Tips On Surviving The New YouTube Layout

Having some trouble with the new YouTube layout? YouTube is a serious place to be for marketers.  Of course, I’m lacking in that department big time!  But if you can put some really great video’s on there that will help people you will really start to see some positive results from it.

Since YouTube has changed their whole look and the outlay of their site, I thought it would be a good idea to help some of the new youtubebloggers that read my blog so you wouldn’t be so overwhelmed when it comes to finishing out your YouTube channel.

If you haven’t read my post on how to get a verified YouTube channel, then you should. This will show you how to get a cool backlink from them and some other stuff that you need to know.

YouTube Layout

If you haven’t noticed, YouTube has changed some things around recently, and when I first saw it I was kind of frustrated. Number one, I really don’t use it that much (that’s going to change) and I felt that it would be a whole new learning curve for me with the busy schedule that I keep to date.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the turnout. I actually love the new YouTube design a whole lot better because it allows you to do so many more things now.

One of the biggest changes in layout is the social buttons and blog URL.


Blog & social buttons are now in plain site!

This makes it so much easier for the non-subscriber to easily connect with you on social media platforms.  Whereas, in the past, they were located in the right sidebar under the fold.  I believe that this makes it better for the marketer.

You also need to create an introduction video for your channel.  This is for non-subscribers and it can be anything you want it to be, but I recommend that you do something that explains what your channel will be about. Watch my intro video here!

Staying up to date:

If you haven’t verified your YouTube channel with your blog then you need to do so.  Read the above post to get some tips on how to do that.

Ok I admit it, I’m no techie!

When they changed everything, I literally looked like a monkey doing a math problem trying to figure everything out so that it would benefit the user. Changing the video is really not that hard. That’s self-explanatory. However, the banner image posed a slight problem. I have no idea how to create images so they look worthy enough to post online and make me look professional, I’ve just not got the green thumb for it!

As you know, your header image on YouTube, just as on Google Plus, can be upwards of 2120×1192 pixels and can really be a pain if you don’t know or understand how to manage an image this big!

So I want to help you out.

Now, I really don’t promote Fiverr a lot, but when I came up against this problem, I was literally grasping at straws on how to fix the image situation for myself. I ran across this awesome Fiverr seller and, as you can see on my YouTube and Google Plus accounts, that this person is a really great designer!

So this is one option. If you have no idea how to create an image that large or don’t have the tools to do so, then I totally recommend this person on Fiverr!

YouTube Tricks I Figured Out

Staying up to date on YouTube can really be beneficial to a person for both traffic and readers.  However, am I the only one that thinks YouTube needs some help with the ease of navigation in the admin panel?  I may be the only one that thinks that, but if you don’t know what you’re doing on the back end of this platform it can be really confusing at times.

I just want to show you in video all the things that I can think of that can help you better.

Hope that helped you out a bit on how to navigate YouTube and make your channel better for your subscribers and non-subs as well.  This is a platform that we’re all going to have to give up and go for because it’s the second most viewed search engine online.  Building traffic and links from here is going to help you in the long run.

Marketing the Video

This is probably the most important part of building on your YouTube aspect, and in fact, I’ve found a great site that offers thier services on Fiverr to do this!  They are experts at video marketing and I have spoken directly with the person that is in charge of it and am very impressed at the results that video marketing can give us, especially on YouTube!  Check out their site explaining the why and how of video marketing and once you’re done there, give their Fiverr gig a “go”!

Honestly, you can make tons of money just from video marketing and this is the cheapest way to do it if you ask me!  These people are smart and resourceful and they know how and what sells people on video’s!

What about YouTube SEO?

Well, as you already know, I’m not a big stickler for search engine optimization on my blog.  Anything that takes away from the readers experience I don’t want to do it.  However, YouTube is different.  You can optimize your video’s without taking anything away from the viewer.

What I’ve learned about SEO on video’s is simply this:  Make sure the keyword that you are wanting to rank for is in the title and the description.  Also, make sure that it doesn’t look to “keywordy” either.  Let it flow naturally and you’ll get more traffic from it. You don’t really have to build links, unless you just want to bring it to the front faster, but I have found that you can rank for a certain keyword just by simply sharing it every now and then. Check out this video that I got ranked for a high ranking keyword on the first page of YouTube without building links to it.

You can literally make yourself famous on YouTube very fast if you have the right tools to use. I was talking to one of the most successful YouTuber’s today and he let me in on his secret to becoming famous and successful on YouTube in a very short time. It was very interesting to know that some of the things are simply things you just don’t think about. But I’ll let him tell you all of that!

Your Turn

Got that YouTube account yet? What do you think about the new design that they have given us? What are your plans on improving your space and driving more traffic in the future?

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  1. acep suherman says:

    The new article on youtube you post very nice and my inspiration for a new land use youtobe

  2. I’m still not a fan of the YT layout changes. In particular, because they changed the way I can see my subscription uploads…. used to be multi-column format (not a single column) and it appears that I’m allowed to see fewer videos than before so if I’m not staying on top of things each day I could very well miss something.

  3. Even if YouTube has changed something in its layout I ( you too) may notice it after the 4-5 time entering the site. Seriously, I keep on visiting your tube, typed in what i need and then watch. Only after some time I’ve noticed like “Hey guys, you’ve changes a frontpage, ok…”

  4. Kim Meredith Smith says:

    It looks little similar to Google+, I have not noticed this before. YouTube is the best platform for marketers to gain good popularity on the web.

  5. Sergio Terreros says:

    What is the best way to promote a video (viral) or any trick?

  6. Alexis Marlons says:

    I’ve seen the new youtube layout and I did noticed a lot of changes. But I’ve never personally used youtube lately since I got too busy with other things.


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    Tips On Surviving The New YouTube Layout…

    Having some trouble with the new YouTube layout? YouTube is a serious place to be for marketers.  Of course, I’m lacking in that department big time!  But if you can put some really great video’s on there that will help people you will really start t…