Maximize Your Social- A Review of Neal Schaffer’s New Book

Do you know what it will take to truly Maximize Your Social?  There are lots of different strategies and techniques that you can learn from a lot of different peoplemaximize your social online across a ton of different social networks.  The only problem with that is there are plenty of people that claim to be social media professionals only to take your money and run, or give you false information that helps you fall flat on your face later.

There are only a certain few people that can be counted on when you are talking about social media strategies.  Of course, there is always up-and-coming people in the industry that are carving their way to follow in these great people’s footsteps, but I’m talking about the pioneer’s of social media.  The one’s who’s ideas brought forth a generation of ideas and success.  One’s we all fall into and perform daily without even thinking about it.

Neal Schaffer is one of those pioneers.

I recently got a chance to read his book, Maximize Your Social, and while I can attest to hearing about almost every social media strategy that you can imagine, I was literally blown away by the way he makes you realize your thought process for social media. So, I wanted to give you guys an honest review of what I already knew…Neal Schaffer has solidified himself as awesome sauce in my book.

The Review of Maximize Your Social

He starts off talking about the convergence of communication and information in social media. The way your information passes through the eyes of so many people online. Whether or not they interact with your update is not the point, your content is converging with other potential clients or web visitors each and every time you hit the “send” button on your update.

This, in a sense, is one of the most powerful ideas alone. You may not have a huge following, you may not have a faithful readership on social media, but I’m not talking about the relevancy of that aspect, just the simple, yet profound, thought that millions of people have the opportunity to see your content when you market it in the right way.

Blogging is essential to social media

This was one of my favorite chapters in the book. Neal brings to light the importance of actually using the blog to your advantage on social media in ways that you may not have imagined:

Using a blog becomes a rational strategy in creating content that can be shared and amplified through social media channels and that will ideally bring people back to your website.

You’ve got to have a “home base” in which the content gets shared from.  I realized that Neal was talking about the authority and influence from where your voice comes from.  This is your promise to your followers on social media, your hope for gain, your main place of residence where you can broadcast everything that you stand for.

This is where most bloggers get it wrong.  Too many times I have seen bloggers take these social media platforms and twist and confuse the point of why they actually use them.  It’s a place that you can go to announce your influence and authority on social media.  Not a place to go to make a quick buck online.

My Favorite Aspects:

More often than not, I see a lot of books that really only focus on one or two social media platforms.  While these can help you with different strategy ideas, this book accentuates the main premise of all of the social platforms and what you can do on each platform to build your social media influence, traffic, followers, and engagement.

So when you read this book, you’re not only getting the ideals of just one strategy, but you are building a foundation of solid information and marketing techniques that you can use to build upon.

What you will learn:

Of course the book is going to show you how to Maximize Your Social that aspect is obvious, but what does that mean actually? When I had the book in hand, that was the question I asked myself. What is the idea that goes along with maximizing a social strategy? It’s obvious that you’re going to learn how to build authority, it’s already assumed that your social following will grow from the ideas of maximizing a social strategy, but there is an underlying truth to all of this.

While anyone can fill your mind with thoughts of grandeur and reasonably indifferent strategies that you think could work, this will show you to its fullest how you can become totally adaptive to every social media site that you have an account on. This will open your mind to the real truths that come with building a successful social media strategy. It’s more than just posting here and there, your articles on social media, it’s giving life to the social media account itself, building a repertoire with those around you, and learning how to enhance these strategies that make you successful on social media.

The Final Thought

One can spend their money on just about anything that they think will help them get a leg up on the competition, and people do every day. However, when you can take a couple of dollars to enlighten yourself on the simple secrets, little things that people could never grasp in a million years about social media, then the effect that you will have on your social media strategy will truly Maximize Your Social.

So, I recommend that everyone that is in the social media marketing industry, to pick up this awesome book by Neal Schaffer and see how it can open your eyes to all of the strategies that you can truly do to maximize your social marketing.

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  1. Hey Wade thanks for the review and recommendation of Maximize Your Social. This sounds like a great book. I will check it out.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Malhar Barai says:

    Thanks for sharing the review of Neal’s book. Neal indeed is an authority on the subject. Completely agree on the point of having the ‘home base’

  3. Wade, thank you so much for not only reading my book but for taking the time to write a review and share it with your network. I really appreciate your understanding of what I was trying to achieve with the book, and because a strategy alone is worth nothing if it isn’t implementable, I added chapters for all of the different social networks. Hope the book helps you – and your blog readers – truly Maximize Your Social!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by Neal! I know that this can be a great help to my readers for sure. I think that if someone can spend any kind of money on a social tool, then they should definitely spend their money to get this, because this is a type of social tool as well.