How Newsjacking Works In Social Media Trends

Ok so this is kind of a re-run of the guest post I did over at my friend Julie’s blog where I spoke about NewsJacking, and I thought it would be a great idea to let you guys know just what it is in a nutshell.

What Is NewsJacking?

Basically, newsjacking is when you see a story or trend that is in the first stages of becoming popular and you correlate to that trend or story with your own viewpoint about it. Simply put, people trend many things on social media, and where you get on that wheel really depends on how well your traffic is going to flow with that particular topic.

Here’s the image I used on Julie’s blog to describe what it is:

newsjacking for social media

Courtesy of David Meerman Scott of

As you can see, when someone does a breaking story about a certain topic, and you can act quick enough, you can ride that train all the way to the top of that little hill in the graph.  If you are lucky enough to be one of the few general people to catch it before the public gets to it, then you will see increased results in your traffic.

A popular trend will send millions to your site in as little as minutes!

I would like to point out that

The Challenges of NewsJacking

Who has control over the rise and fall of social media trends? Big corporations looking to build on their existing product or service. Have you noticed here lately that Google Glass has really been a big trending topic on Google Plus? Since most of us normal people can’t start a trend on our own, we are left chasing after the people that do have the power for trendsetting.newsjacking social media

It still leaves a problem:

The problem of knowing how the trend will play out is the big question when it comes to driving traffic.  This is why most regular bloggers don’t really chase trends daily.  It’s too big of a hassle and generally too late by the time they figure out what’s going on.

Another challenge of trend chasing/newsjacking is that some of the trends that you see on social media is not going to be relative to what your blog is about.  Forget about chasing these.  Number one because your main goal is to drive targeted traffic to your site.  Sure traffic is great, but if you’re chasing a trend that talks of “window glass” and your blog is full of articles that explain how to start an old car, then that traffic is useless.

The Importance of NewsJacking

The general idea of doing something like this is that you find a trend that is relative to what your site is about. Either that, or you can manufacture a blog post about the topic really quickly and link back to the article. However it’s even better to do the latter and write a unique blog article about the topic so it can have your own words and viewpoints in it.

How to find social trends to NewsJack

It’s pretty simple to see what’s trending on your neighborhood social site these days. They are really easy to spot because they will have the little hashtag (#) in front of the trending word. These are usually the trends that are hot and already discovered on social media. You may get a little traffic from it, but probably not that much.

If you’re really wanting to corner the trend market then I suggest doing some research on Google Trends. You can search for any word that is relevant to the blog you’re writing for.

newsjacking for social media trends

As you can see, it not only tells you of the trends that are doing really well at that moment, but it also gives you an idea of rising trends that you can benefit from later on.

How to newsjack the trend

Let’s say for instance that I wanted to “newsjack” the Facebook Marketing keyword trend as seen above.  First, I would search my blog for a relevant post on Facebook marketing.  If I didn’t have one, then I would take some research and write a post about the rising trend.  As I said before, this is going to bring more targeted traffic and, hopefully, buyers to your article.

Once the post is written, it’s time for the social share online.  Make sure to include a catchy title in your update that has the word Facebook Marketing in it.  Make sure to include the hashtag (#) in front of the word that you’re trying to newsjack.

Your Turn:

Have you ever used NewsJacking to your benefit?  Have you ever heard of newsjacking before?  If so, why don’t you share your experiences with us and tell us what the results were!

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  1. Twitter:
    Excellent timing on this Article Wade,

    I notice Huffington post doing this all the time.
    If a story is not theirs then they will ‘link’ to it anyway.

    There’s a lot to be learned from this strategy.

    Take the hottest stories, write a sentence or two and post a link to the original story.
    You can also change the headline which increases SEO benefit.

    I wonder why Google doesn’t cry about this stuff?
    Darnell Jackson recently posted..How to use Content Marketing to choose a Primary Keyword for your website.My Profile

  2. Twitter:
    I think blogs everyday NewsJack or even people. Take for example the Harlem Shake, there’s literally thousands of videos in Youtube with people doing this crazy move. They’re riding the trend. Can this be considered newsjacking too?
    Zion recently posted..The Importance of Social Bookmarking SitesMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    Well this is really a good idea. I will open Google Trends to find what is mostly being searched for right now. And I will take one of the most searched keyword to be related to my blog post. Thank you for sharing this useful article. It is new for me.
    Heru Prasetyono recently posted..+ Job Interview Answers that will get you HIRED!My Profile

  4. Thank you for using my newsjacking graphic, but I wish you had given me proper credit since my book “Newsjacking” started the newsjacking phenomenon.

    What changed recently to allow Newsjacking is that Google now indexes in real-time. That allow a timely blog post to be seen by journalists as they search for more information on a topic. Real-time is the key here. Yet nearly all marketing and PR people are in campaign mode rather than real-time mode, so those like us who understand newsjacking have an advantage.

  5. Twitter:
    Hey Wade,

    To be honest, I didn’t heard the work “News Jacking” before. So using it is impossible for me. But now I know what it is and how it could be utilized. I’ll certainly give it a try and see how it works. thanks for sharing this useful tip.
    Aasma recently posted..Quality Website HostingMy Profile (dofollow)

  6. Hello,
    Promoting your site was not so easy to be done, you must be always on way to be inspired on everything you do and be patient. I like The Importance of NewsJacking is quit impressive.

    Thanks for share with me.
    Deepak Mehra recently posted..Manufacturing Operations Management SoftwareMy Profile

  7. Twitter:
    I didn’t hear the name “News Jacking” before.This is the first time i know such thing.I love your post it is useful and add new things to my mind.

  8. Twitter:
    To attract more and more people to your blog you can use news-jacking. But whenever any such news comes into the market it is spread over few minutes on every blog, because to attract traffic every blogger will use news jacking. Then how can i keep this traffic at increasing in my blog?
    Even sometimes to attract traffic there are blogs which spread rumors or sometimes publishes extra to make it happening news. Could we consider that to a news jacking?
    Sanjib Saha recently posted..How to Change your MAC Address with EaseMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Most people would say that using NewsJacking techniques is a way to bring massive traffic to your site. But doesn’t really keep them coming back. This can be remedied by creating content that is relevant to the news trend and providing some kind of valuable information to the traffic that is coming. Even though they may not “buy” something right away, if you can attract their attention with a great article, then you will have a faithful reader, which eventually leads to sales.
      Wade Harman recently posted..The ONE Thing That Will Make You a Blog RockstarMy Profile

  9. New-jacking is a great way to get huge spike of traffic immediately. But do these visitors convert? I mean they came to your website because of the news, but do they really enjoy your articles or just looking for more informations of their interests?
    Dorothy recently posted..BonusPress Review – What To Expect For This ProductMy Profile


  1. says:

    How NewsJacking Works in Social Media Trends…

    Ok so this is kind of a re-run of the guest post I did over at my friend Julie’s blog where I spoke about NewsJacking, and I thought it would be a great idea to let you guys know just what it is in a nutshell….