they made. This is also a great way to make money blogging because you can use this email that is sent as an offer of some kind to an affiliate link that you may have.
  7. Sociable-Lastly, you need some sort of social media plugin where people can share your blog with their friends on different social media platforms. This also gives your blog more exposure to other people and you have a greater chance of getting traffic.

The Key is To Make Money Blogging

There are many plugins that are helpful, and I did not give all the plugins that I actually use, but these are the one’s that I make money blogging with the most. This is what you strive for. You want your blog to get noticed, and these plugins are the best one’s to do it with.

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