Promoting A Call To Action For Social Media Sharing On Your Blog

Do You Sometimes Feel Overwhelmed With Sharing Promotions On Other Blogs?

You always see share this, sign up here, do this, do that, and don’t forget to follow us too. It’s enough to drive you crazy, isn’t it? But the reason this is everywhere is because it’s important in my personal judgement. I’ll never ever shove a pop up in someones face asking them to like me or share me. I do not run that kind of website or blog and neither should you. The number one thing you should remember about the users of your website or blog is that they come first, not to action on social media button

I Found That If A Person Wants To Share, They Will!

It’s a good idea to call attention to it at the very bottom of the post but that’s all! That’s all you have to do. I simply use this sentence at the bottom of every post. Feel free to comment and share! You see, that says you have a choice and I’m not forcing you to share! But it also does serve as a reminder about sharing in general at the same time.

Because you have wonder how your readers feel about pop-ups and about how sharing is pushed beyond disbelief on numerous blogs. Do you like it when your trying to read a post and along comes a huge popup, out of no where, asking you to signup for their newsletter? No, I didn’t think so. If anything it makes me leave right then and there. I just can’t stand it! It breaks my concentration and If I wanted to sign up, I would!

I wrote this post because I was influenced by a segment on Hot Blog Tips Hangouts.

What stuck out to me was the words of Pro Blogger, Brain D. Hawkins, of Hot Blog Tips.

“If I read a good post, I’ll comment on it! I don’t care if I’m comment number 250 and I feel nobody is ever going to see it. I’ll still leave a comment and share it. I think you should support your fellow blogger regardless of what their rank is or how popular their blog is. Comment on it! Share it! Support them!”  - Brain D. Hawkins (Reference: Hot Blog Tips Hangouts.)

So what that quote tells me is that when Brain reads a blog post and enjoys it, he automatically shares it and comments on it.  Now Brain is a webmaster and has been blogging forever and a day. He’s not your typical reader or user.  So what you do need is a call to action to remind normal everyday users to share. It shouldn’t be a popup and it shouldn’t be huge! Your social share bars should be somewhere visible on your blog or website so that it’s easy to find and share. It’s just really is that simple.

There are other techniques for doing this such as contests or giveaways. But in my judgement all that amounts to is people wanting free stuff and not caring about you or your website. Sounds kind of pointless, doesn’t it?

You Have To Remember

Whatever you do at the end of the day on your blog or website it’s going to be all about your users or readers. Even if you have one person share your blog post, your doing great! That one person could be someone huge and big. Yes, this has happened to me. I interviewed him right after. So you see put others first and you’ll find that your users will then share you, love you and come back to you. That’s your crowning achievement and your ultimate goal.

What do you think? Do you think that putting popups on your website is a good idea? Do you have another methods you have used to promote yourself for social media purposes? If so, I’d look forward to hearing them.

Feel Free To Comment And Share! <—–  :) See How That Works!

Scott Craighead is a critic, freelance writer, interviewer, website designer, net-worker, blogger and web show developer. He is the owner of the popular gaming website That Gaming Critic.

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  1. Nice post Scott, thanks for quoting me. I love that you took the “readers come first” message to heart. That’s not just for those readers that interact, of course, but everyone that clicks through and reads what we have to say is paying us a huge compliment, in my opinion. To me, time is more precious to most people than even money. It’s an honor for someone to give us and our message their time. I hate to sound all gushy, but those are the people that should be appreciated and considered above all.

    Social sharing is very important for traffic and becoming even more important for SEO. I’d also like to urge bloggers to focus heavily on Google Plus shares and +1s. Google+ already plays an incredible role with Google, especially personalized search, and it’s just the beginning. Expand your network with quality people and it will pay off in referred and search traffic.

    I’m going to surprize you on pop-ups, I think. On a personal level, popups don’t really bother me but I do know they are very annoying to many people. With that said, I do know from past marketing experience that pop ups can work in lead and sales conversions. As a blogger, I don’t run popups but when I have an ecommerce site, sales page or any site geared entirely for profit, I test various marketing methods and use what works best.

