Why I Won’t Come Back To Your Blog

Your Blog Stinks

I can tell that you are focused on making money. I can tell that you want me to click your advertisements and fill out that form, because it keeps popping up, making me aggravated!

Your blog stinks because it is not focused on the reader. You have dollar signs in your eyes, and you can see yourself making all kinds of money online. The only way that you know how to get this done is to over-do it on your site. We can all tell too!

When you do write posts they are stuffed full of keywords and it makes it hard and confusing to read. You write for the search engines and not the visitor. I hate your blog and will never return!

Ever Had Someone Post That On Your Blog?

You can learn a lot from other bloggers. Most are excellent! Two that I really like and would recommend that you read are Norbert Juma’s Blogging Insights and another network marketing site called The Handyman Of Network Marketing.

One trap that new bloggers usually fall into is the “making money” part of a website. It’s an easy hole to fall into, I know, I fell into it too when I first started blogging. It’s hard to get out of that hole because if you fall into it, and you don’t know that you have fell into it, you keep digging yourself deeper when you try harder to make money from your site. Don’t wait too late to realize you are too deep and have to start all over again.

People can smell it when you are trying to force things on them. The internet is an information gathering instrument. People search Google or some other search engines with questions that they have on a particular subject. Making your site a platform that can answer these questions will help you go a long way in creating a blog that people want to come back to.

Update Your Blog Content!! Geez!

2 billion searches are made in one day on Google alone. Keeping your blog content updated regularly is a great way to keep your return traffic flowing. I hate it when I go to a blog I like, and find out that they haven’t posted on their blog in the past 3 weeks! It’s aggravating! I know that it gets old, but keeping your site updated regularly is a great way to get new and returning visitors.

If you haven’t updated your site, then I won’t come back! I try to follow people that keep the same standards as I do with content. I try to keep a fresh, original, and helpful blog post updated at least twice a week. I’ve got subscribers that want to read more about how they can improve their blog, so I have to write!

Pet Peeve

I hate pop ups! Yes, they are great for some sites, but for new blogs they aren’t that great. You have to be careful with what you put in front of your reader. If you are only averaging 100 visits per day, then I would lay off the pop ups! The key is to drive traffic TO your site, not drive them away! Most people will click right out of a site when they see a pop up. I know I do…and I won’t come back either!

Too Many Ads On Your Blog

If I happen to come across your blog, and you have a lot of ads posted all over your site, then I’m out of there! Only people like John Chowcan get away with that! He is experienced enough that I can overlook the hundreds of ads he has all over his site because his content is great and his information is invaluable!

Get rid of your ads! Yes they have a potential to make you money, but I guarantee you that they won’t make you the kind of money that you think they will. You are sacrificing return visitors when you plaster advertisements all over your site. My recommendation is to get rid of everything but Google Adsense. Heck, Adsense pays out the most for me anyways, so you should just scrap everything else. It is retracting from your site.

What’s Important To You?

This may sound like a stupid question, but you really should ask yourself, “What is important to me in this blog that I am creating?” I know the obvious answer is to make money! But you have to get that idea out of your head if you really want to make money! There is one thing that will help you make money with a blog, and that is respect. Get a following by creating great content repeatedly, and this will allow you to have the respect that you need in order to make money. People don’t understand that when they click that “subscribe” button, they click that because they believe that you have something important to tell them. This is not respect. This is a door to get their respect. Keep writing the awesome content and people will love your blog and keep coming back!

When you figure out that the money will come eventually, just focus on getting that great content out there!  For sake of a better cliche, I will say this: Content is King…but I would like to dispute that.  Even though content is a great tool in your arsenal, you must realize that your visitor is King, and content is their Queen!

My Thanks To YOU!!

I would like to thank my blog followers for believing in me enough to keep coming back to this site for information such as social media tricks and other stuff I have learned and wanted to pass along to you! Thank you for coming back and making me feel like I am helping you learn more things to get you closer to your goals of making money with your blogs.  If you are not a subscriber, I would love to have you as a subscriber too!  As an added bonus, I will include my new ebook, Boost Your Social Media Traffic Overnight, when you Subscribe To My Blog!

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  1. Agreed. A website with tons of adds is just a pain. Flashing banners, annoying pop-ups all over. Then again, as you metion with Chow, if the information is worth it, it’s acceptable that the blogger earns some money of the effort to teach others. But new bloggers who dumps out any silly topic with no red line, no.. That’s just stupid.

  2. Gabe Johansson says:

    I definitely agree with you on a lot of these points! A content based site should always be focused on producing consistent, high quality content. If that is already taken care of, then I don’t think the ads or pop-ups are a problem.

    I don’t think it would make sense to the content creator or the reader if all of a sudden ads started popping up on the blog. I feel like you should run the blog like you are a professional from the get go, which would include ads or forms of some sort.

    Of course you’ll test, track, and change things over time but start with something. And of course focus on top quality content!

    Thanks for the awesome post!

  3. I agree with both of you. Thanks for coming!

  4. Hey, Wade.

    Excellent post here. I love the catchy headline. It definitely caught my attention! It is true that so many get sucked into this “make money” hole. It is likely that we have all been there. I was there a long, long time ago. Thankfully it was only temporary; I dug myself out very quickly.

    I am a firm believer of putting people first. I write for search engines, too, but I write for people first. I try to offer as much value as possible, and I believe anyone can do the same, and eventually the money will begin to follow. Great read.


  5. It’s really important to know your readers and keep them happy. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to keeping readers coming back. The main idea is, just keep your content interesting. If you know who your readers are, you should know what they like reading.

  6. Aniruddha says:

    I believe all these problems are mostly because of ignorance rather than all greed. Most of the noobies don’t know anything better and think that more is better. Perhaps they should read this blog before commencing.
    Hey, my blog doesn’t have pop-ups or ads, maybe you should visit it ;)

  7. Enstine Muki says:

    Yes Wade,
    These are common mistakes especially by newbies. The urge to make money drives them crazy and they try to fill every breathing space with some ads thing. That’s not correct

    SEO is also kicking many off the pitch. Keywords everywhere making the whole bunch nonsense.

    Thanks for sharing this and happy sunday