Relationship Marketing and How To Make It Strong on Google Plus

Before you can market the product, the affiliate link; before you can even market your articles successfully on Google Plus, you have to be able to market plus marketing  This is the key to success on this platform.  Relationship building has never been more of a true statement than it is now on G+.

When you promote your own things all the time it seems like nothing comes of it.  However, if you have built solid relationships, made out of a foundation of mutual respect and generosity, you will never have to market your articles that much.  Your relationships do it for you.

That’s what I want to discuss with you in this post.  Not “3 Things To Do To Get More Traffic” or “10 Ways To Increase Followers”, believe me, relationships are the building blocks of anything you could ever write about when you include success in the title.  You’re not going to do this by yourself, so let’s see what you can do to remedy this solo syndrome you’re having.

Key Elements in Building A Relationship

For starters, all of the people I know came through the friends I already had in my circles. Now don’t mess this part up. Google Plus marketing is hinged on this very factoid.

You need to write down all of the people you can think of that is in the same niche you’re in. Those are generally the people of influence. Sad to say, but no one is going to think of old “Joe Schmoe” just getting started. Good, now go circle them.

Once this is done, it’s a good idea to also circle the people that they have a relationship with, or speak to, or +1 and share their posts. It’s safe to say that if Mark Traphagen is plus 1′ing something, then I can pretty much do it too.

Build on your acquaintances

One of the most successful ways that I have had in making new relationships is to simply add people that I feel are of influence and start sharing their posts. Reaching out to them at this early point is a toss up. While most people are friendly, a lot of them won’t see the importance of creating the relationship that you do. That’s why it’s important to interact with them from the property of their social account on G+.

There are three key elements in creating a relationship out of nothing on this platform.

  1. Consistent “+1′s”
  2. Consistent resharing
  3. Interaction and Engaging

Consistent Resharing

Every time you do one of the three above, that person will receive a “notification” from G+ that you have performed some kind of action on their update.  People always like to see that, so they’ll check it out.  Once they see that you have stayed the course, and consistently brought their content to your followers then I believe that you start to break that wall of indifference down in front of them.

Even better than this is the fact that when you use interaction in your posts and tag that person, telling them what a great job they did on the post to your followers, the user will get notified of this as well.  Not only will they see that you have shared, but they will also see your opinion of their created content, and that it is a positive throwback to your followers.  Here’s something I did with my friend Stephan Hovnanian a few days ago:

If you will notice, the first comment was actually the comment from Stephan because I used Google Plus’ notification tag by adding a [+] in front of his name. If you didn’t know this, you can reach anyone by doing this in your updates on G+. Anyway, the conversation was started, my followers got into the sharing as well, comments were made, and Stephan was a happy camper! Although he’s still not a close close friend, I think we’re getting somewhere!

Being consistent in your resharing of someone else’s content is a great way to start a relationship. Remember, they have no idea that you’re wanting to get to know them, and sometimes you just can’t do the simple thing and say, Hey I want to be friends, let’s share the crap out of each others content! You have to ease yourself into the relationship gradually so they can see the value of adding you to their circles and, in the future, start sharing your content as well.

Using the plus one system is a good thing to do too. When you know that the user has shared something that may not be their content, but you can still show your support by giving them the old +1 on it anyway. Reshare if you feel it is necessary and will help your followers too. Always remember the reshare trumps the plus one.


You can interact with people by doing a lot of things. Resharing is an interaction, engaging is when you draw that person to you. Think of it as being engaged to your significant other. Being engaging literally means to be charming and attractive to someone. Interact on someone’s post and they’ll get the notification. Engage that person by using the G+ [+] tag and you have just engaged them, or attracted them to you.

Don’t blow it.

A great way that you can be engaging is by using one of the methods that I used in the update above. It tags Stephan, it brags on his article, which was seriously great, and, I’m assuming, after the fact, he was happy about it and perhaps felt like he got something out of the reshare that I did for him.

There is another great way to be engaging on G+ and that is through the comments on that person’s update. This is where it gets a little tricky, because you can tell a lot about a person when they jump into the ring with people that know what they’re talking about. I’ve been in conversations before where the water was a little deep if you know what I mean! The best idea is to be yourself!

You can engage the sharer on his or her post by using the tagging option and letting them know what you thought about whatever it was that they just shared. Perhaps you could throw in a tidbit of information that is relevant to the point at hand. Either way, make it sound like you, not someone smarter than you. People can always see through fakes, and they hate it!

Marketing Yourself

I understand that you have a website that you’ve got to get off the ground, or maybe you have an already established site that was on the first page of Google (and that was your primary source of traffic) and it got bumped by all of these algorithm changes. Either way, you’re starting at the bottom again, and there’s no better place to market your blog than to do it through Google Plus.

It may seem like an unthinkable task, but there are millions of people out there that would definitely be interested in learning what you have to tell them. You can use relationship marketing to drive those people to your site, but first you’ve got to succeed in the area of friendship. Think about it. Most all of the successful people making a living online can probably name off a few friends that have helped them along the way. I know I could!