    So you won’t see a popup on Hot Blog Tips but I don’t blame those that do use them, It’s all about goals and priorities and only they can decide what’s right and wrong. I do know bloggers that have been using popups for years and have bigger and more active sites, larger and more responsive lists, and earn a lot more than almost every blogger that complains about them. I can’t be mad at that.

    You know, as far as a call to action, you’re spot on as usual. I’ve had an idea for a funny call to action for a long time and I think I’m going to go ahead and get it done. See, you just inspired me once again. :) I just need to get an image designed on Fiverr and I’ll let you know when it’s live. It’s nothing special, just something funny I haven’t seen anyone do yet.

    • Not A Problem Brian. Thanks for the inspiration.

      Google+ is huge and is my new favorite social media site. Everyday I lean more and more away from Facebook. So much immaturity there I just want to scream sometime and Facebook is making it harder and harder for businesses that don’t want to pay to play. I have a guest post on Basic Blog Tips coming out on that very issue I’ll be sure to share it your way.

      About popups…I still feel “No”. I think some input their emails or click on it to make it go away. Doesn’t sound like someone you want to have trailing along with you almost like having a fake person. :|

      I look forward to see your new call to action. I’ll have to check it out! – Scott Craighead

  2. Hey Brian, thanks for stopping by! I agree totally with you, I used to have pop ups on here, but started to realize that its kinda aggravating and makes some readers back out. Gotta keep them coming back!

  3. Hey Scott nice article really strong points. When I see pop ups I almost curse from it, basically put I can’t stand it. Glad you wrote this, I hope websites follow this advice. Also hey Brian you don’t know me but I have recently got into your blog thanks to Scott, please keep up the good work, we appreciate your efforts.
    -Alex whitfield

    • Hi Alex. Thanks for stopping in!
      Popups are nasty business. Popups to me equals the Purns! (That’s misspelled for a reason).
      Brian has a lot of knowledge and he’s been through A LOT with with kind of thing. I’m glad your reading his stuff, You’ll learn a lot. Same with Wade…he’s good at a lot of this stuff. I really like his page layout post. I could never fill that up but wow that’s incredible looking. – Scott Craighead

  4. Most of the people hate pop-ups because this is that kind of thing which can irritate readers/visitors and i thing instead of it you can use few contest on your site/blog.

    • Be careful with those contest Hyptia. research shows that over 60% of your entry are false and fake names or accounts. Thanks for commenting. – Scott Craighead

  5. Hi Scott, I find nothing worse than pop-ups on mobile. They completely cover a blog post and you can’t read a thing. I’ve read from many that they do work but at what expense? I haven’t added one with the focus on the reader enjoyment and engagement at my blog. And the #’s for mobile keep going up so it’s another reason I have really hestitated to go in that direction. Have a great day Scott!

    • Hi Lisa, I’m no expert that would be Brian D. Hawkins. But as an average joe user before I was a webmaster I disliked popups. One of my favorite sites started doing that and well…I found the adblockplus plugin for those things. I don’t use it anymore since I can no longer see the ad’s on my site. But otherwise it would be on 24/7. – Scott Craighead

  6. No from my opinion pop-ups is not a good ideas to attract visitors instead of that you can try any kind of content or survey for engage more visitors.

    • Oh! Okay Hyptia, I believe you have something there. I was thinking of doing a poll maybe but I’ll need a huge site before I even attempt that. Thanks! – Scott Craighead

  7. Pushing for sharing has never worked. If something is truly important, it will be shared. But the article should motivate the reader to share it and should show it is worth sharing also.

    • I want to step in and give my two cents on this too Scott, please feel free to reply as well: I get what you’re saying Shalin, the post needs to motivate people to share. However, sometimes people, even though they may have loved the article, aren’t thinking about sharing. They’re thinking about other things they’ve got to do that day, and perhaps they merely came to browse the post and got hooked.

      Asking for the share never hurt anyone and it’s something that I promote. You’re right. If it’s good, they should share. But sometimes they don’t and you have to remind them.