The Power of The Plus- The Universal Language of Google Plus

It’s no secret that many people are getting wind of the power of Google Plus. There have been many marketers, like me, that devote all of their time to this social google plusplatform, and with great success.

There is one language that is universal on Google Plus and that is the “+1″ button. One simple plus one can open doors that you would not imagine would open for you. A plus one can launch your content into the Googlesphere where you never thought it would end up. There is power in the plus one button, and I want to discuss everything that you can do that will pull as many plus one’s to your shares as you can possibly get every time you update on G+.

What It Can Do

When you think about it, hitting the plus one button is a nonchalant thing to do. Not many people think about what their giving away when they actually plus a piece of content on this platform, however, this little action has so much authority behind it.

Build Relationships

One of the powers of the plus is that it can build relationships on Google Plus. This is one of the first steps that you can do to connect with someone of interest. Keeping a consistent flow of “plus one’s” to their content (usually content that is relevant to your stream) will usually benefit in a connection that is made stronger over time. Eventually, because you were consistent in plussing this person’s content, they reciprocate, turning their followers into your followers.

That’s powerful in itself. Someone with 500 followers can befriend someone with 50,000 followers, and all of a sudden their reach has broadened that much more just by being consistent with the plus one button.

Go Viral

A plus one from the right person can bring your content to a lot of people in a little amount of time. Just like the relationship example I gave above, getting your content into the eyes of the right person can make a huge difference. 50 people may +1 your update over the span of a month, but if that one person hits the plus button, in my case Dennis Labelle, a half a million people see’s it in a few minutes!

That’s why it’s so important to represent yourself and your brand through the type of content that you present to the public. The plus is powerful and while it can be used for good things, it can also be used to bring you down as well. Negative content generally results in becoming the laughing stock of the content marketing community.

How To Make The Plus Powerful

One of the things that you want to consider for your Google Plus update doesn’t happen on Google Plus. I know that seems a bit odd, but it happens right where I’m at now. The dashboard of my blog. In my thought process of how this very article is written right at this moment. While the Google Plus update is very important, and you can learn how to drive traffic from Google Plus, but when you send them to your article, you’ll want to make sure that you have given this article some thought before the actual update is written.

The plus is as powerful as your content. It’s as powerful as your update on G+, as powerful as your image. All of these things work hand in hand to giving the plus it’s power. How powerful the plus is in your update depends on all of these aspects.

After Content, Enter Image

Once you’ve figured your excellent content out and you’re ready to publish to Google Plus, the one thing that you need to concern yourself with is the image. While most people don’t give this another thought, the image is actually the very first call to action that your followers see on G+. If the image doesn’t attract, then they will not take action and read your update, and therefore give you that ever powerful +1.

The image is important because pictures are better responsive tools to the public. While you can never go wrong with text, a picture is worth a thousand words and you need to make sure you capture that aspect of your article in the image.

Circles make the plus powerful

There’s a Beatles song that says I get by with a little help from my friends. That is true of Google Plus as well. One of the reasons that the plus is so powerful is because of the people that have you in their circles. Those of them that are being consistent with helping you curate content to massive numbers of people all over the world every day.

Think about it, if you had 1,000 people in your circles and each of those people had 100 people in their circles, that’s 100,000 that could potentially see your content! I know that there’s a lot of factors concerning this example, but you get my drift. You have the chance of creating powerful plus one’s by building the perfect update after you have written that great post!

The Final Thought

Don’t underestimate the power of the +1 button. I realize that there are steps that you can make that will take your social media strategy one step further on Google Plus, but that still doesn’t discount the +1 button in all of it’s glory. That little action can mean the difference of millions of people seeing your content and hundreds of people seeing it. The ball is in your court. The great thing about G+ is that even though there are people that have millions of people in their circles, and others that only have a few hundred, one thing is the same. When we go to write the update, the power of the plus one button rides on everything that we put into it at that moment.

Don’t shrug G+ off. It’s not your ordinary social media platform. This is going to be the future of social marketing. Visualization marketing is where the game is played. Build your content, create your image, and make your update excellent so as to give that plus one button as much power that you can give it. After all, it doesn’t respect anyone. We’re all equal in it’s eyes.

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