What people don’t want

You have to learn that people do not like someone who is spouting off their own articles and using Google Plus marketing as a lever to promote their blog to the world. I’m no seasoned professional, but even I realize that Google Plus is probably the one social site where you can actually succeed by sharing other people. Not only does it get the attention of the person you just shared, but more than likely it gets you a plus one from that person. Meaning your social account with their update has just been put on their timeline for all of their visitors to see.

Don’t be someone who doesn’t reply to people. That is just irritating. What if there is someone that is doing the very thing this article is talking about to you? Be friendly and let them engage you and your content. Always check your notification bar to see who has commented and tagged you so you can return the favor back to them. It is positive reinforcement and it will encourage people to do more!

People hate spam. Stop sharing your content to direct circles. Unless they have otherwise told you, don’t send it through an email either when you share your update. Let your content be seen naturally in the “Public” option. That way you’re not ticking anyone off and you’ll be able to keep your account from getting suspended.

If you’re going to brag, brag on someone else.

The Final Thought

Relationship marketing is going to be the way to success. Search engines change, social platforms change and evolve too, but the one thing that stays the same is the friends you make, the connections you cultivate, and the opportunities that come out of them. Google Plus marketing is hard. It’s the people that make it simple.

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  1. Thank you for the blog about Relationship Marketing. All marketing is about relationships. If you are Coke with the old Mean Joe Green ad or a local service company with Mom doing your ads. It is all about relationships. We strive to tell people about our goods and services without being like being “Ned” the insurance guy on Ground Hog Day. Because one of the golden rules to marketing/sales is “all things being equal, people buy from those whom they know, like and trust.

  2. I find Google+ to be a great place to start relationship marketing. It is less noisier than Facebook and I can sanely interact with people.

    I follow a similar strategy. I just don’t ping people out of the blue or even as soon as I shared their content. I consistently do sharing (with tagging) and give +1s. Mostly people reach out to me if I just do it without hitting them. If I really need to initiate a conversation I do so.

    Bottom line, yes the strategy you’ve explained above works. And it is best to stay away from cold hitting people, especially on Google+ – you don’t want to ruin your reputation :)

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah I’m sure there are other people out there that could show us a better strategy. I’m not saying I’m the best at it, but I do know what has worked for me.

  3. Hi Wade,

    You’re so true here, I myself have noticed that Google+ is the place of genuine users, and they don’t like spamming and promotion. I think the best way to start building relationships is by joining relevant communities and start engagements. Once you become familiar with other community members then you can slowly start promoting your stuff, but you still need to maintain the quality of the stuff that you share.

  4. As memory serves, it was your Hovercard share and commentary that got me thinking, this guy knows things and I need to know things, and so it goes. This was a nice read for all the right reasons. I’m glad Stephan shared your thoughts and scribed the intro that he did. Well deserved accolades Wade.

    • Thank you Neil! I appreciate the story of how you first saw me too! That’s what it’s all about! Now you and I have a great relationship where we share each other and help each other out! Look for me bro, I’m coming to Cali next year!

  5. It seems to me there are two types of mindsets on G+. Those who are like Pinterest and share pretty stuff. And others who want to actually connect with other people… well like myself and you Wade :)

    • I hear that Jason! I don’t see the point of sharing those pretty pictures! I do plus 1 them tho to be a good sport! lol! Sometimes I’ll reshare something I see that’s funny or whatever, but people are there to market and make money and I have never saw the point in doing that.

      Some people have told me that you have to do this to keep most of your audience engaged with you. Then I started seeing people like Mark Traphagen simply sharing articles all the time and thought to myself, those other people are marketing to the wrong audience is all they can get them to engage on is pretty pictures!


  6. Without a doubt, it’s all about relationships. Up until now, however, I’ve found it difficult to develop relationships of substance on any of the social networks.

    It seems Google Plus has created a formula that allows the conversations to flow and encourages people to be themselves. Spamming on Google Plus has become like smoking in public. It’s not tolerated.

    The bottom line is important to everyone, of course; and we all have to make a living. But the culture I’ve found on Google Plus makes it easy to come to the conversations with an attitude of sharing rather than selling. I think that’s the intention of all the social networks, but for some reason they became saturated with ill-intentioned people.

    I hope the trend continues on G+. Thanks, Wade, for the quick list of tips.

    • Good points Debi. Google Plus has made it easier for us to communicate with each other. In turn, that makes it a little easier to create relationships.

  7. very well written Wade, I particularly like the honesty of this article a.k.a. being in conversations where the water was a little deep ;-) – I’m a big believer in relationships whether via social media or anywhere else. We were born to be social animals.

    • Hey Alan, thanks very much! I’ve been in plenty of conversations where I felt like I was the stupid one! G+ is a great place to find people that can make you feel very stupid sometimes! lol, however, that’s also a good thing because when you hang around people smarter than you, doesn’t that rub off? Either way, thanks for coming!